Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 1360(END) - The Grand Finale

Chapter 1360: The Grand Finale

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On the Origin Continent, countless people raised their heads and looked at the constantly changing sky.

“What’s going on?”

After experiencing the destruction of the world, the people still had a lingering fear in their hearts. They were afraid that their hard-earned home would be lost once again. Many people put their palms together and prayed in secret.

“Everyone, don’t worry.” Suddenly, a voice came from the distant horizon.

“It’s Sir Ou Yangming.”

“If sir says it’s fine, it’s definitely fine.”

The changing clouds in the sky lasted for half a month before they finally disappeared.

Anyone with a little bit of strength could feel that the world had changed. They did not know where the specific changes were, but they felt that the world seemed to become more perfect and flawless.

In the chaos at the edge of the continent, Ou Yangming looked at the planets that had condensed into solid bodies and sighed in relief.

Finally, it was done. In just half a month, Ou Yangming had fused the profound meaning of space-time into the only world in the universe.

The chaotic airflow gradually retreated to the edge of the distant world. The planets were unobstructed and connected as one.

At this time, the world was still expanding. Ou Yangming had used the eight trigrams to suppress Baili Xuan. It was equivalent to suppressing half of the powers of the Divine Mountain Nations. These would become the energies for the world to expand.

The foundation of the universe had been formed. Although there was only a major world at the moment, as time passed, other worlds would be born.

That was something that would happen a long time later. Ou Yangming floated in the air. Plenty of world powers were gradually fusing with his body. He took them in regardless of what powers they were.

“The indestructible body of the universe.” Ou Yangming raised his head, and a cold light shot out from his eyes. “It’s time to end that grudge.”

Ou Yangming retreated and a moment later, he appeared at the edge of the universe.

With his strength, he could instantly appear in any corner of the universe.


Ou Yangming looked into the distance.

This was the edge of the world, and it was also a forbidden area of the primal chaos.

Without the permission of the universal will, even a Dictator was not qualified to enter.

Not far away, there was a place called Mount Inaction.

Once, Ou Yangming was also a member of this place.

At that time, his name was only Ming, and he was one of the 3,000 Devil Gods that were born in the beginning of the universe.

They were born with the universe, and every one of them was born with the strength of the Heavenly Rank.

After countless years of training, their strengths increased rapidly, and there were even Heaven-defying powerhouses born.

As a result, it attracted the fear of the universe.

3,000 Devil Gods, each of them possessed boundless strength. It was not a good thing for the universe.

They roamed the chaotic world and occupied most of the resources in the universe. If they were allowed to grow, they might even break away from the control of the universe.

Therefore, the universe made a move. It used treasures as bait to lure all the Devil Gods here. Then, it activated a curse, making all the Devil Gods unable to leave Mount Inaction. The universe’s will also paid a painful price because of this, to the extent that it had yet to recover.

Ou Yangming knew that the universe’s will was right. If not for this, the universe would have already been destroyed by the Devil Gods.

He did not hesitate and stepped into the chaos.

The laws of the universe could seal all the Devil Gods from coming out, but they could not stop Ou Yangming from going in.

This world was dark, and in front of Ou Yangming was an endless mountain.

Seeing this place, Ou Yangming smiled.

In the past, he had dreamed of walking out of this place, but he had walked in again at this moment.

‘”They’re all still here.’

Ou Yangming didn’t know how much time had passed, but to the Heaven-opening Devil Gods who had eternal lives, even if the universe was destroyed, they could still live well.

“Luo Hou! Get the hell out here!” Ou Yangming shouted coldly, his voice echoing in the mountains.

“Who is it?” Enormous figures appeared in the mountains.

“This voice sounds familiar.”

“It seems to be Ming.”

Voices of discussion rang out and at the same time, more than 100 Devil Gods flew over.

“It’s really Ming.”

After seeing Ou Yangming, a monster that looked like a long-armed ape cried out in surprise.

“Ming, where did you go?”

“Could it be that you went out?”

The Devil Gods surrounded Ou Yangming.

“Ming, quickly tell us. How did you get out?”


Ou Yangming did not answer. The Devil Gods were so anxious that they cried out ferociously.

They were all invincible existences. Being restricted in this small area, one could imagine how miserable their lives were.

The greatest joy of each Devil God was to study how to get out of this place. After countless attempts, they could only sadly understand that they could not succeed. Unless they could create a universe, they could be equal to the universal will and would not be restricted by it.

This was almost impossible. How could a universe be created?

Even so, there were still people who did not give up.

Out of the 3,000 Devil Gods, there were dozens of them who had been working hard toward this goal. Ou Yangming and Luo Hou were the best among them.

“Ming, it’s you!” In the sky, a huge figure dressed in black appeared.

Ou Yangming looked at him, the coldness in his eyes intensified.

This person was Luo Hou, the despicable person who had sneakily attacked him when he was about to succeed in his previous life. Luckily, Ming had created the heart of the universe at that time. At the last moment of his life, he used the remnant of his soul to drive the heart of the universe and left this place.

“Luo Hou, you didn’t think that I’d one day return right?” Ou Yangming clenched his fists.

