Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 1341 - Competitor

Chapter 1341: Competitor

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500,000 kilometers away from the Universe Graveyard, a disheveled figure appeared. This person was Ai Ruisi, who had fled in a panic just now.

“Damn it!” Ai Ruisi’s gaze was savage. After calming down for a while, he felt some lingering fear in his heart.

It had been too dangerous just now.

If not for the 2 treasures that his master had given him when he broke through to Heavenly Rank, he might have died just now.

Ai Ruisi lowered his head and looked at the golden armor on his stomach that had been torn apart. This was a defensive Low Grade Innate Spirit Treasure. It was very precious and could withstand a full-force attack from a Seventh Heaven powerhouse. It was one of the 2 treasures that the Divine Mountain’s great ancestor had given him.

Now that the armor had been destroyed, it could no longer bear damages for him.

The other treasure was the Universe Origin Flight Talisman that he used last. This treasure could allow him to instantly appear anywhere 500,000 kilometers away. It was a divine weapon that could save his life.

Now that both treasures had been destroyed, he was lucky enough to survive. This was a blessing in disguise.

Nonetheless, the injuries on his body could not be healed overnight.

Flames burned in Ai Ruisi’s eyes.

To him, today was like losing a wife and a pawn. He did not get any treasures, and his own treasures were destroyed instead.

“B*stard! I won’t let you have it easy!” Ai Ruisi raised his head and looked in the direction of the Universe Graveyard.

‘That fella has a key, so he must’ve entered the graveyard by now.’

Ai Ruisi took out his Voice Transmission Talisman.

“Master…” Ai Ruisi recounted everything that had happened. After a while, the talisman shone with a red light. When he received the news, his eyes were filled with joy.

‘This time, Master is personally taking action. Let’s see how you can escape.’ Ai Ruisi put away the talisman.

The only thing he was worried about at the moment was that Ou Yangming would not come out once he entered, or there might be some danger in the Universe Graveyard that would cause him to be killed. After all, the 2 people who had entered before had also lost news.

As long as Ou Yangming came out, he would die!

Ai Ruisi let out a long breath. He looked at a large mountain floating in the void in the distance and flew over there.

After getting shot by Ou Yangming, his body had suffered serious injuries. He needed to recuperate as soon as possible.

In the Universe Graveyard, Ou Yangming easily entered with the white bone in his hand. The chaotic airflow would automatically disperse to the sides when it met him.

The further down he went, the more terrifying the pressure on both sides became.

Ou Yangming finally understood why no one would choose to forcefully enter. Even if it was him, if he did not have the protection of the hand bone, he would be crushed into powder by the surrounding energies and disappear completely.

How could a universe be so simple? It was the same even for a universe that had disappeared. Its ability was not something that the Heavenly Path of a great world could compare to.

Very quickly, Ou Yangming saw the bottom. Below it was a dark reef. The rocks that could exist in this place must be extremely sturdy. Every single one of them could be used to smith an Innate Spirit Treasure. Of course, just relying on the rocks would not be enough. One still needed to search for the mysterious yellow Heaven-opening Qi or fuse a Meteorite into the treasure.

Ou Yangming did not have much interest in these rocks. He looked at the flat place in the middle of the reef. Compared to the surroundings, this place was still a little different.

He took out the Reincarnation Spear and knocked on it a few times. The surface of the rock let out banging sounds.

“Boom!” The Reincarnation Spear exerted force, and the rocks exploded. A bronze door appeared below it.

‘This is the door to the heart of the universe?’ Ou Yangming looked at his feet, his eyes filled with surprise.

He did not know what kind of ore this door was made of, but it looked incredibly sturdy. The rocks on it must have rolled down from a distance. It had taken years to form so many of them.

“Open!” Ou Yangming used the Reincarnation Spear to test it out. After a boom, there was no change on the door. Only the surrounding stones were shaken off, rolling around in a mess.

‘How do I open It?’

After testing it out, Ou Yangming gave up on the idea of forcefully opening it. The power of the Reincarnation Spear was shocking, but there was no white mark left on the door. It was evident that its sturdiness had reached an unimaginable level.

Forcefully opening it would not be possible. If he were to use all his strength in this place, he was worried that there would be some unnecessary consequences. After all, he was only qualified to stand here because he was protected by the white bone.


Ou Yangming noticed that there were some changes on the bronze door. After the impact just now, a hollow hole appeared on the door.

When he got closer, Ou Yangming’s eyes were filled with joy.

He put the white bone in his hand and gently twisted it.

“Crack.” A soft sound was heard.

The bronze door slowly opened and at the same time, the white bone disappeared.

Without hesitation, Ou Yangming jumped in.

