Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Rebirth Into a Battle Against Wolves

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The wind whistled in Yun Xi’s ears as she opened her eyes to see the dazzling sunlight filtering through the treetops.

She struggled to sit up, and the dull pain on her body made her feel like she had hurt her tendons and bones.

She scanned the surroundings and discovered that this wasn’t a hospital or the business district, but rather a dense forest.

There was a faint moist smell in the air.

She remembered that she had been pushed off the building by Hao Yaotian, so how did she end up in a place like this?

She looked down to see that the skin on her arms had been cut by the tree branches and the clothes, that were several sizes too big, were hanging loosely on her body. Her jeans had been washed until they turned white and were also very old fashioned; the hems were already worn down.

These pants… why did she keep thinking they looked somewhat familiar, like the first pair of jeans she had worn when she was 16 years old?

That was the first time in her life she had worn new clothing, so the memory was vivid.

With trembling hands, she touched her face–her smooth and soft skin wasn’t corroded and burnt from sulfuric acid, nor did she feel any pain.

She hadn’t died!

She was still alive!

She had been reborn into the year she was 16!

When she realized this, Yun Xi suddenly recalled how this was the year her grandfather had sent someone to her uncle’s home in the countryside to bring her back home to Jingdu. That was when her greedy Aunt had begun to have evil ideas in her head.

In order to allow her older cousin, Liang Xinyi, to replace Yun Xi and go to Jingdu instead, mother and daughter conspired to push her down the mountain after they tricked her uncle into leaving.

She was fortunate enough to have survived and returned home with a muddy face.

Her uncle had been the one to stand up for her, personally escorting her back to the Yun family and bringing her cousin—the false replacement—back home.

At this time, her auntie must have been frantically trying to send her cousin to the city. She must hurry back, no matter what!

She had lived too cowardly in her last life.

Since the heavens had given her another chance to live her life, she must live properly this time around!

She would send every single person who had conspired and harmed her in the last life straight to hell!

She glanced around and saw the forest swaying in the breeze around her. The wind was blowing to the front and right of her, so she should be able to walk out of the forest by following the wind’s direction.

She suddenly remembered how she had used her identity of “fiancée of the Jiang family” all those years ago and cheated her way into training with the Flying Wolf Squad for a few months.

She didn’t have high hopes that she had a very strong physique with her tiny, 16-year-old body. However, she hadn’t forgotten anything about wilderness survival skills.

As the wind whistled, there was suddenly the addition of wolf howls.

Her subconscious alertness made her tense up!

As soon as she turned around, she instantly saw a dozen black and grey wolves approaching her from all directions.

The golden wolf eyes stared intently at her, and Yun Xi subconsciously stepped back.

It began to howl.

The wolf howls instantly snapped her mind back to focus, and her heels began to shake!

Before her eyes were definitely not huskies, but actual wolves!

It wasn’t only one wolf, but an entire pack of wolves!

She exhaled sharply and instinctively bolted the way the wind was blowing!

Suddenly, the light grey wolf in the middle lunged toward her.

She flipped over and tumbled in the opposite direction.

Her 16-year-old body wasn’t agile enough, so her movements were much slower as well.

As soon as the light grey wolf made its move, the other wolves in the pack quickly moved toward her in attack.

The surveillance camera hidden in the branches flashed several times, and the scene was recorded into the surveillance room on the other end.

The alarms in the surveillance room began to sound.

The bodyguards’ eyes instantly widened as they watched the young girl battle against the wolf pack on screen.

They grabbed their radios to shout, “Someone broke into the forest! Hurry up and ask the boss to come here!”

Soon afterward, several men wearing dark green camo outfits walked in with authority. They stood in two rows as per their extensive training.

A man with a proud figure walked in from the doorway, with a fierce but lazy snow leopard following behind him.

His strapping figure evoked a sense of oppression.

His dark green, casual outfit cloaked his stalwart figure, and a pair of sunglasses sat atop of his finely chiseled and handsome face.

His invisible imperial aura instantly emanated and prevented anyone from directly looking at him.

The group of bodyguards stood with backs ramrod straight. “Boss!”

His arrival had instantly made the expansive surveillance room feel a bit crowded.

Behind the sunglasses, Mu Feichi’s sharp and deep-set eyes were steeped with arrogance. His gaze fell on the figure currently battling the wolf pack on the surveillance monitors.

The movements were swift and vicious!

But upon closer inspection, it was actually… a young girl!

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