Volume 4 Chapter 38

Immortal V4C38: Flower World.

Translated by: RedLotus.


"Help, ah… ."



In the dark area, the sad and pitiful screams were heard, and the imprisoned cultivators were driven to the place of the zombies and evil spirits. Zombies and evil spirits swarmed, flushed rapidly, opened their mouths and started to bite those cultivators.

The Zombies and evil spirits were quickly tearing off the flesh and blood, swallowing it into the abdomen instantly. The Spiritual Essence of these cultivators was sealed, they could only fight back using the strength of the martial arts of mortals, so where they could rebel thousands of evil spirits and zombies. Moreover, the number of evil spirits and zombies was getting more and more and the situation was getting more and more intensive.

Throughout the dark environment, blood was sprinkling everywhere, everything was completely covered with blood. These evil spirits and zombies also did not even let the frozen corpses, they were opening their mouths and biting unceasingly. The faces of evil spirits and zombies were already completely dyed with blood, but still they did not reveal any sign of exhaustion, unceasingly tearing the countless bodies and corpses. It was like a purgatory, unsightly and extremely frightening.

"Real, these evil spirits and zombies are real, not an illusion." Gu Lin was staring with wide opened eyes.

When he saw such a frightening scene, Death? death was not frightening, the most frightening thing was to be bitten piece by piece to death and even swallowed after that. Gu Lin only felt that the fine hair of his entire body was erected, and he was incomparable terrified.

However Zhong Shan, at this moment, was frowning and staring at a distant place, did these zombies and evil spirits need meat? The blue energy line behind the evil spirits and zombies suddenly turned into a flaming red color, as if the cultivators that had been eaten, were digested and turned into a special energy transmitted to the distant Death Flower.

The blue Death Flower was slowly changing color, it became slightly red in color and was getting more and more red.

Were they feeding the Death Flower with the cultivators? Zhong Shan felt tense in heart.

"Illusion? Naturally it is not an illusion, it seems to be virtual reality." Princess Qianyou said with a frown.

As nearly 10,000 cultivator or cultivator bodies were swallowed by evil spirits and zombies, the number of zombies and evil spirits was increasing, and even those flying in the air were getting more and more.

The evil spirit were getting more and more crazy, flying, unceasingly biting the cultivators that had their Spiritual Essence sealed, and even were waving threateningly at the soldiers.


Suddenly, a general's loud voice came from afar, then the soldiers immediately raised their weapons and rushed to the front.



One team of soldiers after another, they were crazily brandishing their blades, the emerging Blade Qi rushed in one direction. The terrifying Blade Qi was like a flood and directly washed away one group of the evil spirits and zombies. Everything that was attacked by Blade Qi, was immediately destroyed, turned into a burst of blue smoke and suddenly dispersed.

The evil spirits and zombies were not strong enough. Therefore, the Generals also came out with courage. So long as there was one team of 100 people, it would be invincible.


The teams of hundreds of people rushed into the depths of the evil spirits group.

Standing outside, Gu Lin said with a surprised facial expression: "What is this? Just sent the cultivator to feed these evil spirits, but now they want to slaughter them?"

"It is not a slaughter." Mr. Shui Jing said with a frown.

"Not a slaughter?" Gu Lin said doubtfully, was this not a slaughter?

"Great Ye Sovereign is using these million soldiers to continue to feed evil spirits and zombies. "Mr. Shui Jing shook his head and said.

"Feeding with these Soldiers? They are his subjects, his soldiers." Gu Lin said with a shocked facial expression.

"For the Sovereign to be an emperor, he has to look at the overall situation, do not care about the loss of a city, so long as there is greater interest, even if he needed to sacrifice more soldiers, he would not hesitate." Mr. Shui Jing said.

Sure enough, with Mr. Shui Jing’s words, the first batch of hundreds of teams, one of which was captured by the flying evil spirits in the sky, then the entire team suddenly collapsed and the numerous evil spirits and zombies rushed and started to bite.

In just a while, even the bones of the team of the soldiers didn't remain, they were all killed and swallowed.

The soldiers, one team after another, followed the same footsteps. Millions of soldiers, Zhong Shan, who was unconsciously watching from the outside, saw these millions of soldiers, and most of them were in the Xiantian Stage, were being killed and swallowed. So many soldiers who were loyal to Great Ye Sovereign, Just for the selfish desire of Great Ye Sovereign, all of them were buried in the abdomen of these ghosts.

What was Great Ye Sovereign doing?

"It's about to open.” Princess Qianyou said with bright eyes.

Open? Zhong Shan followed Qianyou’s gaze towards the huge Death Flower. Now the Death Flower have already completely turned into a blood red color. The bright red on it seemed that it was about bleeding at any time.

After feeding it with Millions of Experts, finally ate until full? The Death Flower started to slowly rotate, slowly rotating around the center. With the flower rotation, the evil spirits and zombies suddenly became like phantoms and slowly dispersed. It seemed to be just a dream.

