Volume 4 Chapter 40

Immortal V4C40: Breaking the Array.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Inside the world under the cover, there was a faint black Qi in the air making the people inside to fly very slowly.

The lowest cultivation base of the people inside was at the Nascent Soul Stage and there were hundreds of them, most of them were great ye Sovereign dynasty generals. Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty Sovereign was in the lead, standing in the forefront of the people, dressed in an imperial robe, and a great blade was hanging at his waist. He was giving off an incomparable imposing manner. He was followed by the commanders of the five big legions, each one of them was a Fusion Stage Expert, and they were followed by the Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty Generals.

In addition to the Great Ye Sovereign Dynasty, there were other three parties.

The first party was Princess Qianyou, Mr. Shui Jing, Gu Lin and Ah Er.

The second party was Chu Ba and Xie Yan.

Third party was Hui Guang Arhat.

Among the four groups of people, Hui Guang Arhat was the fastest, because under the feet of Hui Guang Arhat, at this moment, there was a white lotus flower. The lotus flower was carrying Hui Guang Arhat and when the surrounding black Qi just touched the white light of the white lotus, it instantly turned into a pure white energy and dispersed.

Seeing the white lotus flower, Zhong Shan’s pupils shrunk, because Zhong Shan also has one, it was the Pure Snow Lotus which was given to him by his teacher before his death. He was not wrong. The lotus flower petals of the Pure Snow Lotus were very special.

Does Hui Guang Arhat also have it?

"The Pure Snow Lotus of Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva?" Ah Da said surprisedly.

"Oh, do you know it?" Zhong Shan looked at Ah Da and said doubtfully.

"Yes, Pure Snow Lotus is a unique and rare treasure of Heaven and Earth that is unique to Bliss Pure Land. Only three flowers will be born every three thousand years, but each flower will certainly wither after three thousand years, that is why there will always be only three flowers in the world. Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva has one. Pure Snow Lotus is a rare treasure, even if it is not stimulated, the Yin Qi contamination within three meters around Pure Snow Lotus will be automatically purified by it. Hui Guang Arhat has been following Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva, so this certainly is the flower of Supreme Heavenly Dragon Bodhisattva." Ah Da explained.

After hearing Ah Da, Zhong Shan nodded.

In his forehead, the Red Luan Pink Lotus was still blue in color, Zhong Shan frowned slightly and looked at the distant place.

"Ah Da, let’s retreat back a little more." Zhong Shan said with a frown.

"Uh? Yes, Mister." Ah Da nodded and stepped backwards with Zhong Shan.

After retreating to the edge of the black area, Red Luan Pink Lotus once again turned into the pink color.

Stopping at the edge, Zhong Shan continued to stare at the distant place.

Hui Guang Arhat was the first one to arrive to the gate of Fengdu City.

After the surrounding evil spirits and zombies felt the white light released by the Pure Snow Lotus, they escaped crazily making Hui Guang Arhat smile faintly and to be the first one to break into the Fengdu City.

The three parties behind were frowning.

Although he couldn’t hear the sound inside, but Zhong Shan could see that a powerful air current suddenly came out from the gate, causing some evil spirits outside the gate to be blown out by this air current.

Subsequently, Hui Guang Arhat was sent flying upside down, clutching his chest, and his face was full of anger. Obviously, he entered too eagerly, but was sneak attacked. However this was not the most critical point, the most crucial thing was that when he flew backwards, the Pure Snow under his feet Lotus was gone.

Everyone was entirely stunned, and at this time, from the inside, a yellow figure slowly came out.

The yellow figure was a hundred meters high, the whole body was yellow, and the upper of the body was entirely naked. Only an animal skin was wrapped around the lower body. One hand was holding a giant mace of eighty meters long, and the other hand was holding the Pure Snow Lotus.

There was no hair on its head, and there were two long and large horns emerging from its forehead, and its appearance was extremely ugly.

"Is that a Ghost King?" Ah Da was a little surprised and said.

Ghost King opened its mouth, put the Pure Snow Lotus into it and swallowed it in front of the surprised vision of everyone. Subsequently, the Ghost King stared with wide eyes, revealing an extremely ugly and excited facial expression. It was laughing loudly.

Seeing this scene, Hui Guang Arhat really wanted to die. Pure Snow Lotus was not his own. Under the heavens, there were only three, but one of them was actually eaten by this Ghost King?

Turning his hand and formed a palm and attacked the Ghost King.

Along with the punch attack, a huge golden palm appeared in the midair, and the golden palm rushed to the Ghost King.

The Ghost King saw it at once, and he waved the huge mace to receive the palm.


Although Zhong Shan couldn’t hear it, but he could feel the huge force of the collision. The countless evil spirits around them were blown out by the shock waves of the powerful strength. Ghost King, under the anger of Hui Guang Arhat, its body was forced back and smashed on the wall.

It has gotten angry, Ghost King also has gotten angry, and he raised his mace and rushed fiercely to Hui Guang Arhat.

While the two Experts were fighting the others took this opportunity. Great Ye Sovereign, Princess Qianyou, Chu Ba Māra, and the three groups also took the gap and all entered Fengdu City.

While Princess Qianyou was entering into Fengdu City, Ah Da suddenly frowned, as if he had a bad premonition, and immediately turned to look at Zhong Shan.

"Mister, have you been retreating because of the dangers in Fengdu City? "Ah Da anxiously looked at Zhong Shan and said.

Turning his head to look at Ah Da, Zhong Shan faintly said: "Go ahead, I will go back and I will definitely retreat to the safest place."

