Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Blade Technique Cultivation

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Sui Hezhi smiled embarrassedly. “Brother Ou, I lost control just now, so… Ah, I’m so sorry.”

Ou Yangmind nodded. “Big Brother Sui, are you satisfied with this saber?”

“Brother Ou, are you sure that you want to give it to me?” Sui Hezhi was both surprised and overjoyed when he asked.

“Why did I show you if I don’t want to give it to you?”

“Bu, but…” Sui Hezhi hesitated for a while before he mentioned, “This is an Attribute Military Saber! Even a normal squad leader can’t have Attribute Equipment, let alone a little soldier like me!”

In the military camp, ten soldiers formed a squad, whereas a hundred formed a company. A squad leader was the leader of ten soldiers, and was considered the most basic officer.

Ou Yangming grinned. “Big Brother Sui, you’re from the Guards led by General Chen, how can you be mentioned on equal terms with a normal squad leader?”

Sui Hezhi chuckled. “Brother Ou, you’re such an understanding person. Hehe, other than the Guards, nobody really catches my eye.”

Although it sounded very exaggerated, from another perspective, one could verify how arrogant the Guards under Chen Yifan were.

“Big Brother Sui, I have a favor to ask too.” Ou Yangming smiled.

“Brother Ou, let me know what you need. As long as it’s within my capability, I won’t hesitate to help no matter how dangerous and difficult it is.” Sui Hezhi’s eyes glowed, and he slapped his chest.

“You’re worrying too much, I just want to practice martial arts with you…” Ou Yangming laughed, then continued after a short pause, “Practical training.”

“Aren’t you being personally guided by General Chen in martial arts?” Sui Hezhi was surprised. He then asked seriously, “Are you starting to feel sick of the martial-art squat?”

Ou Yangming shook his head. “Why would the martial-art squat make me feel sick? I just want to learn something practical as soon as possible.”

“Ah, Brother Ou, how should I put this?” Sui Hezhi exhaled deeply, and pondered before explaining, “The most important thing for martial artists like us isn’t mere form, it’s our grade and class. Yes, our grade and class.” He then proceeded to perform a half-squat, and punched with his fist.

The punch’s might was astonishing, and the fist wind that brushed past Ou Yangming’s body caused his skin to hurt.

Sui Hezhi mentioned, “Brother Ou, did you watch me well? If you have the same class and grade as me, how can anything resist your punch?”

Ou Yangming was dumbstruck, and he felt a chill down his spine. Yes, how could he resist a mighty punch like that? If he were to fight back recklessly, he might be punched to death.

“Instead of teaching you skills, General is only letting you practice the martial-art squat to prevent you from being distracted. As long as you commit to the cultivation of Dantian Light, you’ll reach the end of Force Boundary and the beginning of Yin Boundary. What will you not know then?” Sui Hezhi added.

Ou Yangming knew that he would not lie. Nevertheless, without Zhang Yinfan as a variable in the military camp, Ou Yangming would cultivate step by step, and would only learn martial art skills after meeting Chen Yifan’s expectations.

In actual fact, the main objective of a Military Fire Blacksmith’s martial arts cultivation was to control the Military Fire more easily to produce a more powerful fire.

Therefore, the blacksmiths cultivated Dantian Light, but they did not bother learning useless martial arts skills.

However, Ou Yangming was in a different situation. He knew that a venomous snake that lurked in dark corners in the military camp was watching him closely, so he dared not slack at all.

“Big Brother Sui, thank you for your kindness, but I’d like to learn some martial arts for self-defense, so please teach me!”

Sui Hezhi sighed. “Alright. Since you insist, I’ll teach you a blade technique and a fist technique.”

Even though he did not agree with this from the bottom of his heart, he could not reject Ou Yangming as he had accepted the treasure saber.

On an empty ground in his courtyard, Sui Hezhi began practicing with a military saber.

Throughout the process, he kept describing the blade technique, as well as his personal experiences over the years. Once he was done with the black technique, he proceeded to perform a fist technique and a step technique. The step technique could actually be used in conjunction with the blade and fist techniques, and it was the simplest skill in the military.

Nonetheless, it was exactly because of its simplicity and that it was the swiftest and fiercest martial art.

Whether Sui Hezhi performed a fist art or a blade technique, he bore a rich killing intent. Perhaps the martial arts were not elegant, but they were what Ou Yangming needed the most at the moment.

