Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Two In Ten

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Kang Weibo’s face changed. If he still could not make the right guess, his years of being an official were simply wasted.

However, the answer he had in mind was truly shocking, and he was in disbelief. After hesitating for a while, he answered, “Old Craftsman, if I’m not mistaken, it has only been less than two months since Little Brother Ouyang obtained the Military Fire Seed, right?”

Old Craftsman replied, “It has almost been two months.”

Kang Weibo had a strange look on his face. “Oh, two months. According to what I know, a person can’t normally stimulate the Military Fire successfully!”

“Are you saying that I’m lying to you?” Old Craftsman cast a cold look at him.

“Oh, come on, Old Man, why would I doubt you? But, but…” Kang Weibo waved his hand, then stomped his foot hard. “Did Little Brother Ouyang really smith this Attribute Military Sword?”

Old Craftsman scoffed. “Do you know that General Chen sent his men to the Supply Division to retrieve ten precious ores for me?”

Kang Weibo responded quickly, “I know, I know. Everyone in the military camp knows that you’re smithing a weapon for General Chen.”

The Supply Division was the real supervisor of the military’s logistics. Although the Armament Camp had its Material Department too, the real precious raw materials were stored at the Supply Division, and only someone mighty in the military could withdraw materials.

“Sir Kang, you guessed it wrong this time. General Chen didn’t retrieve the ten precious ores for me.” Old Craftsman laughed out loud.

“Old Craftsman, don’t, don’t lie to me!” Kang Weibo was so dumbfounded that he stammered.

“Okay, take the saber to the young fellow. I’m very occupied now, so don’t disturb me anymore.” Old Craftsman glared at him, then closed the door and returned to his workshop.

Kang Weibo’s eyelids twitched when the door was closed. He smiled bitterly as he felt helpless against the extremely talented blacksmiths in the camp, and it made him think that his post as the Armament Camp’s supervisor was meaningless.

Nevertheless, he would not give up his post no matter what.

Kang Weibo’s eyes glowed when he looked at the Attribute Military Saber in his hands as though a golden path was laid out in front of him. He would have to judge if the path was a short one or a long one.

Subsequently, he left in a hurry with the treasure sword.


Ou Yangming was frowning in his room.

Since he had been under Old Craftsman and Chen Yifan’s care lately, he did not bother about anything else apart from practicing the martial-art squat and the technique to control the Military Fire. As such, he neglected the matter of Zhang Yinfan and his nephew.

After making a trip to the equipment depot, he heard the frightening name again.

It was then when he came to a sudden realization that a venomous snake was still lurking.

If Zhang Hanyu had not attacked Ou Yangming, Ou Yangming would not have killed him. In that case, when General Chen Yifan got involved, Zhang Yinfan and his nephew would let Ou Yangming go or even try to be friends with him.

The instant Ou Yangming killed Zhang Hanyu, he knew that the resentment would be unsolvable.

Zhang Yinfan was only holding back at the moment because he was fearful, but if he were to take his revenge in the future, it would be impossible for Ou Yangming to guard against him.

Nonetheless, Ou Yangming did not have a solution to the problem.

All of a sudden, there was a knock on his door, which really shocked him.

Ever since Zhang Hanyu’s sneak attack, he had been more alert. Besides, Zhang Yinfan was still the Provision Camp’s assistant supervisor, so he dared not let his guard down although Zhang Yinfan had not messed with him yet.

“Who’s there?” Ou Yangming shouted.

“Haha, Ou Yangming, it’s me, Kang Weibo!”

Ou Yangming was stunned. ‘One doesn’t visit a temple without a cause, why is he here?’

Kang Weibo was the Armament Camp’s supervisor, such that everything in the camp was under his care, but the Armament Camp was different from other camps. It housed the highest number of skilled people, especially the old masters with superb craftsmanship. As such, the camp was well-known and the commanding general valued it very much.

Therefore, even though Kang Weibo was the camp’s supervisor, he behaved well in front of the old masters, especially Old Craftsman.

Needless to say, he showed a different side of him to the normal craftsmen.

Since Ou Yangming was valued by Old Craftsman and was appointed as his helper, Kang Weibo treated him well, to the extent that he arranged a small single room for him.

Despite that, that was the most Kang Weibo could do to show his sincerity. After all, there was a huge difference between their ranks, thus Ou Yangming could not figure out why the Armament Camp’s supervisor was here to visit him.