He accidentally looked at Zhong Shan, Ah Da nodded, and didn't say anything else. Subsequently, he rushed forward, and in a flash, he entered the world inside the cover and rushed toward the gates of Fengdu City.

Zhong Shan was looking at the leaving figure of Ah Da, then he gradually narrowed his eyes. Ah Da and Ah Er, were they at Nascent Soul Stage Peak? Yes, in the eyes of everyone, they were at Nascent Soul Stage Peak, but was this really the case?

Although he didn't know their cultivation bases, but Zhong Shan had already started to guess long time ago. Princess Qianyou was at Body Fusion Stage. These two people could be chosen by Princess Qianyou and they could protect Princess Qianyou, Was Their cultivation base really just at Nascent Soul Stage? Just like herself? If he wanted to find a bodyguard, will he find someone at the Xiantian Stage to protect him?

Zhong Shan didn’t believe it, but kept it in his heart. He didn’t reveal anything. The water was clear and there was no fish. Usually he would act dumb. Ah Da's sudden expression change was definitely because Princess Qianyou was still in Ah Da's line of sight, but when she entered the Fengdu City, he couldn't feel her presence. So he suddenly became anxious.

When Ah Da entered the world under the cover, and at this time, the red Luan Pink Lotus in Zhong Shan’s forehead turned blue again, was there a danger?

Zhong Shan had a strange feeling in his heart, was it difficult to figure out the problem with Red Luan Pink Lotus? How did it always turn blue? Danger? What was the danger?

Just as Zhong Shan was surprised.

"War, Bai Ye under the heavens……”

Within the Fengdu Ghost City, suddenly

a loud sound was heard.

Upon hearing this, Zhong Shan looked at its direction and knew why Red Luan Pink Lotus had turned to the blue color as Great Ye Sovereign broke the city.

The world inside the cover should have been unable to transmit the sound, but this time the sound seemed to be blasting in Zhong Shan’s ear.

Zhong Shan quickly retreated back.

Ah Da was still flying wildly in the world towards the Fengdu City, and Hui Guang Arhat was still facing the Ghost King.

After the loud sound, everyone stopped and the all the ghosts also stopped. Then Zhong Shan saw that above the Fengdu Ghost City, there were continuous cracks on the city wall transmitting a vast golden light from the inside.

When the Ghost King saw this golden light, his eyes were full of fear, and quickly ran towards the Fengdu City.

However it was too late, Fengdu City was broken, the world was broken, and the real Feng Shui Great Array was broken.

From the Fengdu City, suddenly, countless Black Qi skyrocketed and went straight into the clouds. In an instant, the entire world inside the cover was broken, the countless evil spirit zombies vanished completely, and Fengdu City suddenly exploded.

Blade Qi, along with Black Qi, was skyrocketing. Zhong Shan saw the both of Blade Qi and Black Qi were rushing straight through the vault of heaven. Blade Qi pierced the clouds and shot directly to the sky.

The world inside the cover was broken, and the original Jade Imperial Seal-like dark area was suddenly broken. Zhong Shan already had retreated from the Great Ying Mountain Range and stood in a distant place, Zhong Shan's heart was astonished. The nine jet black dragons above, under a golden Blade Qi, were calling out in grief, then dissipated into smoke.

The dark area of the thousand meters disappeared, and only the Black Qi that rushed to the sky was what remained.

Black Qi shot out, Heaven and earth suddenly became extremely cold. In the surrounding of Zhong Shan, the snow started to slowly fall, the earth was instantly frozen, and a distant river was instantly turned into a glacier.

As the Black Qi was spreading in all directions, Zhong Shan was hiding in a distant place. Black Qi was shooting in all directions, Zhong Shan's heart suddenly became tense and quickly took out his own Pure Snow Lotus.

He put the Pure Snow Lotus in his bosom and hid it in his clothes. Sure enough, the Black Qi stopped three meters away from his body.

Black Qi shot towards the forests in the mountain range. The trees died immediately, and were frozen into ice sculptures.

Zhong Shan released the Pure Yang Qi of his whole body forming a shield in order to block the extreme cold.

Zhong Shan was sure that the Fengdu Ghost City was broken, the Feng Shui Great Array was broken according to the plan of Great Ye Sovereign, and the true tomb of the Heavenly Dynasty Emperor was exposed in front of everyone. It was just that the Black Qi was covering it, and they couldn't see the inner part.

Zhong Shan was astonished. Should he retreat or go in?

When Zhong Shan was thinking about entering or not, the Red Luan Pink Lotus, the original pink color suddenly became bright red, and the red color was very bright, as if it was going to bleed.

Great Luck? Was there a Great Luck inside?

Black Qi area, definitely it was more dangerous inside, but Zhong Shan was now very convinced of Red Luan Pink Lotus abnormality. Indeed, before the lotus was blue, it was indicating a Great Misfortune. If he had entered Fengdu Ghost City, he would have suffered from the explosion of the Fengdu Ghost City.

It was now known what the danger in the black area was, but Red Luan Pink Lotus was revealing a sign of Great Luck.

Zhong Shan was frowning, should he enter or not? The Pink Lotus also seemed to be following the thoughts of Zhong Shan, it was unceasingly changing from being bright red and being normal pink.

The color changing of the Pink Lotus could only be used as a reference. The real decision was still in the hands of Zhong Shan.

After thinking about it, Zhong Shan stepped on the great blade, and flew in, with the Pure Snow Lotus, he will be safe as long as he could withstand the cold.

Great Luck, what exactly made Red Luan Pink Lotus shine to indicate the Great Luck?

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