Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Master Mu Actually Picked Her Up

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The young girl in the surveillance video was completely unarmed but managed to use a broken branch to hurt a few of the wolves.

The wild nature of the fierce beasts had been provoked, so the young girl would soon end up as the wolf pack’s dinner.

Mu Feichi raised a brow slightly and coldly remarked, “Prepare a helicopter.”

“Yes, Boss!”

Inside the helicopter, Mu Feichi had just sat down when the snow leopard also quickly jumped inside.

Inside the primary forest, Yun Xi was being crushed into the ground by a wolf. Its fierce claws quickly swiped at the top of her head!

The heavy strength suppressed her, but she managed to flip over with great difficulty.

Her hands firmly held the wolf’s claws back as she bent her legs to viciously kick it on the stomach.

The grey wolf—half a human’s height—was instantly kicked off to the side by her.

She instantly sat up and vigilantly watched the wolf pack surrounding her.

She ran into a wolf pack as soon as she was reborn, but she didn’t recall herself being this unlucky in her previous life!

As she faced off against the eager eyes of the wolf pack, she suddenly felt her scalp go numb.

At that moment, the sound of a helicopter appeared above her head!

When the wolf pack heard the noise, they instantly stopped in their tracks and looked up at the source of the sound.

Seizing the opportunity, Yun Xi didn’t even hesitate before bolting toward the other direction.

A rush of footsteps sounded behind her, but she didn’t dare to turn back at all.

The noise became even more frantic, so she couldn’t help but turn around to take a glance.

There was no wolf pack behind her, but there was only… a large cat chasing after her?

Upon closer inspection, that wasn’t right!

Oh, my God!

This was no cat; this was a snow leopard!!

The snow leopard climbed up a tree in a few swift motions and used the branches to quickly leap in front of her.

It slammed to a sudden stop and directly blocked her path of escape.

Yun Xi’s legs turned into jelly as she directly fell to the ground.

What kind of hellish place was this? There were wolf packs and snow leopards; this was a zoo of wild animals!

Earlier, she seemed to have heard the sound of helicopters. That meant other people were coming!

She quickly turned around, and a dark green figure walked toward her with his back facing the light.

She couldn’t clearly discern his face but could feel a powerful aura surging toward her from all directions.

This was a powerful aura belonging to a high-ranking person!

Before she could even make out who was coming, the snow leopard blocking her path ahead suddenly lunged toward her.

Unprepared, she was knocked to the ground. As soon as she looked up, she saw the now-very-close snow leopard making a fierce expression at her.

She couldn’t catch her breath, so her eyes locked straight ahead before she immediately passed out in fear.

The snow leopard looked at the little girl it had frightened into passing out and purposely used its snout to nudge her chin.

When it noticed the girl truly wasn’t giving any reaction, it looked up at its owner and put on a cute face of innocence.

It really hadn’t intended to frighten the girl into passing out. Who knew this little girl would be so easily spooked?!

Mu Feichi petted the snow leopard’s head and looked down at the battered and bruised young girl on the ground.

He had never expected this delicate, little body to be hiding such great strength!

The earlier surveillance footage of her battling the wolf pack was imprinted in his mind.

Her rapid, accurate, and vicious capture and attack methods were no less impressive than the soldiers he forged with ruthless training!

“If she wasn’t a girl, she would be a pretty good trainee!”

Feng Rui bent down to assess the passed-out Yun Xi.

From the surveillance footage, it was indeed remarkable for her to have such explosive power at a young age!

Unfortunately, she was a young girl.

Leaning down, he was about to pick her up from the ground, but Mu Feichi was already a step ahead.

Feng Rui looked up in shock and widened his eyes like he was seeing a ghost. His expression was in complete disbelief.

Ever since Master Mu’s mother passed away, he hadn’t allowed any female creatures to approach within one meter!

He actually… picked up this young girl with his own hands!

Was it because the girl was so young that Mu Feichi was automatically disregarding her gender?

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