Volume 4 Chapter 39

Immortal V4C39: Fengdu Ghost City.

Translated by: RedLotus.

"Qianyou, why do you want to give it to him?" Gu Lin called out.

Gu Lin revealed an indignant facial expression. If it was like what Princess Qianyou said, how could such a good thing be given to a servant. Washing out the Karmic Hindrance, Karmic Hindrance disappearance, what concept it is. That means that any cultivation base of Nascent Soul Stage and below can at least make a single layer breakthrough. Even it could be two or three layers.

Gu Lin was a highly qualified person, but this opportunity was rare. Princess Qianyou gave it to Zhong Shan, so Gu Lin hated Zhong Shan even more.

Looking at Gu Lin, Princess Qianyou frowned slightly and said: "You have a higher cultivation base than Mister, and when Mister breaks through, he can protect himself."

Listening to Princess Qianyou, Gu Lin could only give up, but he was suppressing his depression in his heart. He was looking at Zhong Shan and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. Also, this coldness was not hidden at all, even Ah Da, nearby, could see it, and everyone could only be silent for a while.

It was not that Zhong Shan didn't understand the situation, but it was too tempting. Karmic Hindrance disappearance which Princess Qianyou mentioned, was nothing but his most long-awaited thing. He knew that Princess Qianyou was bestowing him a favor, an extremely big favor, but Zhong Shan didn't have the will to shirk. Cultivation base breakthrough was what Zhong Shan needed the most. Might as well, receiving the benevolence of Princess Qianyou now and later think slowly about it, but first he need to break through.

When the Golden Dragon entered into his body, it instantly turned into a golden energy. No, it should belong to Luck. The rich Luck was golden in color, quickly covered every part of Zhong Shan’s body and even his soul.

This Golden Dragon Luck was not like the Luck received from being a Heavenly Dynasty official which has the long and long-lasting Heavenly Dynasty involvement. This Golden Dragon Luck was just washing out his body then it would diverge and vanish, so he must grasp it well.

Zhong Shan tried his best to break through. Originally, he just reached the Gold Core Third Layer. If he wanted to break through again, he wouldn't be able to do it in a year or two. In the past two years, he had to be in the best cultivation environment every day, but this moment, it was very different, this strange matter had appeared.

Karmic Hindrance washing out, cultivation base directly rushed straight up, in only the time of three breaths, Zhong Shan cultivation base directly rushed to the Gold Core Fourth Layer. There was still about two-thirds of the golden Luck in his body, should he continue to break through?

Zhong Shan immediately gave up the tempting idea as Zhong Shan had one more important thing. Red Luan Heavenly Scripture, so long as it could break through and reach the Red Luan Heavenly Scripture Fifth Layer, a mysterious matter will appear. The special anomaly of Red Luan Heavenly Scripture could truly be revealed.

His mind concentrated on the area between his eyebrows, and the flame embryonic form of the pink lotus flower was quickly transforming.

Zhong Shan spent the remaining half of Golden Dragon Luck, and the lotus flower finally came out completely. It was no longer in the embryonic form, but a lotus flower with an incomparably clear appearance. The tiny lotus flower closed as if it wanted to continue to break through.

Zhong Shan had a cold sweat on his forehead. Zhong Shan needed to break through again. He must break through. When all the Golden Dragon Lucks were exhausted, it finally became, a pink lotus bloomed.

The pink lotus flower was incomparably exquisite, no longer the shape of the flame, but a form of smoke, which seemed to be imaginary.

Red Luan Heavenly Scripture Fifth Layer ! Good and Ominous Luck manifestation!

The Pink Red Luan Pink Lotus, suddenly released a slightly blue color.

The blue color was for ominous luck and the red color for good luck. This was the Red Luan Heavenly Scripture Fifth Layer, he couldn't sense it clear enough, but once a Great Misfortune is around him, the lotus will appear blue in color and once there is a matter of great Luck, it will appear red in color.

This was the special anomaly of Red Luan Heavenly Scripture, prediction, a fierce prediction. It was this kind of Cultivation Technique, once it reached the Fifth Layer, Zhong Shan will be able to know that he is going to face a great misfortune so can quickly avoid it. He didn't know where the cultivation base of the Gold Core Fifth Layer is better than this.

Slightly examining himself, Golden Core Fourth Layer! Red Luan Heavenly Scripture Fifth Layer! Even moments ago, unconsciously, Heavenly Demon Pure Body Great Art, accidentally broke through to the Fourth Layer?

Zhong Shan was excitedly shivering. This was too abnormal, this Golden Dragon Luck was too strong. If there are more how much better will it be?

As soon as Zhong Shan opened his eyes, there was a flash of excitement in his eyes.

"How was it?" Princess Qianyou asked.

Zhong Shan got up and looked at Princess Qianyou and respectfully bowed a little and said: "Thank you, princess."

He really must thank her, the cultivation base would increase with time, but the breakthrough of Red Luan Heavenly Scripture actually needs an opportunity. Zhong Shan knew how difficult it will be to cultivate Red Luan Heavenly Scripture in the future, it even couldn't be cultivated at all, because it was in itself a very mysterious Cultivation Technique.

Seeing Zhong Shan was like this, Princess Qianyou smiled a little, this was a big obligation. How is he going to repay it?

Nearby, Gu Lin’s eyes revealed an envious look as he was coldly watching.

"Princess, this Golden Dragon Luck, could it be mass produced?" Zhong Shan asked immediately.

"Mass produced? How is it possible? This was born because of the Feng Shui Great Array gathering for tens of thousands of years. The Heaven and Earth strange matters are very few." Princess Qianyou said.

"Yes." Zhong Shan nodded, and there was a slight regret in his eyes. It seemed that it was only one opportunity.

