Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Real or Fake Doesn’t Matter

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Yun Xi gazed coldly at them, and the warmth in her heart gradually froze over.

It wasn’t like she didn’t understand how much Liang Xiuqin hated her.

Even now, when she recalled the burning pain the moment the sulfuric acid had been splashed on her face, her entire body would tremble with hatred!

But even if this was the case, she still had to return to the Yuns.

She could only avenge her previous life by returning to the Yuns and reclaiming her identity as the eldest heiress of the Yun family!

“Uncle… I’m hungry!”

Yun Xi interrupted their bickering at an opportune time, and it was only then that Liang Weimin finally snapped back to reality. A hint of regret flashed across his face.

He was enraged by Chen Lixue—they were arguing in front of the kids and ended up on such a topic!

“Yun Xi, Uncle will make you something delicious to eat right now! Uncle will take you to town after we finish eating.”

Chen Lixue instantly panicked when she noticed that Liang Weimin still hadn’t given up. She raised her voice and screeched.

“Liang Weimin, have you actually lost your mind?! You really don’t care if your own daughter dies because of this little b*tch?! If Xinyi would actually be brought back home, she would certainly want to take her own life! Do you actually want to see your daughter die?”

Liang Weimin paused. He understood his own daughter well; Xinyi had always been superficial and haughty.

Even if she told everyone else that she went to Jingdu to visit her aunt, it wouldn’t result in her humiliation.

But with all the drama ensuing today, the entire village already knew that Chen Lixue had sent her there to replace Yun Xi. If he brought Liang Xinyi back from Jingdu just like that, she would certainly become stubborn.

Chen Lixue didn’t hesitate to bait him further when she saw his hesitation. She continued to threaten, “I’m warning you—if you dare to bring this little b*tch back to Jingdu, I’ll divorce you!”

Liang Weimin was stuck between a rock and a hard place. One was his daughter, and the other was his niece—he was bound to hurt one if he sided with the other.

“Yun Xi…” Liang Weimin was very regretful and conflicted as he turned around to look at Yun Xi. He couldn’t make up his mind.

Yun Xi had already anticipated this to happen on the way back. Although she was disappointed by her uncle’s weakness, she wasn’t too saddened by it.

After all, she would always be considered an outsider in this household.

“Uncle, you don’t need to see me off. I’m already grown up now, so I can go back by myself.”

“But… you’re a child, and Jingdu is so far away from here…”

Chen Lixue made up her mind to not let Yun Xi leave. She yanked Liang Weimin aside as she confidently glared at Yun Xi, her eyes full of aggression.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s not so far away or very far away. I will never allow you to leave Yang Village! No one in the entire Yun family wants to welcome you anyway, so they will kick you out even if you go back there. You should stay in our home, instead, so at least you won’t starve to death!”

Yun Xi sneered, her glossy eyes glimmering icily. “So Auntie isn’t worried that Cousin will be kicked out since she went back there to replace me?”

“You don’t need to worry about that. Your grandfather was the only one asking for you to return to the Yuns, while your parents wish that you’d die outside somewhere instead of going home and cursing them! I already put Xinyi’s fortune from the fortune-teller into her bag when she left. As long as Liang Xiuqin sees the fortune, she will continue on with the mistake and allow Xinyi to stay even if she finds out she’s not her daughter. Xin Yi is destined for a life of wealth, while you’re a star of death. Real or fake doesn’t matter to Liang Xiuqin!”

If she really cared about this daughter, how could she not have asked about her at all in over ten years?

Moreover, Liang Xiuqin still had two other daughters. As if she cared about losing one?

Although this was the truth, Chen Lixue purposely spoke harshly. This wretched girl would only give up her desire to return to the Yuns if she lost all hope!

Yun Xi was actually impressed by Chen Lixue’s calculative nature; she’d actually managed to consider it all so thoroughly.

It was no wonder that Liang Xinyi had managed to marry a tall, handsome, and rich man in her previous life, despite being very pregnant. As such a formidable and calculating mother, it was apparent that reincarnation into the proper family was a real skill.

“That’s enough! You need to shut your mouth!”

Liang Weimin was very ashamed by Chen Lixue’s words; he truly couldn’t hold his head up in front of his niece anymore.

“The Yuns will probably not send over any more living allowances, so I pray that Auntie can continue living in luxury.”

Yun Xi sneered sarcastically before turning to look at Liang Weimin. “Uncle, you don’t need to feel conflicted or see me off.”

“Yun Xi…”

Liang Weimin still wanted to say something, but Yun Xi had already waved her hand and smiled innocently. “I’m so hungry. I’ll help Uncle make dinner!”


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