Immortal Mortal

Chapter 1230: Mortal Universe (END)

Chapter 1230: Mortal Universe

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At this instant, magnificent dao ripples revolved around Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji looked out at the collapsing universe. His heart was calm.

"Mortal Universe, form!" As Mo Wuji stood at the edge of his Mortal World, he lifted his hand and pointed with a finger. The planes of the Mortal World became even clearer.

It was like a universe was forming. There were planar domains, the void, space and planets…

Everything became fine and everything became simple.

Mo Wuji suddenly lifted his hand. His elemental hand easily picked up a man that was moving up the gold path. With a sweep of his hand, this man was thrown into the collapsed world.

Everyone bowed to Mo Wuji respectfully. Some of the people knew that this was the man that pushed his dao companion into the collapsed universe. This was why Mo Wuji had also pushed him in.

Lian Yingxian, the Sage Nun, Huan Ti and the rest all stared at Mo Wuji in shock. Yuan Zhenyi shouted excitedly, "Wuji, you've transcended the Sage Stage?"

Clearly, Mo Wuji had gone beyond the Sage Stage. Even Sage Lian couldn't achieve that seemingly simple feat.

Mo Wuji laughed faintly, "That's right. I finally understand how to be above the Sage Stage."

With that, his elemental hand extended out again.

Even the collapse of the universe couldn't cause any damage on Mo Wuji's hand. In an instant, Mo Wuji's hand already grabbed Luo.

"Dao Friend Mo, you are already above the Sage Stage. This little brother is willing…" Luo didn't even manage to finish his words before he was crushed by Mo Wuji's elemental hand.

This was the true stage above the Sage Stage! After killing Luo, Mo Wuji didn't find the Dao Laws of the Universe. But at this moment, he had already completed his universe, so he didn't mind. He didn't care for the Dao Laws of the Universe.

Thereafter, Mo Wuji opened his palm. A ripple which was billions of meters wide appeared in the collapsed universe. This ripple wasn't affected by the collapse as it extended out.

More cultivators that had not been disintegrated rushed onto this ripple, adding on to the fate entering the Mortal World and Mo Wuji.

"Wuji, I seem to feel that this Mortal World is lacking something…" Lian Yingxian said by Mo Wuji's side.

She had seen the entire process of how Mo Wuji transcended the Sage Stage and she could clearly sense the changes in the Mortal World. However, she still seemed to feel that this Mortal World wasn't perfect. She could not tell exactly what the imperfection was.

Mo Wuji nodded, "I know."

This Mortal World was lacking a sort of vitality - the vitality of all creation.

He suddenly extended his hand. Thereafter, a red bead was taken from within the crowd. He did not hesitate to send it under the Darkwood's roots.

This was his world. Everything was clear to him and nothing could be hidden from him. He didn't care who this bead belonged to. Although he had snatched this bead, Mo Wuji believed that anyone would be willing to exchange this bead for a chance to live.

This was a Fire Origin Bead. The moment the Fire Origin Bead was placed under the Darkwood, a change immediately happened. At this moment, it was no longer a Darkwood. Instead, it had transformed into a huge tree that contained the vitality of all creation.

This huge tree continuously radiated vitality and this vitality spread to every corner of the Mortal World.

All the cultivators that were entering the Mortal World could sense it clearly. At the same time, the planes in Mortal World became clearer. Even Lian Yingxian and the other Sages all felt that the Mortal World was now perfect.

However, Mo Wuji knew that his Mortal World was still lacking something. This was because he couldn't sense the origin of spiritual roots. Thus, the birth of spiritual roots was prohibited.

This meant to say that besides the cultivators that already have spiritual roots, the people that would be born in the Mortal World wouldn't have spiritual roots. They would all be true mortals.

"Lord!" Shuai Guo's and Da Huang's voices came. The two of them broke away from the survivors of Mortal Sect and rushed to Mo Wuji. When Mo Wuji saw Mo Qingche, Yan Li, Zhuo Pingan, Ji Li and other familiar faces among the survivors of Mortal Sect, his heart eased significantly.

"My Lord, you didn't return when you left previously. Da Huang and I have been thinking of you every day." Shuai Guo bared his teeth and said the moment he reached Mo Wuji's side.

If these words came from Da Huang, Mo Wuji would have believed them. However, since these words came from a brat like Shuai Guo, Mo Wuji couldn't even force himself to believe them.

"My Lord!" Da Huang was also very emotional. After all, his life was created by Mo Wuji. Although there was no one who would disturb him in Mortal Sect and his position was very high, he would rather roam the world beside Mo Wuji.

"Ai!" Mo Wuji stared at his Mortal World in pleasant surprise. He felt that his Mortal World had just been supplemented. It was no longer a place which prohibited spiritual roots.

Looking at Da Huang, Mo Wuji patted Da Huang's head and muttered to himself, "I understand."

Da Huang possessed 108 meridians and 108 spirit channels. He represented the peak of spiritual roots. The arrival of Da Huang caused the Mortal Universe's flaw to be fixed.

The Mortal World's planes finally took shape. Just like a filter, Mortal World was gradually separated into different layers.

In other words, there was now a mortal, cultivator, Immortal and God World in his Mortal Universe…

Immediately, Mo Wuji was delighted when the other half of his Mortal Universe that he had cut away had become an entirely new plane. This plane was at the very top of the Mortal Universe.

