Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: I’ll Make You Go to Jail, No Matter What!

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Chen Lixue also realized that she had reacted too strongly when she overheard the villagers’ comments.

Before she could even let go, a dark shadow ran out from the crowd and shoved Chen Lixue aside. He grabbed Yun Xi’s arm with great concern.

“Yun Xi! It’s really you! You’re still alive! This is great!”

Yun Xi looked up. The anxious young man in front of her was none other than her only childhood friend from the village, Tang Cheng.

She was destined to bring bad luck to her entire family as the star of death; this was originally just something the fortune teller had said. However, Chen Lixue the big mouth had publicized this so none of the other children in the village had dared to approach her. Tang Cheng had been the only exception.

As soon as Tang Cheng opened his mouth, it allowed Yun Xi to latch onto the main point.

All the villagers had assumed she had returned to Jingdu, and Tang Cheng was the only one who had thought she was dead. Could it be…

“I clearly saw your Auntie push you off the cliff, and I thought you had died. Luckily, you survived. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had anyone else to play with!”

“Tang Cheng, it was really you…”

Fortunately, she had an eye witness.

Tang Cheng’s loud voice directly proved Chen Lixue’s crime. All the villagers began pointing at Chen Lixue to scold her for her vile behavior.

In the face of all those accusations, Chen Lixue didn’t forget to defend herself. “What are you all squawking about?! Which one of your eyes saw me push her down?!”

“Both my eyes saw it! It was right next to the banyan tree; there are still footprints there! Should I bring everyone there to take a look?”

After having learned about Chen Lixue’s brazen shamelessness and having personally witnessed how Yun Xi had been pushed off, Tang Cheng was filled with indignation.

“Uncle Liang, I don’t want to interfere with your family matters, but your wife is truly too evil. This won’t do! I need to go to town and report this to the police!”

Tang Cheng patted Yun Xi’s shoulder. “I’ll certainly bring justice to you! Your auntie was truly too evil this time!”

“Report to the police? Report what to the police?! Without any evidence, it’s obviously just you two wretched children framing me! I am the wife of the Village Principal! What could you even do to me without any evidence?!”

Chen Lixue also hadn’t thought there had actually been an eyewitness. She panicked even more and screamed even louder!

She was basically gearing up to go rogue and act even more shamelessly!

“I am still the son of the clan elder! What I witnessed is still evidence! Just you wait. I’ll make you go to jail, no matter what!”

“You, you…”

Chen Lixue couldn’t continue lying to herself and others, so she wailed as she grabbed Liang Weimin.

“Old Liang, can’t you say something?! You can’t possibly want me to go to jail, too?”

Liang Weimin looked at Chen Lixue, who was so thick-skinned even bullets couldn’t get through to her. He had truly lost all face before the villagers today.

Liang Weimin viciously shoved Chen Lixue’s hand away, his expression ruthless. “Yun Xi is my niece. How could you do such a thing?!”

How could he not have seen what Chen Lixue was plotting?

She was trying to allow her own daughter to replace her niece and enjoy a life of luxury. How could she scheme such a thing?

“Old Liang! Don’t believe the nonsense they’re spouting. I’m your wife! Won’t you help me?”

Chen Lixue was frantic and angry after seeing Liang Weimin disrespect her before all those other people. She was deathly afraid that Yun Xi the little b*tch would really make her go to jail!

“Chen Lixue, I’m telling you that I won’t let this incident go! I’ll make you pay later on!”

Liang Weimin snorted derisively before sternly warning Chen Lixue. He then turned around to look at Qi Yuan, who was standing on the side.

“Brother, thank you for rescuing Yun Xi. I’m afraid I can’t repay you for your great kindness—”

Qi Yuan didn’t allow him to finish speaking before reaching out to interrupt, “That’s not necessary. We did rescue her, but she also saved our Master last night. Come to think of it, this young girl is our savior right now.”

“She saved your Master?”

Liang Weimin’s mentality as a small-time villager gave him a natural sense of respect and awe toward those holding higher rank than him.

“That’s right. Since she’s our savior, we cannot allow her to suffer from wrongdoings either. The situation is already very clear. As the Village Principal, you cannot protect this criminal!”

Qi Yuan was finally able to clearly see it all now. The uncle was useless, the aunt was evil, and this young girl had probably suffered immense amounts of bullying from this household.

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