Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: She Was His Prey!

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There was no first-aid equipment on the train, so she immediately took out a pencil from her backpack and removed the lead, then inserted it into Chen Yichen’s throat.

She blew air slowly into his throat.

The series of motions, from making the incision, to opening the throat, to creating an opening, to performing emergency surgery—each step was completed properly and with composure.

Mu Feichi was surprised to discover that her incisions were accurate and well-practiced.

Not only did her hands remain still, but her intent gaze was completely different from that of the young girl who’d fainted as soon as she had seen Great White.

The little creature before him appeared serious and careful as she wielded the surgical knife.

Her young face was rosy, like a cute little bunny, exuding the shy aura of a girl.

She probably wasn’t yet mature at this age and had grown up in the countryside, so her eyes were glossy and lucid. It was rare that they hadn’t already been tainted by the world at her age.

Yun Xi focuses intently on performing first-aid. Much time had already been taken up by Jiang Wanyun’s delaying, so she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to rescue Chen Yichen if she was late by even a moment.

Luckily, she made it in time!

Once the first-aid was complete, she was finally able to feel Chen Yichen breathing through his own throat and quickly propped him up.

“Master Mu, help me out!” Yun Xi looked up while she supported Chen Yichen and made him lean forward. “Hit his back, hard!”

She reached out to stabilize his collarbones and pressed down in conjunction with the frequency of Mu Feichi’s hits until Chen Yichen coughed out the piece of bun that had been lodged in his throat!

Chen Yichen was finally able to breathe on his own after expelling the object, slowly regaining consciousness.

Jiang Wanyun finally sighed in relief when she saw him wake up. She kept thanking the heavens, earth, and bodhisattva in her heart.

Qi Yuan delivered the first-aid kit over. Yun took a look at the now conscious Chen Yichen and pressed him down in the chair.

“Don’t move or speak. I’ll help you stop the bleeding and prevent infection for the interim, but you still need to get off at the next station and go to the hospital to get stitches.”

Putting the surgical knife away, Yun Xi stood up and looked at Chen Yichen staring pointedly at her. He moved his lips but was unable to speak.

He was looking at her, so she didn’t hesitate to look back at him.

Her lucid eyes reflected his figure alongside small specks of sparkling starlight; it was like she could see through to his very soul.

Chen Yichen blinked slowly and gave a weak smile in an attempt to thank her for saving his life.

Yun Xi also smiled back, breaking into a grin since she had saved a life.

It was unadulterated, innocent, and joyful.

This was when she discovered that this young man was actually quite good looking.

The ignored Mu Feichi glanced back at the pair, his expression dark as he grabbed the first-aid kit from Qi Yuan and stuffed it into Yun Xi’s hands. He was looking gloomy.

Yun Xi turned around, and the man’s intense stare fell onto her face.

She suddenly felt as though she was being treated like prey.

Right! She was just like his prey! Prey that had fallen into a hunter’s trap!

The feeling was very peculiar, and she turned away somewhat frantically to open the first-aid kit to stop the bleeding and dress the wound.

As soon as Feng Rui let go, Jiang Wanyun dashed over to her precious son’s side and nervously watched Yun Xi stop the bleeding.

An incision had been made across his neck, and he had nearly lost his life, so Jiang Wanyun finally felt truly afraid and looked at Yun Xi with slightly less suspicion and harshness than before.

“Thank you…”

Jiang Wanyun was a bit embarrassed when she recalled her rash actions from earlier, especially since it was toward a young girl like that. She felt even more ashamed.

“Saving lives is an instinctive reaction; you don’t need to thank me.”

She hadn’t picked up a surgical knife for a very long time, nor was she still that confident doctor from all those years ago—she wasn’t even a doctor anymore.

“Master Mu, have the twain call the hospital at the next station. Ask the doctor to wait for them at the next station!”

The eldest heir of the Chens was very precious, and although Yun Xi had saved his life, he still required the hospital to complete the aftercare to prevent her from getting blamed if another accident were to occur.

Mu Feichi nodded and turned to give Qi Yuan the command.

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