At this instant, Mo Wuji understood what was "Above the Nine Heavens lies the praying mat of truth". Hong Jun was clearly related to the creation of the previous universe. That was why Hong Jun sat high above the Nine Heavens.

Han Qingru, Qu You and Cen Shuyin stared in astonishment at the changes around them. Mo Wuji's voice immediately landed beside their ears, "My world is changing. However, I still feel that my world is not perfect. You would need to wait for me."

Mo Wuji did feel that his world still wasn't perfect. Da Huang's arrival allowed an origin of spiritual roots in his world. Still, there was something missing.

This was definitely related to his Dao. His Dao came from him. It might suitable for him but it might not necessarily be suitable for the whole universe.

Good people were good and bad people were bad. This saying wasn't suitable for the universe.

"Young Master!" When she saw Mo Wuji frown, seeming as though he was ageing rapidly, Yan'Er cried out anxiously.

Lian Yingxian knew that Mo Wuji was definitely ruminating over the Mortal World. She hurriedly pulled Yan'Er and indicated for her to not disturb Mo Wuji.

"I understand." After an unknown period of time, Mo Wuji suddenly opened his eyes. He stared at the vast universe and said, "My Mortal Dao is still missing the Devil Dao. I request the help of cultivators that cultivate the Devil Dao to perfect my Mortal Universe."

Mo Wuji came from Earth and he had little interaction with the Devil Dao. His Dao integrated with the various Laws except for the Devil Dao. As his Mortal Universe was taking shape, he knew that just because he didn't like it, it didn't mean that it wasn't needed.

Hearing Mo Wuji's words, countless Devil Dao cultivators rushed to Mo Wuji's side. In reality, they also felt that they weren't attuned to this universe.

Soon, Mo Wuji frowned again. Most of these people that cultivated the Devil Dao had fiendish auras. If these vicious energies were mixed with his Mortal Universe, what would happen?

"Brother Wuji, could you have forgotten about me, Hou Yucheng? How could you not include me in such a matter?" A familiar laughter could be heard. Following which, a figure climbed up from the gold path and landed in front of Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji stared in delight as Hou Yucheng arrived in front of him. Hou Yucheng was a stunningly handsome man and his grace was flawless.

"Brother Hou, you have already reached the Quasi-Sage Stage?" Mo Wuji's stage allowed him to clearly see Hou Yucheng's cultivation. Not only was Hou Yucheng in the Quasi-Sage Stage, his Dao was extremely clean and pure.

He also knew why Hou Yucheng came. This was because Hou Yucheng cultivated the Devil Dao. Compared to those cultivators that cultivated the baleful and fiendish Devil Dao, Hou Yucheng's Devil Dao was the true Devil Dao.

"Brother Mo, every time I thought that my cultivation exceeded yours, you would always give me a huge shock." Hou Yucheng laughed and said.

"This time, you can help me. At the very least, I cannot allow this Mortal World to have the Laws of the Devil. So, I need to borrow your…"

Before Mo Wuji could finish, Hou Yucheng interrupted him. He laughed, "I will make the decisions regarding this. I am the clearest on my own Dao. I would need Brother Wuji to lend me a Dao Law of the Universe."

"What's so difficult about that?" Mo Wuji lifted his hand, retrieved a Dao Law of the Universe and placed it in Hou Yucheng's hand. This treasure which Sages have been fighting over was like a blade of grass in his eyes.

Hou Yucheng nodded towards Mo Wuji seriously. Then, he placed this Dao Law in his forehead, "Brother Mo, lend me a hand."

Mo Wuji knew that without his help, Hou Yucheng wouldn't be able to fuse with this Dao Law of the Universe. He did not hesitate to whip out his Mortal Dao Laws. With the help of these Mortal Dao Laws, Hou Yucheng rapidly fused with the Dao Law of the Universe. His dao aura rose rapidly, and in a short time, he stepped into the Sage Stage.

"Wuji, I will make a move first. I will see you in the next life! Please take care of my wife for me." With that, Hou Yucheng didn't wait for Mo Wuji to respond before his body started disintegrating into pure ripples of the Laws of the Devil, spreading throughout the Mortal World.

The Mortal World shook and it was complete.

Mo Wuji stared blankly as Hou Yucheng disappeared. After a long time, he bowed respectfully. He did not want Hou Yucheng to turn his body into the Laws of the Devil. However, Hou Yucheng had actually done that, permanently fusing with the Mortal World.

When he thought that it took him a long time to even decide to open up his Mortal World, Mo Wuji felt guilty.

As Mo Wuji bowed, countless others bowed with him.

Mo Wuji sighed, looked at the crowd and asked, "Who is Brother Hou's dao companion? Please accept my bow."

"Brother Mo, it was Yucheng's wish to have become the Laws of the Devil for this world." A gentle voice could be heard.

"It's you, Su Xi?" Mo Wuji stared blankly at the petite and pretty girl in front of him. He did not think that Su Xi would actually become Hou Yucheng's dao companion.

"Big Brother Mo, I will also be leaving." Su Xu bowed and walked towards the direction that Hou Yucheng disappeared in. Soon, she also vanished.

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