Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Panicked Fury

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Yun Xi hadn’t expected to meet a member of the Jiang family here. This woman was none other than the aunt of Jiang Henglin, the man she’d been arranged to marry.

Grandfather Liang had two sons and one daughter.

His daughter, Jiang Wanyun, married Chen Ziliang, the eldest son of the Chen family, which was also one of the Four Great Clans of Jingdu.

With the support of two of the Great Clans, Jiang Wanyun could be considered to be a woman possessing the most prestigious title, aside from the Lady.

The train had passed through Muyang from a neighboring precinct, and from their casual clothes, they were probably visiting family or taking a leisurely trip.

She couldn’t help but take a glance at the man sitting beside her. He appeared to be about the same age as Master Mu, so he should be Chen Yichen, the eldest son of the Chens.

In Yun Xi’s previous lifetime, she hadn’t really crossed paths with Chen Yichen. She recalled merely meeting him briefly one time, or they had probably greeted each other at a business banquet hosted by the Jiangs.

At the time, the eldest heir of the Chens had already been a legendary figure in Jingdu and was a favored prodigy of the clan leader.

After Yun Xi’s rebirth, she somehow ended up meeting them sooner than before.

It was still breakfast time, but the noisy children’s yelling made the entire coach especially loud.

Yun Xi took out a steamed bun stolen from home and ripped it up to nibble on, piece by piece.

She saw Jiang Wanyun also take out several multigrain buns for her precious son and considerately pass a glass of water over to him. She didn’t put up the airs of a wealthy lady at all.

Yun Xi wasn’t sure if they behaved so down to earth all the time, or they were simply bored of indulging every day. Or perhaps as a mother, Jiang Yan Yun was purposely training her eldest son with life experience.

No matter what, Yun Xi had ebbed and flowed amongst the business world for many years and was accustomed to seeing all sorts of human behavior. She was truly shocked to see this mother and son pair!

They weren’t in the first-class coach; they didn’t receive any special treatment, nor did they display any disdain or disgust.

Nearby, she could hear Jiang Wanyun explaining the different grains corresponding to the different colors in the multigrain bun. She assumed this precious male heir probably didn’t even know how to tell the five different grains apart.

Suddenly, the train began to shudder, and the two children running along the corridor weren’t able to stop in time. In the confusion, they were propelled by momentum and directly crashed into Chen Yichen.

Chen Yichen hadn’t yet swallowed the bun in his mouth, and with the sudden collision, the food was lodged in his throat!

“Chenchen! What’s happening to you?!”

Jiang Wanyun looked at her son, who was clutching his neck with both hands, his face turning purple. She quickly stood up to quickly push away the child who’d crashed into Chen Yichen.

The child was shoved to the ground and hit the seat, so he began to cry.

“Chenchen, what’s happening? Don’t scare me! Yichen!”

The child’s crying and Jiang Wanyun’s frantic screams instantly threw the entire coach into a flurry of panic.

Yun Xi turned around to see Chen Yichen clutching his neck, his face turning purple. With his eyes closed, his expression was painful.

Yun Xi instantly reacted to the fact that he was choking!

Throwing her steamed bun aside, she ran over and squeezed past the crowd of people to hit him hard on the back.

“What are you doing!”

Jiang Wanyun screamed shrilly and was also shocked silly by Yun Xi’s violent action. She harshly shoved Yun Xi aside, deathly afraid that she’d hurt her precious son.

“He’s choking, so he’s going to suffocate very soon if we don’t perform first-aid!”

This was basically her natural duty as a doctor, so she couldn’t be worried about anything else. She crawled up to continue slapping him on the back.

Jiang Wanyun looked at the young girl, and in her panicked fury, she didn’t believe her at all.

“Get the hell away from him! Don’t you touch my son!”

Jiang Wanyun turned her back to block Yun Xi off and continuously hit her son on the back but was too afraid to exert any real pressure.

“Madam, he can’t breathe right now. If you keep delaying things, your son will lose his life!”

Yun Xi looked at Chen Yichen; he could no longer breathe, so the Heimlich maneuver probably wouldn’t work on him anymore. She could only perform emergency first-aid.

Throwing all caution to the wind, she yanked Jiang Wanyun aside and hurriedly went to her bag to grab a surgical knife she had stolen from Mu Feichi and threw it into a cup of hot water.

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