Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Beating A Pig Head

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Chen Yifan was utterly shocked when he held the divine weapon.

In the past, he had commanded an army to fight for the empire, participated in martial contests in rings, and triumphed over others in battles of life and death. Even during the most dangerous of times, he was never hesitant, anxious or fearful, but he somehow revealed his feelings at this moment.

After looking up at Ou Yangming for some time, he mentioned, “Good, you didn’t let me down.”

“General,” Old Craftsman said smilingly, “This fellow is naturally gifted to be a Military Fire Blacksmith!”

“Not bad. This is my first time meeting someone as talented as him.” Chen Yifan nodded.

Old Craftsman shook his head. “General, don’t spoil him, his level is far below that.”

Chen Yifan, Liu Zhengye, and the others wondered. “You’re smiling so happily, yet you’re pretending to be humble. Who are you trying to fool…’

“Ahem—” Liu Zhengye cleared his throat, then took a step forward. “General, since he’s so talented in smithing, you can train him. If he succeeds in the future, your reputation will grow!”

Chen Yifan instructed, “Zhengye, make a trip to the Supply Division with Old Craftsman, and get a few precious ores for this fella to practice.”

“Ah?” Old Craftsman was shocked. “General, that can’t be done!”

“If I say it can, it can. Old Craftsman, I won’t be stingy over a few precious ores it’ll help him train.” Chen Yifan waved his hand, then stopped for a while before adding, “Are you afraid that he’ll surpass you, so you’re being defensive?”

“Why would I be defensive?” Old Craftsman’s face instantly reddened. He exhaled deeply, then continued, “Okay, since you’re so generous, I’m more than happy to do it. I won’t disappoint you.”

The others thought to themselves. ‘It’s only weird if you’re not happy to do it.’

Chen Yifan laughed out loud. “Go, go, I’ll be waiting for good news.”

Subsequently, Liu Zhengye and Old Craftsman left for the Supply Division, whereas Ou Yangming left the tent with Sui Hezhi. Since Chen Yifan was very occupied as the West Camp’s general, he did not stay to talk to them.

As such, Sui Hezhi and Ou Yangming left as well.

Once Sui Hezhi escorted Ou Yangming back to the Armament Camp, the latter mentioned, “Big Brother Sui, thank you for escorting me back.”

Sui Hezhi smiled and intended to say something but he was hesitant. In the end, he sighed and left.

Ou Yangming watched him leave, then entered the camp.

After walking just a short distance, a chilly voice was heard. “You, Ou Yangming, come here.”

He was stunned and noticed a cold middle-aged man was waving at him when he turned to look.

The man was not a stranger to him. He was Han Changling, one of the Military Fire Blacksmiths in the Armament Camp.

Ou Yangming hesitated for a while before he approached him. “Master Han, what’s the matter?”

Han Changling replied arrogantly, “I need to smith some weapons today, but I lack a helper. Come over and fill the spot.”

Ou Yangming responded, “Master Han, I’m Old Craftsman’s helper.”

In the Armament Camp, Old Craftsman was the chief of the Military Fire Blacksmiths, but he refused to be called a master due to his odd character, thus everyone addressed him as Old Craftsman.

Nevertheless, the other Military Fire Blacksmiths were known as masters.

“Hmph, are you trying to oppress me by using Old Craftsman’s name?” Han Changling was indifferent. “He’s not here at the moment, so you’re a general helper for the Armament Camp. If I’m asking for your help, are you going to disobey me?”

Ou Yangming shivered a little. For some reason, he felt that Han Changling was behaving strangely.

In the Armament Camp, though there was no ranking among the Military Fire Blacksmiths, Old Craftsman was the chief for a reason. Under normal circumstances, unless Han Changling had gone crazy, he would not offend him.

Nonetheless, it was clear that Han Changling did not care at the moment.

Ou Yangming subconsciously took a step back and decided that he must not leave with Han Changling.

“Master Han, Old Craftsman gave me a refining task, and I have to get it done as soon as possible. I hope that you understand.” He bowed, then turned to leave.

Right then, Han Changling sneered and got in front of Ou Yangming in a flash.

He reached out his hand to grab Ou Yangming’s shoulder immediately. Ou Yangming would be under his control once he grabbed him with his Iron Palm.

