Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Why Hadn’t She Fallen to Her Death?

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When Yun Xi returned to the village, she didn’t even want Qi Yuan to drop her off at her front door. However, Qi Yuan had insisted on completing his mission, so she had no choice but to oblige.

Yang Village was the poorest village in Muyang. A few years before, a wealthy business had emerged from the village and returned home in a great fanfare to help build a road connecting the village to the town. He had also built a primary school.

This was still an inspirational story that the villagers happily chattered about after dinner. The villagers had great respect for those with an education.

So when Qi Yuan’s off-road vehicle entered the village, many villagers took notice of it.

Until the car stopped in front of the Liangs’ house, all the villagers who had followed it the entire way squished outside the Liangs’. They all wanted to see what kind of relative the Liangs were receiving support from.

Qi Yuan eyed the villagers surrounding them and was a bit shocked. “What on Earth is going on? They…”

“A wealthy business emerged from the village a long time ago, so they must think a high-ranking person must have sent someone down here when they saw your car. They are here to welcome you!”

This was also the first time she had witnessed such lively fanfare.

This was perfect since she had returned—the more the merrier, the more exciting the drama!

Pushing the door open, Yun Xi waved at Qi Yuan. “Thank you for bringing me home. You can go back now!”

As soon as Yun Xi got out of the car, Liang Danyi heard the outside noise and ran out of the house.

The moment she saw the person coming out of the car, she ran back into the house with a frightened look and screamed, “Mom! Mom, hurry up and come outside! I saw a ghost! I saw a ghost!”

“Why are you screaming so early in the morning?!”

Chen Lixue had just finished preparing breakfast when she had overheard her youngest daughter’s shouting, so she quickly rushed out of the house.

As soon as she walked outside, she saw the group of villagers surrounding their house. Chen Lixue was so frightened that she immediately retreated!

Liang Danyi grabbed her arm as she pointed to the figure emerging from the crowd. “Mom! It’s Yun Xi, that wretched girl!”

D*mn it! That wretched girl somehow didn’t fall to her death!

Chen Lixue froze for a second when she saw Yun Xi emerge from the crowd. Her eyelids began to twitch the moment this little b*tch had returned unscathed!

The cliff was so high; how could this little b*tch have survived falling off it?!

Chen Lixue instinctively glanced toward the house. Her husband, Liang Weimin, had come home the prior night and had asked about where his oldest daughter and Yun Xi went.

Chen Lixue had painstakingly found the perfect excuse and told him that the Yuns from Jingdu had sent someone to bring Yun Xi back.

Their oldest daughter, Liang Xinyi, had been worried about Yun Xi’s safety, so she had also followed Yun Xi to Jingdu.

As for when she would return, Chen Lixue could absolutely have said that the Yuns in Jingdu had noticed that their daughter was clever and sensible, so they had decided to let her stay with the Yun family to help care for Yun Xi and attend school together.

The education in Jingdu was a hundred times better than what could be offered in Muyang, so, as a father, Liang Weimin had certainly hoped for a bright future for his daughter. He wouldn’t have raised a fuss about making his daughter come home.

Chen Lixue had precisely figured out his intentions before daring to take advantage of Yun Xi.

Yun Xi had been sent to the rural village when she had been three years old. No one from the Yun family had shown up in over a decade, and they only had sent a living allowance every month.

No one had ever seen the grown-up Yun Xi, and Chen Lixue’s oldest daughter had happened to be the same age as Yun Xi.

As long as Yun Xi, the little b*tch, died, then her daughter could replace her and go to Jungdu to enjoy a life of luxury!

Once Xinyi would have established herself within the Yun family, Chen Lixue could then have found an excuse to send her youngest daughter over there, too. The Yuns had a great fortune, so they wouldn’t have minded adding a few extra bowls at the dining table.

Once both her daughters would have secured their futures, their own family could then have escaped from this desolate rural area and enjoyed life in the big city of Jingdu!

Chen Lixue had suffered her entire life and even had to raise Yun Xi for over ten years! Why couldn’t she reap some benefits from the Yuns?!

All these things had originally belonged to her in the first place!

Many years ago, Chen Lixue and the little b*tch’s mother, Liang Xiuping, had both fallen in love with Yun Yuanfeng. He had been sent to train in Muyang.

Yun Yuanfeng had still been a squad leader back then but had been very handsome and had had a powerful family background.

Liang Xiuping had been a shameless b*tch, who had not only robbed Chen Lixue’s chance to serve the rich business but had also seduced Yun Yuanfeng as well!

Chen Lixue’s dream of marrying into a wealthy family had been shattered, while Liang Xiuqin had become the first woman from the village to marry into the Jindgu!

Apparently, she was now the wife of a wealthy family!

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