Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Slow Torture

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“This… this matter…”

Liang Weimin originally had intended to gloss over this matter and minimize the entire thing.

Since this was his own family matter, Yun Xi wasn’t too surprised at all.

Liang Weimin was very embarrassed since it wouldn’t look good for anyone if this incident escalated.

He turned around to look at Yun Xi standing behind him. This young man was obviously here to support Yun Xi. As long as Yun Xi let this incident go, Liang Weimin would be able to teach Chen Lixue whatever lesson he wanted behind closed doors.

After all, embarrassing family matters should never go public.

“Yun Xi, do you think…”

If Chen Li Xue was actually sent to jail, Liang Weimin wouldn’t be able to keep his job as Village Principal. Their family wouldn’t be able to continue staying in Yang Village either.

Yun Xi glanced at Chen Lixue’s unrepentant expression. She was truly shocked by her shamelessness!

However, she had already achieved her goal today.

From now on, all the villagers from Yang Village would avoid Chen Lixue when they saw her!

All those years ago, Chen Lixue had used her big mouth to scare all the villagers from approaching Yun Xi. They were terrified they would be cursed to death by her.

Now, Yun Xi would also give Chen Lixue a taste of what it was like to be hated by the entire village.

As long as Chen Lixue remained in Yang Village, she would bear the burden of this evil crime and live under the glares and sneers of everyone else.

Slow torture was much more satisfying than a quick, fatal stab.

“Uncle, I’m already fine. Just let this go!”

Yun Xi turned around and looked at Chen Lixue with a half-smile. “Auntie wants nothing more than for me to die, but I can’t be ungrateful. I still need to ‘repay’ her!”

Chen Lixue shivered from Yun Xi’s eyes. She gritted her teeth and endured in silence.

After all, the charge of imprisonment was too unpleasant. She didn’t want to push herself into the fire pit.

However, Tang Cheng was relentless. He viciously glared at Chen Lixue. “Yun Xi, you’re going to let her off just like that?!”

“Am I not fine now? So we should just minimize the situation!”

Liang Weimin gave her a grateful look and nodded. He felt so guilty he couldn’t even think of anything to say.

Yun Xi sighed and turned her head away as she walked toward Qi Yuan. She smiled awkwardly at him.

“Brother Qi, thank you for bringing me home! I won’t take up any more of your time now. You should go back!”

Qi Yuan spoke up for her justice earlier and Yun Xi accepted this favor. She would repay him in the future.

“Ok then, you take care.” Qi Yuan didn’t say much more before walking outside.

Liang Danyi quickly ran out and pushed through the crowd, “Big brother, I’ll walk you out!”

Yun Xi rolled her eyes and shot Tang Cheng a look before going inside the house.

Tang Cheng also followed inside the house and took advantage of the short break while Liang Weimin and Chen Lixue were calming down the villagers outside. He succinctly told her everything he needed to say.

As soon as Chen Lixue entered the house, she saw Tang Cheng sitting in the chair like he was a lord. Her anger flared as she lunged over without holding back.

“Get the hell out of here! You’re not welcome here!”

Because of him, she was nearly reported to the police and arrested just now. If it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t have been so embarrassed before all the villagers!

Tang Cheng sneered as he stood up. “Auntie Liang, don’t act like a banshee to me. It won’t do you any good to offend me! Don’t forget about the evil things you’ve done! You just have to tell me if you want to go to jail. I’ll have my dad go to town and fulfill your wish!”

“You, you…” Chen Lixue jabbed a finger at Tang Cheng, lips quivering but unable to continue speaking.

“If I find out that you’re bullying Xun Yi again, you can get ready to go to jail!”

Since Tang Cheng had blackmail to use against her, Chen Lixue didn’t dare to act aggressively toward him. When she glared at Yun Xi, it was like she wanted nothing more but to cut into her flesh and drink her blood.

Compared to the rage burning in Chen Lixue’s heart, Yun Xi was in a rather good mood. She found a bottle of ointment from a corner and rubbed it on the bruises on her arms.

As soon as Liang Weimin walked inside, Chen Lixue instantly wiped the evil expression off her face.

Liang Weimin took some money out of his pocket and passed it to Yun Xi. “Yun Xi, go to Auntie Yang’s at the village entrance and buy a chicken. Uncle will make some soup for you and replenish your strength.”

Yun Xi could tell that her uncle was purposely sending her away so he could start teaching Chen Lixue a lesson. She didn’t want to stick around to watch the show either, so she took the money and grabbed Tang Cheng before walking out.

Although her uncle was weak, he was very manly before Chen Lixue.

He lost all face today, and Yun Xi wasn’t at all curious about how he would make Chen Lixue pay. Anyway, Chen Lixue couldn’t take advantage of her today.

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