“Hahaha.” Luo Hou laughed loudly. “I didn’t expect it. I thought you were already dead, but I didn’t expect you to be able to reincarnate. Your body in this life should be weak. After losing your Devil God body, your strength will be greatly reduced. Let me guess how you came back. The universe will probably discovered you and threw you here again.”

Luo Hou had never seen the Humans. When the Humans were born, they had been sealed here for trillions of years.

“What’s the situation?” The Devil Gods looked puzzled.

Luo Hou pointed at Ou Yangming and said, “Countless years ago, the two of us collaborated to create a universe. When we were about to succeed, this guy planned to steal the fruit of victory and leave by himself. In the end, I found him. I injured him, but I didn’t expect him to still be alive.”

“Damn it, he actually wanted to leave by himself!”

“Ming, is what Big Brother Luo Hou said true?”

Ou Yangming ignored everyone and looked at Luo Hou and said, “I remember that you were once ranked 18th. I didn’t think that you’d become a big brother now.”

Innate Devil Gods were ranked according to their strengths. Luo Hou was once 18th while Ming was 32nd.

“Haha, of course.” Luo Hou laughed confidently, “Although I didn’t create a universe back then, it allowed me to understand the origin of the universe. My strength has increased quite a bit.”

“Then, the grudge between us should be put to an end.” Ou Yangming took a step forward.

“You’re courting death.” Luo Hou’s eyes flashed with hostility. He took a step forward and threw a punch in Ou Yangming’s direction.

Countless years ago, Luo Hou was a supreme existence at the Heaven-defying Rank. Now, his strength had increased by a lot.

This casual punch had surpassed the Divine Mountain great ancestor’s strength by 10,000 times.

Fortunately, Mount Inaction was sealed by the universe’s will. Otherwise, this punch would have destroyed it.

“I want to see if your weak body can block my punch.”


An explosion sounded, and the nearby Devil Gods all retreated in a panic.

The eight trigrams floated in front of Ou Yangming, helping him block this move.

Luo Hou’s gaze focused, and he laughed maniacally.

“I didn’t expect that this Supreme Primal Chaos Treasure is still on you, but you’re too weak now. You actually don’t dare to take my punch head-on!”

Luo Hou flipped his wrist, and a green longsword appeared.

“You have a Supreme Primal Chaos Treasure but don’t forget that I have one too.” Luo Hou did not show any mercy and slashed out with his sword.

Looking at Luo Hou’s ferocious gaze, Ou Yangming put away the eight trigrams and said indifferently, “Then I’ll show you my true strength.”

While everyone else watched in disbelief, Ou Yangming stretched out his hand and grabbed toward the green treasure sword.

“Has Ming gone mad?”

“He’s using his body to face a Supreme Primal Chaos Treasure.”

The spectating Devil Gods were also in disbelief. Luo Hou was ranked first and was publicly acknowledged as the strongest Devil God. Even if the other Devil Gods used their Supreme Primal Chaos Treasure, they might not be able to block a single move, and yet Ou Yangming put his treasure away.

“You’re courting death!”

The sword-light pierced over!


Ou Yangming stretched out his hand and held the sword in his hand. His body did not move at all.

Upon seeing this, everyone on Mount Inaction fell silent.

“You…” Luo Hou’s eyes were as wide as bronze bells. He could not believe what he was seeing.

The world was silent. Even the Devil Gods could not believe their eyes. This was a Supreme Primal Chaos Treasure, and Luo Hou had personally made a move. Yet, it was grabbed by Ou Yangming with his palm.

The corners of Ou Yangming’s mouth curled up slightly. The indestructible body of the universe surpassed all other treasures.

“Are you very surprised?” He slowly bent the sword.

“Crack!” The Supreme Primal Chaos Treasure broke into two. The tip of the sword fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

‘The Supreme Primal Chaos Treasure broke?’

Countless Devil Gods hurriedly retreated. They saw a scene they could not imagine.

‘How did Ming do It?’

Luo Hou was also dumbfounded. He looked at Ou Yangming’s palm and suddenly widened his eyes.

“You’ve succeeded!”

He felt as though thunder was striking his heart. He finally understood that Ming was not sent back by the universe will, but that he had successfully created a universe and returned.

‘Then his goal is..


“Bang!” Ou Yangming decisively struck out with a slap.

Luo Hou did not even have the time to scream as his body turned into the dust of the universe.

Ou Yangming turned around and planned to leave.

“Ming, bring us along!”


Shouts came from behind. Ou Yangming shook his head, and his figure gradually disappeared.

Time passed slowly. In the blink of an eye, 100,000 years had passed.

A small river was gurgling. Amidst the green mountains and rivers, 3 naughty children were playing on the lawn.

At this time, a woman walked out from the bamboo house. “Tiny Ming, don’t bully your younger sister!”

“Tie Dan, can’t you be quiet for a while?”

Of the 3 little fellows, 2 were playing while the other one was lying on the lawn, crying loudly.

The woman laughed bitterly and looked at the riverside.

A young man came over, stepping on the water. He said loudly, “Second One, your kite.”

The 3 little ones got up from the ground and rushed to the river.

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