Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Truly Flattered!

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Mu Feichi didn’t continue pestering Yun Xi with questions, so she finally sighed in relief.

This man’s aura was too aggressive; she really couldn’t afford to mess with him!

Yun Xi mentally reminded herself to make sure to avoid him whenever she saw him again.

Even if she were to have to go against the Hans in the future, she must not get Mu Feichi involved. She must also do her best to not get him implicated in her plans and avoid getting herself into trouble.

They arrived at the next station soon afterward, and Yun Xi continued with her habit of writing Chen Yichen’s conditions on a piece of paper and handing it to Jiang Wanyun.

“Give this to the doctor when you get to the hospital, so they can determine his injuries even more quickly.”

“Miss Yun, thank you for saving my son’s life. Can you please leave your contact information, so if we have the chance to see each other again…”

Yun Xi didn’t plan to accept this favor, so she smiled faintly before interrupting her, “No need to be so polite, Madam. The medical personnel are here, so you should hurry up and get to the hospital!”

They would meet again sooner or later, and if she actually married into the Jiangs, then she might have to call him Uncle in the future!

The medical personnel were already waiting on the platform, and Yun Xi escorted them off the train before turning around and directly returning to the coach.

Chen Yichen turned around to look at her but wasn’t able to say goodbye in time before the medical personnel surged around him.

He kept turning around with every step as he walked, watching the figure through the window, as he hoped that the person in the train would turn around to look at him.

She still hadn’t turned around, even after he had gotten into the car, and Chen Yichen felt a wave of regret.

He didn’t even know if he could ever see her again, and this cruel girl wouldn’t even leave him a phone number!

The train began to move, and Mu Feichi raised a brow as he watched Chen Yichen continuously turn back as he walked away. Frostiness appeared in his harsh eyes.

After Yun Xi saw the two important guests off, she finally removed her socks and shoes to examine her foot that had been burnt red by the hot water.

Without any burn ointment, she could only endure it until she returned to Jingdu.

As she looked up, a dark shadow fell over her, and she keenly raised her head.

Just when she was able to react, a man’s slender fingers picked up her legs that were resting on the seat and smoothly sat down next to her.

Her legs were resting right between his legs in such an awkward and flirtatious position that it instantly caused her to blush!

Yun Xi attempted to remove her feet but was clamped down by his iron grip.

She gave him an exasperated glare and repressed her urge to kick him at between his legs. She gritted her teeth angrily, “Let go!”

Didn’t he know that all the other men in the coach were staring at them?

Nonsense! He always started flirting whenever they had a disagreement!

How did she not hear about this man’s horrible, private behavior from her previous lifetime?

“Why didn’t you say anything about the burns on your foot?”

He took out a box of ointment from his pocket as he frowned at the red burns on her feet.

Her tiny feet were delicate and fair, but her right foot had become reddened by the burn; the red was a sharp contrast against the white.

“Master Mu, I can do this on my own. I don’t need your help.”

“Master My, can we change positions? My foot is starting to cramp!”

Master Mu, you have so many subordinates watching. I’m feeling shy, even if you’re not. Let me do this myself!”


She continued grumbling, but the man focussed on applying ointment and didn’t hear a word she said.

He aggressively clamped her ankles as he applied the light green ointment, layer by layer, on the burned area.

Yun Xi was speechless and rolled her eyes. She looked up to see the numerous heads poking out from the beds and sighed in exasperation.

Their wise and mighty Master Mu was personally taking care of a young girl, so this was probably enough fodder for them to gossip about for a long time.

Yun Xi felt no honor about becoming the topic of their gossip.

“Don’t get water on this for the next two days. I’ll help you apply ointment every three hours.”

“Master Mu, you can give me the ointment so I can apply it myself! I injured my foot, not my hands!”

She seemed truly flattered by how he was personally taking care of her.

However, she was not feeling any actual flattery but was actually very uncomfortable by the sheer shock!

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