Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: How Would You Know If You Don’t Try?

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Countless heads poked out from the beds, and everyone widened their eyes to watch the battle occurring under the table.

A woman dared to lay a hand on Master Mu, and she was a young girl too. How could everyone not feel curious?

Feng Rui poked Qi Yuan’s arm as he eyed the movements under the table and gossiped with curiosity, “Who do you think will win?”

“When have you ever seen our boss lose?”

Qi Yuan rolled his eyes at him, crossing his arms as he leaned against the window, and languidly watching the drama unfold.

Master Mu had never been interested in women before; Yun Xi was the only exception. Although she was merely a young girl, she seemingly allowed them to see a light amidst the darkness.

Not only were they curious, but also they were full of anticipation!

As soon as he said this, Yun Xi instantly lost the battle.

She had only made the kick when she was trapped by Mu Feichi’s powerful knees. She couldn’t yank it out, no matter what!

Now she was sitting in an extremely flirty position, and if she moved any further, she would be at his “life’s root!”

Yun Xi stared annoyedly at the elegant, yet lazy man before her, her delicate face blushing pink and exuding allure.

Never mind her tiny frame right now—she probably wouldn’t be Mu Feichi’s opponent even if she matured for a few more years!

The man across from her straightened in his seat, his gloomy eyes staring directly at her.

There seemed to be whirlpools in the depths of his eyes, so deep that they could suck her in!

His noble and handsome face carried a hint of flirtation as his thin lips curled upward. “Little creature, you’re not fast enough to win against me! If you’d actually kicked me, then you’d have to be responsible for my sexual happiness for the rest of my life!”

His tone was a combination of adoration and teasing, and it made Yun Xi’s ears burn hotly to listen.

No one had ever used such a flirtatious and intimate nickname for Yun Xi in either of her lifetimes.

He was the first one.

Yun Xi squinted, the embarrassment and shock fading from her eyes as she used a bit more strength to remove her lodged leg.

When she looked up again, there was now iciness in her eyes.

“Master Mu, please tell me straight if you have something to say.”

If Mu Feichi had only asked her to change coaches so he could flirt with her, then she was sorry to say she wouldn’t accept his advances.

“Which part of Jingdu are you going to?”

His aloof voice was deep and magnetic, with an authentic Jingdu accent that somehow sounded inexplicable in Yun Xi’s ears.

“The Yun family”

“Which Yun family?” His slim fingers tapped on the table.

It was the same question that Jiang Wanyun had asked, but there was a sense of oppression when it came from him, and it made her fear lying to him.

“Master Mu is planning to change careers and start checking household registrations? It doesn’t look like the work of an old lady from the neighborhood committee suits you very well.”

“How would you know if you don’t try?” Mu Feichi’s lips pressed slightly together as he replied evenly.

His attitude was compromising, aggressive, and overbearing!

Another wave of feeling like prey surged up in Yun Xi’s heart whenever he stared intensely at her.

Jiang Wanyun and her son still sat behind them, and if she were to speak honestly, it would make it seem like she was disrespecting the older woman.

This kind of arrogant behavior would only spell future trouble for her.

Naturally, she wouldn’t dig a hole for herself.

“I’m only a country girl, and our family is an inconsequential one in Jingdu. It’s of no interest to Master Mu.”

She wasn’t going to really cross paths with him again, so she could lie as much as she wanted.

Even if she fooled him, a man holding an esteemed position and standing on the top of the pyramid like him would pay no attention to a minor person like her.

The more she deliberately stressed this point, the more Mu Feichi believed that her Yun family in Jingdu was actually not a common family.

He was totally cognizant of the entire situation in Jingdu, and when she had mentioned the Yuns, he only had one impression within his database.

As far as he knew, the eldest heiress of the Yuns was being raised in the countryside, and she also had an arranged marriage with the eldest heir of the Jiangs.

Mu Feichi couldn’t help but recall Qi Yuan’s reports. Yun Xi had a ruthless aunt who’d even pushed Yun Xi off a cliff so that her daughter could replace her.

It appears that this little creature was none other than the eldest heiress of the Yuns.

The Yuns had been successful in the earliest years. However, they had later been dragged down from a few incidents that had resulted in their decline in recent years.

Her father, Yun Yuanfeng, hadn’t been able to move any further than his position as Deputy Director, and next year would be time to select and change positions.

If he still wasn’t promoted to the position of Director by then, his future would probably remain at standstill.

Since he was calling the daughter with wedding arrangements with the Jiangs back home at this time, it was probably because he was trying to use this marriage to gain the support of the Jiangs.

With powerful support from a family like the Jiangs, why would they ever worry about not having a bright future?

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