Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Her Respect For Him

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After washing the surgical knife and returning, Yun Xi saw Qi Yuan standing beside her seat. He politely beckoned for her to follow him.

“Miss Yun, Master Mu invites you to another coach!”

Yun Xi nodded as she packed up her belongings from the table and placed them into her backpack.

Everyone was looking at her strangely after what had occurred just now, so it made her feel very uncomfortable.

Yun Xi stepped into Mu Feichi’s private coach, which was divided into beds and a dining room.

As she looked around, she saw that the entire coach was filled with iron-blooded men, aside from one other woman, Jiang Wanyun.

When Chen Yichen saw Yun Xi, he opened his eyes and managed to give her a weak smile.

Sitting diagonally from him, Mu Feichi took up an entire row of seats by himself. With his legs crossed and back leaning against the seat, he stared intently at her.

All the men in the entire coach also stared at her automatically. News of the few minutes of first-aid she had administered just now had already been circulated throughout the entire coach after Feng Rui embellished the story with his big mouth.

Additionally, her previous incident of battling against the wolf pack in the forest caused everyone to look at her with some curiosity and inquisitiveness in their eyes.

They had assumed she would be some amazing woman, so they’d never expected that she’d be a young girl who was barely an adult!

Curious voices of discussion began to sound in the dining room.

Mu Feichi furrowed his brows, his sharp eyes scanning over the group of men around him as he retorted icily, “Attention, everyone! Turn around. The target is the beds. Go!”

Stern voices rang out in unison, and everyone shivered, as they didn’t dare to whine or question Mu Feichi.

All the men were professionally trained, so they stood still within a few seconds and obediently returned to their beds.

She blinked her eyes in confusion and was a bit perplexed. Were they treating her like a freak?

Soon afterward, there were only four people remaining in the dining room. Yun Xi went up to examine Chen Yichen’s wound to see that it had already stopped bleeding.

Jiang Wanyun looked at her with respect and gratefulness in her eyes. “Girl, what is your name? Are you going to Jingdu as well?”

“My last name is Yun. Yun Xi.”

“Your last name is Yun?” Jiang Wanyun studied her carefully, and it was then that she began to examine her properly.

Her inky, long hair was pulled up into a ponytail, and she wore an old-fashioned, long-sleeve T-shirt and long pants that were faded from the wash. She truly looked like a young girl from the countryside.

Although she appeared ordinary, she had an extraordinarily beautiful face.

Her exquisite brows and brilliant smile accentuated her calm, yet lucid eyes. Although she was youthful, she was suitably beautiful.

This was a girl who knew how to properly conceal herself, so she wasn’t flashy about showing off her beauty.

Although she was inconspicuous, it failed to hide her allure and caused others to have no choice but to study her deeply.

With her intuition as a woman, Jiang Wanyun felt that the girl before her would certainly grow up into an alluring and glamorous beauty in a few years.

“Which Yun family is it? Maybe I happen to know them!”

Yun Xi blinked. She could tell that Jiang Wanyun was studying and defending against her, so she didn’t bother explaining.

“There are many Yun families in Jingdu, and ours is just a small family of ordinary people. Madam is too kind with her words!”

If Yun Xi told the truth, then Jiang Wanyun would probably think she’d only rescued her son because of ulterior motives since the wealthy people had certain ways of thinking.

Jiang Wanyun was also thinking the same thing. This was such an ordinary girl from the countryside, so she couldn’t possibly have a connection to the Yun family that had a marriage arrangement with the Jiang family.

Turning around, she walked toward Mu Feichi in his seat. She turned her body in the seat directly across from him and looked up to meet his intense gaze. She acted calm, yet respectful, without being too humble.

“Master Mu wanted to see me for something?”

Compared to the craziness and obsession other women exhibited when they saw him, Yun Xi looked at him with a very calm gaze. She was completely unperturbed and even displayed some respect.

He could tell that this respect wasn’t toward his identity as Master Mu, but respect that was only shown to a man.

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