Immortal Mortal

Chapter 17: Falling Short

Chapter 17: Falling Short

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Two hours later, Mo Wuji's anticipation gradually dwindled. Even though the solution did expand one of his meridians, the expansion ceased after two hours. The burning sensation disappeared, indicating the limit of the solution.

How was this possible? With cold water being poured over his head, Mo Wuji completely forgot about the pain he was in as his channels were expanding.

This felt like a rubbish-filled water ditch. When the water came flowing, the rubbish will be washed away by the water. But just when the ditch would be clear of rubbish, there was no more water. The rubbish that was supposed to be washed away was all stuck at the entrance, forming a dam and worsening the clogging.

In his previous life, Mo Wuji was assassinated less than two hours after he drank the solution. Therefore he had no clue that the solution could not open the channel and that the meridian will be blocked in a specific position.

No, the quantity must not have been enough.

Mo Wuji clenched his teeth, opened and drank yet another bottle of the solution.

If the first time drinking the solution felt like swallowing a line of fire, the second time felt like swallowing a fireball. Mo Wuji felt as if his whole body would be consumed by this fireball and turn to ashes.

The pain was so severe that he fell to the ground as if he were paralysed. In the end, his whole body was suffering from spasms and even breathing became difficult. After another two hours, the convulsive pain gradually disappeared.

Mo Wuji, despite trembling, managed to get himself up using the bench. His heart was ice cold. He clearly knew that after consuming the second bottle, it only made him feel worse and the blockage remained at the same position as the first time.

He was sure that if he were to drink the third bottle, he would lose his life.

In short, his development on the meridian expansion solution was a failure.

If that woman found out that the solution was unsuccessful, would she have regretted her actions? Maybe she would have regretted killing him before he actually managed to develop the solution successfully.

Mo Wuji slowly moved himself to the table where he saw his pale and desperate face in the mirror. He knew he would not have any more chances. It only took four hours to go from joy to despair. Four hours passed and he did not manage to even open any meridian and was still unable to practice.

If he was on Earth, he would still be able to spare more time modifying the solution, but not here. It would be a miracle if he was able to produce the solution, given the very poor condition of the laboratory. Previously, he managed to do it as it was based on his experience more than anything else.

He sighed, feeling weak and disappointed as he slowly got back to his normal self. “Whatever will be, will be.” He grabbed the kettle and poured himself a cup of water.

"No..." Mo Wuji said as he put down the cup which was already close to his lips. His face became increasingly pale.

After researching on plants for so many years, Mo Wuji became familiar with the smell of many plants. And the water he just poured had very faint scent of Antiaris Toxicaria.

This was definitely extracted from Antiaris Toxicaria, a very poisonous plant.

Mo Wuji was so shocked someone wanted to kill him that he was no longer disappointed.

At that moment, Mo Wuji understood what was going on. Even though he has from a royal bloodline, people used to not bother about him because he was always acting crazy. But now that he had returned back to normal, coupled with the fact that he will be rich from the overwhelming success of Dan Han Drug Refinery, people started to notice him. Nobody would care about a crazy noble, but most people would fear a capable descendant of the Northern Qin Prefecture King. Or at least those who tried to snatch the King's throne would.

Mo Wuji gently placed his cup back on the table and calmed himself down. The entire Xing Han Empire is so huge, even if he could not develop his spiritual roots, it did not mean there was no other way. As long as there was the slightest of chance, he would not give up on himself.

On hindsight, having kept the empty bottles, Mo Wuji felt fortunate. If the expansion had succeeded, he probably would have brought the gold bars over to the Spirit Opening Tower, making things much worse.

Previously, he was so obsessed with being able to open his channel and neglected the dangers that could come with it.

His misfortune might have been a blessing in disguise.

Sensing that a crisis was about to befall on him, Mo Wuji knew he would not be able to continue staying at Dan Han Drug Refinery. It would be too easy to assassinate an ordinary person like him.

But where else could he go?

"Master Mo, Cheng Ling Pill workshop's workers are here. Owner Lu is entertaining them and would like to invite you over to join them," Lu Lu asked politely, breaking Mo Wuji's train of thoughts.

"Sure, I will be there right away," Mo Wuji said as he opened the door, "Oh yes, I accidentally dirtied this pot of water and the cup. Please help me pour away the water and clean it thoroughly."

Lu Lu was the one who took care of Mo Wuji during his time here at Dan Han Drug Refinery. Mo Wuji believed that the one who tried to poison him was not Lu Lu because this place was easily accessible to the public. The assassinator would not be so foolish to ask others to do it for him.

"Yes Master Mo," Lu Lu's respect for Mo Wuji came from the bottom of her heart. She knew fully what a difference Mo Wuji had made to life in Dan Han Drug Refinery.

"Ha ha, Brother Mo let me introduce you. This is Cheng Ling Pill Workshop's owner Mei Xiu..." Mo Wuji just entered the conference room when Lu Jiujun came over laughing and pointed to a young lady. By addressing him as Brother Mo, Lu Jiujun seemed to be pointing out his close relationship with Mo Wuji to Mei Xiu.

"Hey, Brother Mo are you not feeling well?" Lu Jiujun interrupted his own introduction. To him, even though Cheng Ling Pill workshop's owner was here, Mo Wuji was still the most important to him. Mo Wuji's face was very pale and the way he walked showed that he was feeling weak.

Mo Wuji shook his hand and said, "No, it is just that these few days have been quite tiring."

Finishing his sentence, he said to the young lady, "Owner Mei, it's an honour to meet you."

Mei Xiu's eyes swept across Mo Wuji's body and said, "Master Mo, I am very pleased to meet a famous person like you."

Mo Wuji knew Mei Xiu's intention and said while laughing, "I am famous and infamous. There are times I still think I am the king."

If things really don't work out, he will just continue to pretend to be an idiot.

Mei Xiu gave an awkward laugh, "Master Mo is so hilarious. Let me introduce you to someone too."

She pointed to a very warm-looking middle-aged man and said, "This is Cheng Ling Pill workshop's elder Wu Hetai.

Another elder, close to 60 years old, did not wait for Mei Xiu's introduction and stood up on her own to introduce herself, "I am Cheng Ling Pill workshop's sales deacon Liu Wansheng. I am very pleased to be able to meet Master Mo."

Mo Wuji clearly knew the intention of Cheng Ling Pill workshop's visit to Dan Han Drug Refinery. He smiled and casually said, "Let us take a seat and discuss."

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