Immortal Mortal

Chapter 16: Opening Spirit Channels

Chapter 16: Opening Spirit Channels

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Fifty thousand bottles of Nine Lives Healing Solution. By Lu Jiujun’s calculations, even if it takes six months to sell everything, it would still be a great success. In the end, the reality was that a large fraction of the Solution was sold by the fifth day, and this was after increasing the price and limiting the amount each individual could buy. Even after limiting the amount of solution they could buy, the Nine Lives Healing Solution was sold out by the 12th day.

Including the sales of the deluxe version of the Nine Lives Healing Solution, Dan Han Drug Refinery earned closed to 250 000 gold coins in profits alone. One could also say that the Nine Lives Healing Solution had a production cost of close to zero. Hence any sales made were all profits.

Seeing that there were many people wanting to purchase medicine outside of the shop, but no medicine was available for sale, Lu Jiujun became anxious.

“Lu Lu…screw it, I better go to find Brother Mo personally…” At the moment, Lu Jiujun was completely convinced that Mo Wuji had inherited from Mo Tiancheng the talent for producing drugs, even surpassing that of his father. Otherwise, how could he have created the Nine Lives Healing Solution?

He had a different reason for finding Mo Wuji than ten days ago. This time, he was anxious to get Mo Wuji to speed up production for the third batch of Nine Lives Healing Solution. The second batch was currently in the fermentation stage and was almost ready. However, Mo Wuji did not seem to have the intention to make a third batch, being holed up in his laboratory all day, saying that he wanted to create a new drug.

Actually, according to Lu Jiujun’s plans, Dan Han Drug Refinery was fine with only the Nine Lives Healing Solution, and did not need to produce any new drugs. But now Mo Wuji was in charge, and if he wanted to create a new drug, he would create a new drug.

“Owner, Master Mo said that no one is to look for him before he comes out, even for meal deliveries, they would be placed at the window. If the meal was not consumed, we would replace it with a fresh set,” Lu Lu quickly said.

She was worried that the owner of the drug refinery would barge into Master Mo’s room, creating an argument between the both of them. Master Mo has been the most capable drug refiner she had ever seen. This is not the sort of master you offend.

“All right,” Lu Jiujun was helpless and gave himself a pat on the head. A few days ago, a few guys from the Cheng Ling Pill workshop came over to discuss with him about the Nine Lives Healing Solution, and he pushed it all on Mo Wuji’s head. He mentioned that Mo Wuji was still researching on new drugs, and these issues would have to wait until Mo Wuji came out. Mo Wuji’s temperament was that as long as he was doing research into drugs, he would flare up if anyone disturbed him.

Who knew that this would come round back at him. No matter who he offended, he did not dare to offend Mo Wuji, his money making machine.

Mo Wuji looked at the ten green glass bottles on the table with a dishevelled appearance, feeling content. This was the result of days of continuous hard work. Once he drank the contents of one of the bottles out of the ten, he would go to test if he had spirit roots. If he did, he would continue to earn gold, and prepare to open his spirit.

According to what Lan Yu and Lu Jiujun said, only with spirit channels can one absorb spirit energy, and only those with a spirit roots possess spirit channels. The reason for the absence of a spirit roots in Mo Wuji would be that his spirit channels were blocked, or he did not have spirit channels at all.

To Mo Wuji, spirit channels were equivalent to meridians. The drug he developed to open up meridians, must also make meridians clear and free of blockages, allowing for the absorption and storage of spirit energy. As long as he could absorb and store spirit energy, doesn’t that mean he had spirit roots?

“Ha ha ha…this medicine will be called the Channel Opening Solution,” Mo Wuji could not hold back his laughter. This was the first time he felt this happy ever since he was backstabbed.

Hearing Mo Wuji’s loud bout of laughter, the anxious Lu Jiujun did not care about Lu Lu’s warning anymore and rushed upstairs.

“Haha, Old Lu, have you been counting money these few days until your hands have cramped up?” Mo Wuji opened the door holding a bag in hand, smiling at the approaching Lu Jiujun.

Lu Jiujun was naturally very happy, Mo Wuji had created the Channel Opening Solution, but he felt a slight sense of unease deep inside about something. What it was, he could not tell.

Just don’t care about it, leave it for after my spirit channels have been opened.

With a face full of excitement, Lu Jiujun said, “Brother Mo, we have succeeded. The Nine Lives Healing Solution is selling like hotcakes, really like hotcakes…”

Mo Wuji gently waved his hand, “This I know, and it’s a must. Oh yes, change my share of the gold coins into the best gold ticket.”

“Of course, of course, other than this, our shop does not…”

Not waiting for Lu Jiujun to complete his sentence, Mo Wuji waved him off, “I know, for even bigger news, wait for me to take a bath and rest for a day, then we’ll talk.”

After speaking this sentence, Mo Wuji did not bother with Lu Jiujun any more, rushing past him, and heading towards the accommodations at Dan Han Drug Refinery.

The Channel Opening Solution had been produced already, and to Mo Wuji, taking a shower and changing into a fresh set of clothes was of the utmost priority, then he would go to sleep. After waking up, he would immediately consume the Channel Opening Solution before doing anything else.

Earning money could be done anytime. But the matter of him getting spirit roots, and being able to absorb spirit energy to train, could not be delayed for a single moment.

Lu Jiujun blankly looked at the back of Mo Wuji as he walked away, without feeling angry at all. At Dan Han Drug Refinery, the real owner was not him Lu Jiujun, but Mo Wuji. After some time, Lu Jiujun left with his head low. He could not discuss about opening a few moth shops with Mo Wuji nor about producing a third batch of Nine Lives Healing Solution.

Washing up after he woke up, Mo Wuji was refreshed, taking out one of the green glass bottles.

He had drunk this type of Channel Opening Solution once before, knowing that he would feel a burning sensation extending through his body. After that, even those who had never trained in martial arts before would be able to clearly feel one meridian in the body being opened. Even though the feeling of opening meridians was unbearable, an indescribable soothing feeling lingered in his heart.

It was a pity that in his past life, Mo Wuji was backstabbed before a single meridian was completely opened after he drank the drug.

Calming down his raging emotions, Mo Wuji grabbed the green bottle, opened it and took a deep breath, then tilted his head, drinking its contents all in one shot.

Similar to that in his past life, the slightly bitter fluid flowed down his throat, with something like a line of fire extending through his body. All the obstructions in the way of this line of fire would be broken through. Mo Wuji could clearly feel the sensation of one spirit channel being opened, and with the line of fire from the drug, the channels in his body slowly expanded.

The feeling of his body breaking apart mixed with a sense of serenity and excitement, it seemed as though as the fire burned a little more, the more the impurities in his body would be burnt away.

Mo Wuji clenched his fists, if meridians were spirit channel, and one bottle of the drug would open one of his spirit channels, so wouldn’t it be easy for him to become a cultivator with one the highest spirit base grade with the use of the drug? So what if there were 99 spirit channels? He could easily achieve it.

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