While Ou Yangming was dubious, he opened the door. “Sir Kang, what’s the matter?”

Kang Weibo laughed out loud, then cupped his hands at him. “My boy, you hid it from me so well!”

Ou Yangming was puzzled. ‘What did I hide from him?’

Upon seeing his confused look, Kang Weibo quickly retrieved a military saber and asked, “Look, what’s this?”

Ou Yangming immediately identified that it was the Attribute Military Saber that he smithed earlier.

He instantly realized why Kang Weibo was treating him with such warmth.

“Sir Kang, isn’t this just a military saber? It’s not a big deal.” Ou Yangming chuckled.

Kang Weibo’s face darkened. “My boy, tell me, did Old Craftsman smith this saber, or did you smith it?”

Ou Yangming shrugged. “Of course I did.”

Kang Weibo took a deep breath when he saw Ou Yangming answering so casually. “General Chen retrieved ten precious ores for you, right? Are, are you confident about smithing two Attribute Equipment?”

Ou Yangming could not help but laugh. He figured that Old Craftsman told Kang Weibo that he smithed an Attribute Equipment, but did not inform him of the truth.

By using only three of the ten precious ores, he produced two pieces of Attribute Equipment. Even if the remaining seven ores were discarded, he already made two finished products.

He nodded. “If I only have to make two, I’m confident.”

Kang Weibo’s eyes shone as he laughed. “My boy, you have such a heroic spirit, and I respect you for that.”

‘Isn’t it just a twenty percent criterion? What does it have to do with a heroic spirit? You’re being too obvious about flattering me,’ Ou Yangming said to himself.

However, he did not know that the twenty percent criterion was only normal for him and Old Craftsman. On the other hand, it was an unsurpassable moat for the other Military Fire Blacksmiths in the military camp.

Kang Weibo stopped laughing. “My boy, why didn’t you come to report it if you’re already a Military Fire Blacksmith?”

Ou Yangming slapped his forehead. “Ah, I forgot, sorry.”

In actual fact, he did not forget about it because Old Craftsman hid the truth on purpose to disguise the specific date.

The number of people in the military camp who knew that he incited the Military Fire were numbered even if Old Craftsman and Chen Yifan were included.

‘Little master, it’s true that you’re guided by Old Craftsman. Although you haven’t learned all of his skills, you managed to pick up his strange character as well,’ The muscles on Kang Weibo’s face twitched as he thought to himself.

The most powerful thing in the Armament Camp was not one’s power, but a blacksmith’s craftsmanship.

Therefore, those with genuine talent could definitely get on well.

“Hehe.” Kang Weibo was struck with an idea, so he smiled as he said, “My boy, how about I discuss something with you?”

Ou Yangming replied seriously, “Sir Kang, let me know if you need me to do anything, I’ll do it for you.”

Kang Weibo was the Armament Camp’s supervisor, whereas he was only a little helper, thus he had no room to negotiate.

“Ah, please don’t say that. We’ll discuss anything that happens in the future,” Kang Weibo responded enthusiastically. After a short pause, he continued, “Since you can smith Attribute Equipment, I’ll arrange a smithing workshop for you. Two in ten, will you accept the condition?”

Ou Yangming was taken aback. “Out of the ten precious ores, I only have to hand two pieces of Attribute Equipment?”

“Yes, only two, and all materials will be provided by the camp.” Kang Weibo nodded, then added after he pondered for a while, “Let me know if you need anything, but you must fulfill the condition.”

Countless thoughts crossed Ou Yangming’s mind at that moment. He asked carefully, “Sir Kang, what if I’m so lucky that I’m able to smith a third Attribute Equipment?”

“Haha, if you’re so capable, only two in ten will be taken by the Armament Camp regardless of the finished products,” Kang Weibo answered right away, and wondered, ‘With a twenty percent passing rate, even if you seek help from Old Craftsman, it’ll only increase to thirty percent? Hehe, you should work hard for another eight to ten years, but you probably won’t be in the Armament Camp anymore then, so you don’t have to consider that.’

Ou Yangming nodded. “Okay, I’ll follow your order, Sir Kang.”

Feeling elated, Kang Weibo pulled him by his hand. “My boy, come with me.”

“Where are we going?” Ou Yangming was shocked.

“Of course we’re going to the equipment depot!” Kang Weibo laughed. “Retrieve the materials you need in the future as you wish, I’d like to see who has the courage to stop you!”

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