Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Little Ungrateful Girl

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It was already dawn when Yun Xi awoke once again.

She quickly hurried down the stairs, but she was still standing on the stairs when she saw the man and snow leopard, who had returned from a morning run. She instinctively retreated.

Mu Fei glanced at the tiny mummy on the top of the stairs and waved his hand at her. “Come down here!”

His boots strode on the wooden floors, footsteps confident.

Compared to his mighty masculinity, the snow leopard beside him appeared especially lazy.

It slowly padded forward with its tail up as it kept staring at Yun Xi the entire time. It truly resembled a huge cat when it didn’t bare its fangs and claws at her.

In the presence of such a pet, Yun Xi didn’t dare to move.

“It won’t bite. But if you won’t come down, I’ll have to ask it to usher you down the stairs.”

“No… I’ll come down myself!”

As opposed to being passive, she might as well take the initiative.

Coming downstairs, Yun Xi watched the snow leopard approach her with vigilance. She was so nervous that she was unable to move her feet at all.

“It likes you a lot, so you don’t have to worry about it attacking you.”

The snow leopard stopped near her feet and lifted a paw to pat the top of her feet as it inclined its head in an attempt to be adorable.

When Yun Xi saw that it really had no intention of attacking her, she finally sighed in relief.

Qi Yuan brought breakfast over and Yun Xi was a bit perplexed to see the simple, Chinese-style breakfast on the dining table.

Steamed buns, soy milk, plain congee, and side dishes—this looked like a commoner family’s breakfast.

She had assumed that, since Mu Feichi possessed the prestigious status of Master Mu, he must be especially picky with his food!

In her previous life, she had read gossip about him. In addition to his great achievements, there had been even more content about the entertainment media’s idolization of him.

He was the famed and decisive Master Mu of Jingdu, clan leader of the Mu clan, and also an icon in the fashion world.

However, he had a very low-key private life, and the more private he was, the greater effort people used to unearth scandals about him.

This man had been enshrined in the altar and was so outstanding that he could only be observed from a distance but never interacted with up close.

“Qi Yuan will send you home after we finish breakfast.”

“Thank you!”

Yun Xi nodded. She had been starving the entire day, so her stomach had already adhered to her back. She didn’t bother pretending to be polite to Mu Feichi before directly taking a seat.

Mu Feichi cocked his head as he eyed the tiny and bare face, remarking calmly, “You were the one to save me last night.”

“You don’t need to thank me. I never owe anyone favors. We can call it even now.”

Her plain and not effeminate tone didn’t seem like one to be used by a girl her age.

Mu Fei was a bit taken back, his dark eyes falling upon her slender fingers. The fingers ripping the steamed bun apart were finely sculpted as she separated even the tiniest bit of affection with extreme totality.

This was the first time he had come across a woman who didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

Although, she was still an immature, little girl.

Since she had woken up last night until now, he didn’t recall her ever asking who changed her clothes. She didn’t even seem to worry about her personal safety as she slept on his bed.

He truly didn’t know if she was actually oblivious or just not that bright.

“What’s your name?” Mu Feichi leaned back against the chair, his long and narrow eyes squinting slightly as they locked onto her face.

“Yun Xi. Yun meaning cloud, Xi meaning dawn.”

The light of dawn within clouds—what a nice name.

Yun Xi swallowed the bun in her mouth and stood up after finishing her soy milk.

“Thank you for breakfast, but I need to go home now! Can you please ask someone to take me outside?”

When Qi Yuan drove the car over, Yun Xi had already changed back into her own tattered set of clothes and opened the car door to directly get inside.

Great White watched her get into the car and quickly bounded over. However, Yun Xi had already shut the car door before it could even climb inside.

Outside the window, Great White sprawled against the glass and pressed its paws on it with a look of dismay.

Although Yun Xi now knew it didn’t bite people, she was still a bit afraid. Shrinking her neck back, she asked Qi Yuan to quickly start the car.

The engine ignited and Qi Yuan glanced at the person and snow leopard standing reluctantly in the rearview mirror. He remarked coolly, “I hadn’t expected Great White to actually like you. It doesn’t give attention to anyone except for Master Mu!”

Yun Xi turned her head away as she watched the man and snow leopard gradually shrink into a small dot. Her expression was calm.

After today, they would never cross paths again. It didn’t matter to her if they liked her or not.

Mu Feichi remained standing in place as he casually looked away. His thin lips moved slightly. “Little, ungrateful girl.”

She hadn’t even said goodbye.

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