Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Blind Cat Meeting a Dead Mouse

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Yun Xi left the station and hailed a cab to go straight to the villa complex where the Yuns resided.

Jingdu in the current era was not as prosperous as her previous era, so there was no haze or sandstorms.

The only thing that remained the same was the hierarchical gap within the upper echelon of society.

The best examples were the Mu Mansion on Tianyu Mountain and the villa complex under Tianyu Mountain.

The top of the mountain was where China’s Master, Mu Feichi, had built his mansion. It was mysterious and coveted.

Although it appeared to be far away from the crowds, its security procedures were no weaker than those of the extremely secure mansions of the Great Elder.

It already contained the world’s most sophisticated electronic security system at that time.

Even to this day, no one knew exactly how secure and high-end the system was.

Certain people wanted to explore it but could only go as far as the villa complex under the mountain.

Yun Xi had lived in the villa complex for many years, so she hadn’t failed to hear about all sorts of legends about the Mu Mansion in the real estate industry of Jingdu.

Mu Mansion was different from other villa districts since just the land price alone couldn’t be estimated.

When the Great Elder gave Mu Feichi the title of “Master Mu,” he had also gifted the five mountains within the entire area of Tianyu Mountain to him.

Mu Mansion was built on the tallest mountain, and when someone looked down from the top of the mountain, they could see the entire bustling, night scenery of Jingdu.

The top and bottom of the mountains were two different worlds.

The top of the mountain was a paradise on Earth.

The bottom of the mountain was the secular world.

Mu Mansion was far away from the cacophony, yet it was surrounded by a ring belonging to the secular world.

Like a mighty king standing high above, all those beneath his feet were his subjects.

Everyone who lived in the villa complex had looked up at the top of Tianyu Mountain at least once.

It was as if they were looking up at Mu Feichi’s distinguished identity and status.

The taxi stopped at the gate of the villa complex, where bodyguards stood ramrod straight by the door.

Yun Xi reported the house number and name of the Yun family to the security room, and the man inside the security room looked up at her with some surprise.

He had already heard that the eldest heiress of the Yun family would be returning a few days ago, but he hadn’t seen her all this time. Yet he actually happened to run into her today.

Yun Xi passed her identification over to allow him to register it, and the man confirmed it was correct before opening the door and allowing her to enter.

Yun Xi didn’t think she would somehow be a blind cat running into a dead mouse, so she easily waltzed in.

It stood to reason that Liang Xinyi had already returned to the Yun family, so everyone from the villa complex should have heard of the return of the Yuns’ eldest heiress.

While it was no surprise that the security at the gate didn’t recognize her, him not doubting her appearance at such a time could only prove that the news of a fake eldest heiress of the Yuns wasn’t yet released.

Yun Xi really didn’t know if she was this unpopular as the eldest heiress or if Liang Xiuqin simply looked down on her.

No matter what reason it was, the fact that she was able to successfully enter made things much easier to accomplish!

Since nobody knew that the eldest heiress of the Yuns had returned, she wouldn’t hesitate to let everyone in the entire villa complex know.

If Liang Xiuqin still allowed Liang Xinyi to replace Yun Xi even if she knew of her real identity, then Yun Xi would still have a way for Liang Xiuqin to humiliate herself when the time came.

If Liang Xiuqin actually had the decency to accept her, then Yun Xi would not battle to the death with her in her future plans, even if she didn’t love or care about her.

Liang Xinyi’s appearance was a fuse. Liang Xiuqin’s future path was determined by the choice in her own hands.

After pressing on the doorbell, the housekeeper inside the house came to open the door and looked at her with some shock.

“Hello, who are you looking for?”

“Auntie, I’m Yun Xi. I’m back.”

“Yun Xi?” The housekeeper froze before turning back to look at the room, “Didn’t the lady come back already? Who are you? Why did you come to our house to impersonate our lady?!”

Yun Xi took out her identification and passed it to her. “I’m really Yun Xi; the girl in the house is my cousin from the countryside, Liang Xinyi. She came here to impersonate me and take my place!”

The housekeeper eyed the identification. The photo and name matched, so what was going on?

There were two ladies, so which one was real?

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