Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Fake Will Always Remain Fake

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Liang Weimin looked at the villagers gathered around him, then glanced at the niece who cried so hard she could scarcely catch her breath. He also became anxious.

“Yun Xi, tell Uncle what on Earth happened to you. Uncle will make things right for you.”

He had never seen her cry like this ever since she had become sensible. Even when she had been bullied outside of the home, she never had told him much. She was so sensible, it was heartbreaking to watch.

She must’ve suffered great indignation for her to cry like that!

“Uncle…” Grabbing on to Liang Weimin’s shirt hem, Yun Xi wiped her tears away as she purposely looked in Chen Lixue and Liang Danyi’s directions like she was hesitant to speak.

At that moment, how could Liang Weimin not have noticed that his own wife and daughter must’ve bullied Yun Xi once again?

Yun Xi noticed her uncle realize this, but she wasn’t stupid enough to make her uncle think that this was just a small quibble between two sisters.

She intended to make this incident a big deal since escalating the situation would result in entertaining drama.

“Auntie and Cousin tricked me. They said that my Grandfather in Jingdu had sent someone here to bring me home. But halfway there, they pushed me off the cliff, and I climbed back up from the bottom of the cliff…”

Perhaps she should have thanked them for certain aspects since she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be reborn again if they hadn’t harmed her!

“What?” Liang Weimin’s expression instantly darkened, his cold eyes glancing toward Chen Lixue.

“She’s speaking nonsense!” Chen Lixue also panicked. All the neighbors and fellow villages were watching. Even if she didn’t care about losing face, Old Liang the Village Principal still cared about saving face!

“Who knows if the girl didn’t just run off somewhere to play and ended up falling off? How could anyone ever harm their own child?! No matter what, you’re still my niece. Would I ever do such an evil thing?”

Well said. No one would harm their own child. Chen Lixue really dared to say anything as long as she could clear herself from suspicion.

Yun Xi would’ve really believed Chen Lixue’s lies if she hadn’t witnessed it all for herself!

“I didn’t! Auntie, you clearly wanted Cousin to replace me and go back to the Yun family in Jingdu. You took the opportunity to push me off when we were on the way to Muyang! Since you’re saying you weren’t the one to do it, shall we call Cousin back here and confront her in person to clear this all up?!”

Yun Xi had to admit that Chen Lixue had truly calculated all of this perfectly. But she had never expected that Yun Xi would have survived the fall off the cliff and even managed to return!

No matter what Chen Lixue said to Liang Weimin, all her explanations would turn into lies as long as Yun Xi returned home alive.

This was especially the case now when the one who had returned to the Yun family in Jingdu was not Yun Xi, but Liang Xinyi.

This explained things very clearly!

The real Yun daughter was here, and the counterfeit had managed to enter the Yun family. If Liang Weimin couldn’t understand what Chen Lixue was plotting, then he really was a fool!

As expected, Liang Weimin’s expression darkened to the point where a trace of lethality appeared when Yun Xi had said this.

The neighbor, Auntie Zhang, had always loathed seeing how smug Chen Lixue had begun acting when she had become the wife of the Principal. Like she was watching a great drama, she grabbed the chance to stand up and speak for Yun Xi.

“Sister Lixue, all of us saw you drive Yim Xi and Liang Xinyi to town on a tricycle today. How could you say things like Xinyi was accompanying Yun Xi back to the Yun family in Jingdu? Was she going with Yun Xi to study together, or was she replacing Yun Xi and stealing her position as the rich heiress?”

In the eyes of the Yang villagers, the Yun family in Jingdu was a great clan, so Yun Xi was a rich heiress.

Every month, Chen Lixue accepted Yun Xi’s exorbitant living expenses sent by the Yun family. She didn’t have to work on the farm, and she leeched off benefits provided by the Yuns, so all the villagers were jealous of her!

The real rich heiress hadn’t enjoyed an heiress’ treatment but had instead ended up being fully taken advantage of by the two daughters from the Liang family.

“That’s right. We could all see it. Yun Xi ran home covered in wounds, while your eldest daughter ended up going to Jingdu. Could it be that you actually pushed Yun Xi down a cliff and had your daughter replace her?”

“Oh my! Poor little Yun Xi, your Auntie is truly too evil!”

“In order to let her own daughter enjoy a luxurious life, she pushed her niece down a cliff? Chen Lixue had really dared to do such a thing?”

Who hadn’t witnessed Chen Lixue smugly driving through the village on her tricycle the day before? It was like she had wanted nothing more but for the entire village to know that her daughter would be going back to Jingdu with Yun Xi!

The fake would always remain fake, so the villagers truly didn’t understand why Chen Lixue was so happy!

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