Only the surviving soldiers, no one thought that it was a dream, the blood on the ground was an evidence that everything was true. At this moment, they looked up to the sky and wailed loudly in grief. Friends, brothers, million comrades and life and death brothers, died in such an inexplicable way and were eaten just like that. Their personal enemy was just some illusory things which turned into phantoms, even they couldn't have revenge, because they had already lost the goal.

The remaining soldiers were standing on the endless bloody corpses, looking up to the sky, wailing loudly, and the tears were streaming down on their faces. They were destined to be the sacrificial victims of the conspirator. At this moment, no one cared about them, everyone's vision was concentrated on the center of Death Flower.

The Death Flower was revolving slowly, and it seemed that the flower bud was about to open. From the gaps between the flower petals, the more sinister Black Qi was revealed again. Was the flower about to bloom? So what about the flower?

"I think this is the Flower World. Elderly Tian said that Flower World is a Feng Shui Sealing Great Array." Princess Qianyou suddenly surprisedly said.

"Flower World? What is this Flower World?" Mr. Shui Jing asked.

"After this flower is opened, a brand new world will appear. Only by breaking through the new world can we completely break this Feng Shui Great Array. "Princess Qianyou frowned.

"A new world? What brand new world? "Gu Lin said surprisedly.

"I don’t know, Elderly Tian said that every ‘Flower World’ is different inside, different flowers create different worlds. This is Death Flower, and it has eaten countless cultivators. The inner world must be related to the dead. As long as the world is broken, Heavenly Tomb will be really exposed." Princess Qianyou took a deep breath and said.

"A new world was built with the flesh and blood of a million people just now?" Zhong Shan said solemnly.

"It should be." Princess Qianyou nodded.

Using flesh and blood to build a world? Zhong Shan frowned, Feng Shui Great Array?

"Hu.., Hu.., Hu.."

Along with the Death Flower rotation, in the surrounding of the Death Flower, large circles suddenly appeared. One circle after another started to rotate around the central Death Flower, and some strange characters gradually emerged on the ground.

A Compass ? Zhong Shan frowned tightly, it was a compass, the same as Clay Bodhisattva's compass, but the compass of Clay Bodhisattva was of eighteen circles, and this earth compass was of thirty-six circles.



On top of the compass, suddenly there were the sounds of the roaring of eight Dragons, and the roars of the eight dragons seemed to be more painful. It seemed like infinite pain.

Gradually, above the huge compass, there was projections of eighty meters high phantoms of golden dragons.

"What is this?" Gu Lin said surprisedly.

"Let's go." Princess Qianyou led everyone and quickly flew to one of the golden dragon phantoms.

"These are eight Dragon Veins of the other surrounding mountains. This Feng Shui master is too strong. In order to create this Flower World, he forcibly trapped the eight Dragon Veins, for tens of thousands of years, continuously providing the endless Dragon Qi of the surrounding mountain range to the Great Array to nourish the Great Array. This person definitely has Great skills." Princess Qianyou said while flying.

"Eight Dragon Veins? Are they free now?" Mr. Shui Jing frowned and said doubtfully.

"Yes, the Flower World, now it is opened by millions of flesh and blood, and these eight dragons are the shape form of the Dragon Veins. But now, the original mountain range has been cut off, and it will be exhausted soon." Princess Qianyou said.

In a twinkling of an eye, everyone came to a golden dragon phantom.

The golden phantom dragon was constantly groaning from infinite pain. Obviously before it was able to condense, it was trapped by Feng Shui Great Array. Even after it was condensed, the Feng Shui Great Array continued to extract the strength of the mountains until finally it was released now. Because of the disconnection with the mountains, they will immediately be destroyed. It could be described as a sad life, so it was roaring at the point of death.

"Golden Dragon is born from gathering the Earth’s Luck. If a Nascent Soul Stage and below uses it to wash out the body, the body can get rid of the Karmic Hindrance in a short time, Mister, quickly enter the Golden Dragon, and make a breakthrough. Otherwise it will be dispersed immediately." Princess Qianyou said to Zhong Shan.

Turning his head, Zhong Shan accidentally looked at Princess Qianyou, Nascent Soul Stage and below? Didn't that include Nascent Soul Stage? In other words, Ah Da, Ah Er, and even Gu Lin could use it? Ah Da and Ah Er were at Nascent Soul Stage Peak, if it was like what Princess Qianyou said, it was not very likely to affect the Body Fusion Stage. As for Gu Lin, it was even more precious for Crown Prince, but still Princess Qianyou gave this opportunity to him?

Zhong Shan was looking at Princess Qianyou gratefully and he did not hesitate to rush into the Golden Dragon phantom.

Seeing the gratitude of Zhong Shan, Princess Qianyou smiled slightly then sighed slightly.

At this moment, there were six Golden Dragons in other distant places, were swaying and dissipating, and even didn't call out in grief. Only another Golden Dragon, there was another person with insight who entered it. It was the youth with Chu Ba Māra, Xie Yan!

Xie Yan sat cross-legged, and Golden Dragon phantom struggled for a while then went straight into Xie Yan’s body, while Chu Ba was patiently guarding him.

The same was true for Zhong Shan. Everyone was protecting him. Zhong Shan sat cross-legged. Golden Dragon struggled for a while then disappeared into the body of Zhong Shan.

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