Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Someone Attempted Murder

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Liang Weimin was both angry and humiliated by the group of neighbors and villagers gathered outside his house.

When he saw Yun Xi covered in injuries, he truly couldn’t compose himself.

“Chen Lixue, you’d better have a good explanation for all this!”

Chen Lixue was also slightly panicked after her husband had screamed at her like that. “Old Liang, even you are doubting me? This wretched girl is obviously framing me!”

Chen Lixue felt a wave of guilt when she recalled the things she had said the night prior.

She had spun too big of a lie, and she didn’t even know how to finish it off now.

“You told me that Xinyi and Yun Xi had gone back to Jingdu, so why did Yun Xi come back covered in injuries?! Everyone in the village saw you driving them to town. You still dare to deny it?!”

Liang Weimin’s blood ran cold as he watched Chen Lixue denying it vehemently.

They had watched Yun Xi grow up after all, and he loved her like his own daughter. How could Chen Lixue be ruthless enough to do such a thing?!

“What am I denying? I drove them to town, and they got on the train. Who knows if this girl didn’t run off with some rich man at the last second?! There are such great temptations right now and there are so many rich people in the town. This was unavoidable!”

“Nonsense! The Yun’s have a vast fortune, and Yun Xi is the oldest heiress of the Yun family. Why would she give up a life of luxury with the Yun family in Jingdu and fall in love with a so-called rich man from a desolate, rural town? Also, Yun Xi is only 16 years old, and she’s never left Yang Village. What would she know about temptation? Did water get into your brain?”

Chen Lixue had dared to give such excuses, and she probably couldn’t even have convinced herself with them. How dare she try to use these excuses to fool him? Did she really think he was an idiot?!

“Dad, Yun Xi is far less simple than you think. She’s always giving suggestive looks at male classmates in school. She has many ideas in her head!”

Liang Danyi hadn’t intended to join this battle, but she saw that her mother was losing the fight, so she was terrified that her dream of studying in Jingdu would be crushed. She quickly stood up to say her piece.

“No one asked you to speak, so shut your mouth!”

Liang Weimin glared at Liang Danyi. He could clearly discern right from wrong, so they couldn’t fool him with all these embellishments!

“Dad! I’m telling the truth!”

“What truth?! Even if Yun Xi actually ran off, then why did your sister go to Jingdu alone? The Yuns were bringing their daughter home, not their niece!”

“Yun Xi ran off, so Xinyi had to answer to the Yuns!”

As soon as she’d said this, she noticed a man getting out of the off-road vehicle outside the entrance. He wore an impressive camouflage suit with black boots, and his strapping figure and handsome face made Liang Danyi feel a wave of dizziness!

This handsome young man was much better looking than the other one who had come to the village the last time!

Had he been the one to bring Yun Xi the little b*tch home?

Why did all the good things happen to Yun Xi? Her older sister had already stolen her identity as the rich Yun heiress, so why did a b*tch like Yun Xi deserve to have such a handsome man? This was a man!

“Dad, look! We have a guest!”

Liang Danyi couldn’t allow the topic to continue, so she quickly tried to change it.

Liang Weimin looked toward the crowd when he heard the voice. A man with an extraordinary temperament strode inside, and, as the Village Principal, he could instantly tell that this man had a special identity.

Liang Weimin didn’t dare to neglect him, so he quickly walked toward him and looked at the young man with great shock. “You are?”

“We found this young girl under the cliff and discovered her covered in injuries, so we brought her back here. If someone was attempting murder, I recommend you go to town and report the crime! Village Principal, this isn’t a minor issue; this is attempted murder!”

“Murder? That can’t be…”

Liang Weimin instantly panicked as soon as he heard the word, “murder.”

Even though he clearly understood what had happened, Yun Xi was fine, and this incident also implicated his own wife. His first reaction was to minimize the situation, so he didn’t think too deeply about it.

He was completely shocked by this reminder!

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