Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Not the Typical Level of Shamelessness

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They passed by the Tang’s home on the way, and Tang Cheng sneakily ran home to bring a little, tin box back to Yun Xi.

“Yim Xi, I know you need to return to the Yun family. Take this with you.”

Perplexed, Yun Xi glanced at the slightly rusted, tin box. As soon as she opened it, she saw it was completely filled with a thick wad of cash.

“What are you giving me money for? I’m only going home. I won’t need to spend much money.”

This silly boy—was he worried that she didn’t have enough money to go home?

While Chen Lixue was harsh toward her, she was still able to glean a bit of the annual allowance money given by her uncle from between Liang Xinyi and her sister’s tight clutches.

“You take this! Even if you’re just going home, you still need to spend money on the way there!”

Tang Cheng forcibly pushed the box toward her and rubbed his head with a shy smile.

“I will take the university entrance examination this year and go to Jingdu. Wait for me to find you!”

Yun Xi looked up. Her lucid eyes revealed a hint of bittersweetness as they reflected Tang Cheng’s optimistic and handsome face.

Blinking her eyes, she nodded and took a deep breath. “Okay then… you must work hard!”

In her previous life, she had turned against Tang Cheng just because of one thing Han Yaotian had said. She had assumed all of Tang Cheng’s concerns and warnings were ulterior motives.

Even now, she could recall his back facing her when he turned to leave in the rain; he had been so disappointed and powerless.

She refused to see past her obsession and finally ended up hurting the person who truly cared about her.

“Tang Cheng, I’m sorry… but thank you!”

“Silly! We grew up together. What do you need to thank me for?”

He raised a hand to pat her on the head. His boyish briskness and optimism were like the warm sunshine in the early spring, beaming with spring energy.

“Hurry home, now! I need to go to school tomorrow, so I won’t be sending you off, but remember to call me when you get back to the Yun’s home!”

“Okay! I know!”

Yun Xi nodded vigorously and squinted her eyes into a smile as she waved at him.

Parting ways for the sake of an even better reunion.

In this lifetime, she would never disappoint anyone who treated her well ever again.

As soon as Yun Xi stepped into the threshold of the home, Chen Lixue instantly looked up at the noise. She had been cleaning the house, and her face was red and swollen.

Her uncle probably taught Chen Lixue a harsh lesson, so she glared at her with extra poison in her eyes.

“Yun Xi, go back to your room and clean up. Uncle will take you back to the Yun family after dinner.”

Before Yun Xi could even respond, Chen Lixue threw down her broom and lunged at him.

“Old Liang, have you gone crazy?! If you send her back, then what about Xinyi?!”

“You need to shut up! You were the one to cause all the trouble! That’s the Yun family, not the Liang family!”

Liang Weimin’s expression has just calmed down before it darkened once again. “And you still want to swap a leopard cat for a prince. Dream on!”

“But Xinyi has already joined the Yun family. By the time you get there, maybe everyone in the Yun family will have already accepted Xinyi! If you take this girl over there like that, then what would the Yuns think? How would Xinyi stand to live on? She has such strong self-esteem. If she can’t accept this and becomes stubborn—”

“Becomes stubborn?” Liang Weimin sneered, his expression full of derision, “Why would she become stubborn about something that never even belonged to her in the first place?”

Chen Lixue instantly panicked. “Old Liang! That’s our daughter!”

She was only thinking about how she could help Liang Xinyi secure a good path, so they could all upgrade their statuses in the future.

Chen Lixue also believed that Liang Xiuqin was the one to steal away something that belonged to her, so it was only right that she sent her daughter to claim it back today.

“So you still remember she’s your daughter? When you sent her to the Yuns, did you consider that she’s your daughter? I’ve never seen someone so greedy for fame and fortune that they would send their own daughter out to impersonate someone else! Do you know how shameless you are?!”

“How am I shameless? Maybe Liang Xiuqin is very happy with what I’ve done! Do you think she cares about this Yun Xi very much? If she really cared, how could she not have asked about her in over ten years? This wretched girl was born to be a star of death and even cursed Liang Xiuqin’s son to death. She loathed to even have this daughter! Xinyi is destined to a life of wealth, and if she replaces this wretched girl by returning to the Yuns, maybe it won’t affect the Yun’s fortune. Maybe Liang Xiuqin will have to thank me in the future!”

“You’re really not the typical level of shamelessness!”

Liang Weimin sneered angrily at her shamelessness. How could she do such vile things and still be so righteous and believe it’s no matter?

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