Ou Yangming’s face changed as he had not expected Han Changling to attack him, and it frightened him.

He clenched his fists together, then yelled as he attacked too.


The fist and the palm clashed in mid-air, causing Ou Yangming’s chest to hurt as if his body was electrified. Additionally, he tasted blood in his throat.

Han Changling paused for a moment to look at Ou Yangming, surprised. “Very well, you’re already a Force Grade martial artist, no wonder you have the courage to resist.”

A Military Fire Blacksmith had to be abundant in physical power to generate the Military Fire, but the fire would not last for a long time if one only relied on physical power. Thus, qualified Military Fire Blacksmiths usually practiced martial arts. Of course, martial arts were not the main focus, so Han Changling was not that powerful.

That being said, he was powerful enough to go against Ou Yangming, who had just started practicing martial arts.

With that, he kicked again and smiled sinisterly. He had managed to get the measure of Ou Yangming’s strength through the punch earlier and realized that he was only a Rank One Force Grade martial artist, so he thought little of him.

Han Changling had come prepared and was confident about taking Ou Yangming out easily.

Upon facing the fierce claw, Ou Yangming heard the wind whistle around him and felt like he was trapped in a cage. Just as he was at his wit’s end, the purple light in his mind glowed, and he entered the mysterious realm where his consciousness split into two.

The world seemed to be slowing down around him.

While Han Changling’s claw was violent, Ou Yangming noticed that it was not at all perfect. Instead, it had many openings.

He lowered his body, then slipped under Han Changling’s armpit like a small fish.

Needless to say, that was his limit. If he wanted to counterattack… He had to have the strength to do so.

Ou Yangming was not happy with his current state at all. If he was successful in martial arts and was capable enough to protect himself, he would not be bullied.

However, he knew that he had only practiced martial arts for a short time, so even when he could devour Qi and blood, there was only so much he could do.

Han Changling roared, and his face turned dark. Clearly, he was enraged.

He was embarrassed because Ou Yangming kept escaping him, so he gathered his strength in his fist and threw a punch.

The punch should not be underestimated at all. If he only wanted to capture Ou Yangming earlier, he probably wanted to tear his face apart now. Ou Yangming would be severely injured if he was hit, or worse, he would die.

Ou Yangming’s face took on a ghastly expression and he was even more reluctant to leave with Han Changling. This was because he sensed strong killing intent from him and was puzzled about why Han Changling had such a strong hatred toward him.

Nevertheless, even a fool knew that Han Changling had planned this in advance because it did not make sense for him to behave like this due to a small dispute.

Although Ou Yangming did not understand why he had such a bitter resentment against him, he could not just wait and die.

While extremely calm, Ou Yangming suddenly fell down. The fist wind that brushed across his head caused his face to hurt. He ignored the fist wind and kicked Han Changling’s ankle.

Han Changling shrieked in pain. He glared at Ou Yangming, eager to kill him with a punch.

When he turned to look again, Ou Yangming had already escaped, scurrying out of the Armament Camp.

Han Changling was startled and furious. The little fellow was unbelievably cunning. He screamed and chased after Ou Yangming, “Stop right there!”

Ou Yangming ran faster when he heard him.

The two of them left the Armament Camp in the blink of an eye, and in a dark corner, Zhang Yinfan cursed, “Trash.” He then disappeared soundlessly.

Ou Yangming noticed a familiar figure soon after he left the Armament Camp. His eyes shone, and he shouted as though a drowning man was holding onto a lifebuoy, “Big Brother Sui, save me.”

The person stopped to turn around, then ran over to him like a whirlwind.

Just as Ou Yangming was relieved, he heard the sound of a heavy punch behind him, which was accompanied by an awful wail.

When he turned around, he saw Sui Hezhi standing in front of him, staring at Han Changling coldly. Meanwhile, Han Changming had his hand on his chest and was in extreme pain.

Sui Hezhi raised his eyebrows. “Brother Ouyang, did he bully you?”

Ou Yangming nodded. “Yes, he wanted to… He wanted to beat me!”

Sui Hezhi put on a grim smile. “Okay, I’ll beat him until his head becomes a pig’s head.”

With that, he took a step forward and punched as fast as lightning.

As a result, Han Changling howled in grief, and, indeed, his head seemed to have turned into a pig’s head.

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