Behind the door was a secret realm like a small world. It was very dark in this place, and the pressure on his body had disappeared. He took back the hand bone and looked around. There were strange rocks all around him. All kinds of strange-shaped rocks were piled up together.

Ou Yangming looked around cautiously and walked forward step by step.

In the deepest part of the cave, 2 young men in long robes were sitting cross-legged on the ground.

One of them had long hair that fluttered in the wind. He sat cross-legged on the ground and looked very quiet. The other person was bald and looked very ferocious.

He slowly opened his eyes. “Kun Xuzi, when do you think this day will end?”

The bald man sounded a little impatient.

He looked into the distance. There was a stone platform there. There were a total of 99 steps. At the highest point of the stone platform, there was a bright black crystal.

That thing was the treasure they had been dreaming of.

Unfortunately, countless years had passed, and they had no chance to get close to that crystal, let alone take it down.

This kind of feeling of seeing but not being able to get it was very annoying, not to mention that they had been cultivating here for countless years.

“What’s the rush?” The long-robed man’s eyes flashed with a bright light.

“As long as we’re here, we’ll find a way to crack it sooner or later. When we first entered this place, we could only take about 10 steps up the stairs. Now, we can already take more than 50 steps. This isn’t a small improvement. Sooner or later, that thing will be ours.”

The bald man clenched his fists, still feeling a little irritated.

“We’ve been here for almost 100,000 years, right? We’ve only covered half of the distance in 100,000 years. To ascend the 99 steps, who knows how long it’ll take? Besides, Kun Xuzi, haven’t you noticed that our speed is getting slower?”

Before this, they could have crossed a step in 100 or 1,000 years but now, 5,000 years had passed, and they were still lingering on the spot.

“I’ll try again.” The handsome young man moved his feet and steadily crossed the 50th step.

He did not hesitate and took a step forward. A stifling pressure assaulted him.

The handsome young man gritted his teeth. Bean-sized beads of sweat fell from his head. His expression was distorted, but he still persevered.

The bald man did not look good. He clenched his fists tightly.

He did not expect Kun Xuzi to be a step ahead of him. The 2 of them were geniuses from the primal chaos nations. They were on par with each other. Their strengths were very similar, and their comprehension abilities were not too different. They had maintained a balanced state all these years. If one of them took a step forward, the other could also take another step forward.

“Xue Sha, your heart is in a mess.”

Kun Xuzi’s expression was calm. A light smile flashed across his eyes as he retreated to the 50th step. Then, he leaped down and returned to his original spot.

The bald man was expressionless. “Congratulations on taking another step. In a few years, you’ll be able to stabilize yourself on the 51st step and move on to the next step.”

Kun Xuzi chuckled and sat cross-legged again. He had gained quite a lot on the 51st step.

The bald man’s expression changed slightly, and he was starting to get anxious.

There were only 99 steps, and the 2 of them were competing. Whoever went up first would get the treasure. Now that the other party was a step behind, he was in a passive position.

‘I can’t be anxious.’ Xue Sha steadied his mind.

He had endured it all these years. He absolutely could not drop the ball at this critical moment. The main reason was that he had no way out. Now that his key had been fused into the bronze door, he no longer had the chance to leave. If he did not have the hand bone, the terrifying pressure outside could turn him into ashes in an instant.

Looking at the bright black crystal at the highest point, Xue Sha’s heart became firm again.

That was the heart of the universe!

If he obtained it, he could use it as the core to create a great world. At that time, his strength would surely rise to an unimaginable level. Not to mention 100,000 years, even if it was millions or tens of millions of years, as long as he could obtain it, it would be worth it.

Xue Sha retracted his thoughts and once again comprehended the laws of the universe.

Regardless of whether it was Kun Xuzi or Xue Sha, they did not know that another competitor had arrived in this secret realm.

Ou Yangming stopped his footsteps and looked at the statue in the distance.

This was an eagle that was soaring with its wings spread. Its carving skills were astonishing, and it was a work of god.

A fierce aura was emitted from the statue, indicating that it was not an ordinary stone.

Ou Yangming’s eyes were filled with caution as he held the Reincarnation Spear in his hand.

He took a step forward!


At the spur of the moment, the statue moved.

A small stone fell from the sky above the statue. The stone statue’s killing intent surged, and it actually opened its eyes. It was a pair of fearsome eyes. Its crimson red pupils revealed infinite killing intent.

With a whoosh, the eagle turned into a ray of light and pounced over.

Along with its body, there was also a surge of killing intent.

The ray of light flashed and passed by Ou Yangming in an instant.

‘How fast!’

Ou Yangming quickly turned his body sideways, but he was still cut by the eagle’s wings.. A blood-red wound appeared on his arm.

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