Once Sui Hezhi was done, he said, “I’ll only teach you once today, so it’s up to you how much you remember. I’ll come again after three days to see how much you’ve practiced.”

“Thank you, Big Brother Sui.” Ou Yangming was touched.

“You don’t have to thank me, I should thank you instead.” Sui Hezhi smiled bitterly as he tapped the Attribute Military Saber on his waist.

Ou Yangming then asked, “I’d like to follow you to hunt in the dense forest…”

“Don’t even think about it! Hmph, unless you have the general’s permission, nobody will bring you there.” Sui Hezhi waved his hand, then explained sincerely, “You’re not a helper anymore, you’re a Military Fire Blacksmith. Other than the general, nobody can bear the responsibility.”

Ou Yangming stared at him for a while, but did not force him anymore.

After Sui Hezhi left, Ou Yangming returned to his own courtyard.

When he closed his eyes, he recalled everything he saw and heard earlier. Even so, he realized that he could not remember everything that Sui Hezhi mentioned.

Just as he was feeling annoyed and was wondering if he should think of a way to let Sui Hezhi demonstrate everything again, the purple light that was hidden in his mind flashed.

Ou Yangming was extremely familiar with the light as if he was born with it.

Hence, he was not surprised at all when it appeared again.

Subsequently, his consciousness split into two naturally, but there was an odd change to the consciousness that was detached to overlook from above him.

Through the consciousness’ hollow eyes, a figure suddenly appeared in his courtyard.

The figure belonged to Sui Hezhi, and he was seen performing a blade technique while giving an explanation.

Ou Yangming was in a daze as he watched and listened. He also paid full attention to observe and experience everything.

After watching the process numerous times, he comprehended everything at last.

As such, the consciousness that controlled his body began practicing the blade technique, the fist technique, and the step technique.

Ou Yangming had put some thoughts into this before he began, but when he actually started practicing, he realized that his body was completely different from how he imagined it to be. For the same slash done using a saber, the blade force from Sui Hezhi was violent like a ferocious tiger leaping down a mountain, whereas the force from him was soft and powerless.

Without the comparison, Ou Yangming could not have noticed the difference.

However, half of his consciousness was like an outsider at the moment, and he was able to compare himself to Sui Hezhi when he practiced the blade technique. Under the circumstances, he could identify even the tiniest flaw, let alone noticing the huge difference between them.

Ou Yangming sighed. Though Sui Hezhi’s slash looked simple, he probably underwent countless training and bloody fights.

It was simply a pipe dream for Ou Yangming if he wanted to learn the essence so quickly.

He would need to go through severe training if he wanted to achieve Sui Hezhi’s blade technique that was suitable for wars, and there was no shortcut to it.

In actual fact, even if normal Military Fire Blacksmiths noticed the difference, they would not waste their time practicing the blade technique since they would not be able to use it anyway.

Despite that, Ou Yangming was very interested in it. He was forced to be interested due to the pressure from someone else.


He made another slash, but it was not the follow-up of Sui Hezhi’s blade technique as he was still practicing the first slash. That being said, there was something different about it this time.

Ou Yangming made adjustments after looking at the comparison. While he knew that it was impossible for him to be on par with Sui Hezhi in such a short time, he tried his best to get as close as he could to that.

A slash, a slash, a slash…

As the sun set slowly, the courtyard was painted in a beautiful afterglow.

Basking in the sunset glow, Ou Yangming’s strong and robust figure was seen. Even though he was shirtless and drenched in sweat, he seemed to be unaware of the exhaustion at all, and continued to wield his sword tirelessly.

At last, the sun had set, and not a bit of sunlight could be seen anymore.

Ou Yangming paused instantly, and he finally regained his normal state.

A thud was heard when he fell to the ground, and beads of sweat dripped to the floor so quickly that they formed a tiny puddle.

Ou Yangming was absolutely worn out to the point that he could fall asleep the moment he closed his eyes, but he did not give up, and his eyes were full of determination.

After forcing himself to stand up, the Military Fire that burned in his hand spiraled around the military saber. He then headed to a corner to stab his saber into the wild beast that was brought by Sui Hezhi earlier.

A brief moment later, Ou Yangming’s face reddened as his fatigue body regained endless power.

He smiled happily like a baby.

Following that, he looked forward with a sharp and firm look, which was accompanied by a hint of killing intent.


Ou Yangming roared, then took a step forward to slash his saber down.

The sharp blade of his saber, the blade intent, and the momentum, were exactly the same as Sui Hezhi’s!

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