As for Princess Qianyou, why she didn't give Golden Dragon Luck to other people. Zhong Shan didn't ask about it because there was no need for that!

"The flower is opening!" Mr. Shui Jing said with a frown.

The others turned their heads to look. Sure enough, the huge Death Flower above the earth compass, was slowly opening and the first petal fell, just covering the compass.

Did the flower petal pull out a world?

Zhong Shan was surprised to see that the inner world seemed to be folded, and it was not until the flower opened that it slowly spread out. This, what kind of world was this?

In the distant places, several people flew in, including Hui Guang Arhat, Chu Ba Māra, the youth behind Chu Ba Māra, and a group of people dressed in military outfits. In the forefront was a mighty man wearing an imperial purple robe. The man was very domineering and there was a great blade hanging at his waist. He took a step to step in.

"Let’s go, we will also enter." Princess Qianyou said.

"Um." everyone nodded.

"No." Zhong Shan suddenly called out.

"Uh?" Everyone looked at Zhong Shan.

Zhong Shan eyes were micro-closed, in the place of his forehead, Red Luan Pink Lotus slowly turned into blue color, ominous luck, Great Misfortune, for himself, was entering a Great Misfortune?

Taking a deep breath, Zhong Shan said: "The interior is too dangerous, I can’t go, you should better not to go."

"Hehe, are you afraid to go? It does not mean that we wouldn't dare to go." Gu Lin immediately said in ridicule.

However, Princess Qianyou and Mr. Shui Jing frowned. The two knew that Zhong Shan was not the kind of person who was afraid of being in trouble, and even he really wanted to see what was happing inside, but how did he suddenly say that he wasn't going? Did he never say useless words? What did he see?

"Why doesn't Mister want to go?" Princess Qianyou said doubtfully.

"My cultivation base is too low, I am worried about the danger, so I am not going, I am going to wait outside." Zhong Shan said with great certainty.

With rapt attention, everyone looked at Zhong Shan, and there was a slight flash of confusion in their eyes.

"Ok, Ah Da, you stay behind to protect Mister, we are going to move on." Princess Qianyou said right away.

Heavenly Dynasty Jade Imperial Seal, Princess Qianyou couldn't give up at this moment.

"Yes." Ah Da immediately complied.

Then, Ah Da and Zhong Shan stayed behind, and Qianyou, Shui Jing, Gu Lin, and Ah Er took the white clouds and went to the interior of the opened the world.

"Mister, is it dangerous inside?" Ah Da asked, but there was a glimmer of hope in his eyes. Ah Da also wanted to go in and have a look.

Ah Da wanted to see why Zhong Shan didn't want to see it? But Red Luan Pink Lotus had turned to the blue color.

Red Luan Heavenly Scripture Fifth Layer, in general, if there is a slight bad luck and even a middle level of bad luck, it will not change in color, only if it is a Great Misfortune, life and death Great Misfortune, will make it turn to the blue color.

At this moment, it was blue color, so would Zhong Shan dare to take risks again? Even if it was the first time for him to see Red Luan Pink Lotus turning blue, Zhong Shan didn’t want to take the risk. Some risks can be taken, but some risks must not be touched.

Great Misfortune, what kind of Great Misfortune?

The Great Ye army, except for those who were previously swallowed by the evil spirits, there were still one million soldiers, but only a few hundred generals of Nascent Soul Stage rushed in again.

The flower was opening, and the more it opened, the more it bloomed, and when it reached to one-third of the length of the entire dark area, it stopped. At the same time, the whole flower slowly integrated into the surrounding and slowly disappeared, leaving only one round area inside. A strange round world.

It was like a huge hemispherical cover, covering the world, anyone entering the world seemed to suddenly become a hundred times smaller. No, people didn't get smaller, just the look from the outside which became smaller.

Through the huge cover, looking inside, Zhong Shan saw Princess Qianyou and others flying in the distant place, but this was not the most eye-catching. What really attracted his attention was the center of the world, there was a city.

According to that ratio, the city in the world inside the cover was actually a thousand meters high, and it didn't differ too much with the Unparalleled City, but the sky above the city was covered, and nobody could see any scenes in the city, but the city name was floating above the city gate. Zhong Shan saw it.


The huge two characters Fengdu were releasing dense Ghost Qi.

Fengdu City?

"Is this a ghost city?" Ah Da beside Zhong Shan exclaimed loudly.

Fengdu Ghost City? He didn't blame Ah Da for being surprised, because in this city, almost all of the previous evil spirits, the evil spirits were passing in and out from the Fengdu City, and outside the city, there were countless zombies wandering in all directions.

There was only one long road, at this moment, a group of figures was walking on it. The road was yellow in color, the zombies were walking around the road, they bypassed it, didn't step on this yellow road, and the evil spirit of the Fengdu City also didn't touch this yellow road.

Above this yellow road, there was one team of people, this team had nearly a million people. Each and everyone was holding the shoulders of another person, they were gradually entering into the Fengdu City.

Looking at the pairs of one million of people, Zhong Shan's heart unconsciously became slightly tense.

"It is them, the one million of soldiers that have just been bitten to death, these are their ghosts." Ah Da pointed to the pairs of figures on the yellow road and surprisedly said.

Indeed, Zhong Shan also saw a general, a former general who died before. The bitterness at the time of his death made Zhong Shan accidentally remembered him. But, at this moment, at the rear of that team. It was that general.

The soul of the dead? Were they entering Fengdu City one by one?

This, what matter was this? Feng Shui Great Array ? Was this the power of Feng Shui Great Array? Was the Fengdu Ghost City really true or fake?

Zhong Shan swallowed a mouthful of saliva, his heart was beating restlessly, he had this kind of feeling that he really wanted to enter and find out, but he was more rational, cannot go, it was dangerous, extremely dangerous.

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