Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: All Hail Master Mu

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Just as Yun Xi yanked Jiang Wanyun away, she lunged over once again and latched tightly onto the young girl.

She saw the surgical knife being wielded and instantly exhaled sharply. She lunged forward to grab Yun Xi’s hand.

“What do you want to do to my son?! Get the hell away from here! I forbid you from touching my son!”

The coach was very narrow, so Yun Xi was quickly pushed off to the side by Jiang Wanyun.

The glass of water on the table crashed to the floor, and the hot water was directly splashed onto the back of Yun Xi’s feet.

Enduring the pain, she silently watched Jiang Wanyun lose all her composure as a wealthy wife and began to plead with her gently.

“Madam, your son has already lost consciousness. If we don’t perform emergency first-aid, he will suffocate to death in five minutes. I studied medicine, so please allow me to save him now!”

Cradling her previous son, Jiang Wanyin glared at her warily and sternly berated, “You’re only a child; what do you even know!”

Jiang Wanyun noticed Yun Xi’s young age and didn’t believe for a second that she had this ability.

Who knew what would happen if she were to make an incision?

There was also a long period of time before the train arrived at the next station, so he could still die if they couldn’t stop his bleeding!

But they were on a train right now, so how could she find a doctor immediately?

She’d originally intended to bring her son out to experience countryside living and prevent him from being too pampered to possess the responsibility of an heir.

But what on Earth was happening?!

If something did happen, how could she ever answer to everyone from the Chen family?

Jiang Wanyin looked at her already unresponsive son, completely helpless. Her tears streamed down her face continuously.

“What’s going on?” A noble figure walked over from the surrounding crowd.

Yun Xi looked up when she heard the voice and accidentally made contact with Mu Feichi’s dark eyes.

Yun Xi’s heart dropped. How could it be such a coincidence?

Mu Feichi was also a bit surprised to meet her here again; he had assumed he would never see this little creature again!

However, Jiang Wanyun looked as if her savior had arrived as soon as she saw Mu Feichi. She quickly grabbed his shirt hem.

Looking up, she cried out for help. “Master Mu! I beg you to save my son! Please save him! He’s no longer breathing!”

Mu Feichi froze briefly before kneeling down to examine Chen Yichen’s condition. His dark brows furrowed slightly, “This is bad! He’s already lost consciousness!”

Yun Xi chimed in to remind him, “We must perform emergency surgery by making an incision in his trachea to open a hole for airflow, then place a tube in it to help him breathe. If we delay things for a second more, his brain may lose oxygen. Even if he survives, long term loss of oxygen to the brain will cause mental impairment!”

Mu Feichi raised a brow at Yun Xi, “You know how to do that?”

“I do! But this madam is refusing to let me…” She had never encountered such a stubborn woman!

“Come over here! Hurry up!”

Mu Feichi didn’t dare to hold things up since a life was at stake.

Also, this was the eldest heir of the Chen family, who implicated the Four Great Clans of Jingdu. If something were to happen, it would spell big trouble.

Jiang Wanyun suddenly became agitated when she saw Mu Feichi allow Yun Xi to get involved.

“No way! Master Mu, she’s only a little girl. What could she even know?! I can’t joke around with my son’s life!”

Mu Feichi glanced at Yun Xi, his gaze firm and intense. “She’s rescued me before, so I believe in her medical skills and that she has the ability!”


“There are no buts!” Mu Feichi immediately interrupted her.

Time didn’t wait for anyone, so he turned around to command his two subordinates, “Feng Rui, keep an eye on Mrs. Chen and stop her from coming closer. Qi Yuan, go to our coach and bring the first-aid kit.”

“Roger!” the two men agreed before quickly executing their orders.

Yun Xi no longer cared if Jiang Wanyun agreed or not. She helped Chen Yichen lay flat and used a surgical knife to begin making an incision on his trachea and perform emergency surgery.

“Oh… you, you…”

Jiang Wanyun’s face grew ashen as she watched the surgical knife delve into Chen Yichen’s throat. The crimson blood seeped out, and she frantically looked at Mu Feichi, “Master Mu! She, she…”

“I’ll take full responsibility if something happens!”

There was no particular reason, but he trusted her.

Purely based on how she had confidently explained the emergency procedure to him earlier, her confidence and composure were unlike that of a child. He believed she had this ability!

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