Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Little Creature, We Will Meet Again!

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Mu Feichi stood up and half squinted as he looked up at the little creature reaching her claws out at him. Her glossy eyes reflected his image.

The angles of her fair and delicate face had not yet been smoothed out by worldly experiences; this was an innocent and beautiful age and compelled him with the urge to covet and protect her.

In that one moment, he felt that his heart had been helplessly turned into mush by her stare.

He raised his hand to pass the ointment to her and watched her excitedly turn the tube around her hands.

She gave the ointment a light sniff, then proceeded to carefully examine the medicinal ingredients printed under the box. She also took out a notebook to mark down the ingredients contained.

Mu Feichi began to frown at the sight of her serious and intent expression.

Could he be no more important than an ointment in her eyes?!

Throughout the long journey, Mu Feichi gave his private bed to Yun Xi and had his subordinates gather in the dining room to discuss their plan of action.

It was supposed to be confidential business, so the men were curious yet worried about an outsider in the coach.

But when they saw how Master Mu hadn’t attempted to maintain secrecy at all, he obviously didn’t treat Yun Xi as an outsider.

Yun Xi also had no interest in listening to them discuss the plan of action but merely looked down as she studied the Chinese medicinal formula of the burn ointment.

She had never seen this kind of burn ointment before, but it was quite effective and smelled of herbs. It felt cool when applied, which could alleviate the sharp pain of the injury.

She’d mainly studied Western medicinal ingredients in her previous life, then continued to develop new products in order to help the Han Corporation replenish their deficit.

This involved Chinese medicinal drink tablets and Chinese medicine purified from herbs.

In this era, Chinese medicine had not yet become mainstream so Western medicine had mainly been used instead.

Western medicine was effective quicker and was certainly better in some aspects than Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine still belonged under options for long-term treatment within the field of disease, so it was naturally less readily available now compared to her era.

She could also reasonably apply the times she’d learned in her previous life to her new life.

Although her status was limited and she was unable to do many things, that didn’t mean she couldn’t have others do things for her.

She remembered that the wife of her second uncle had brought a dowry of a pharmaceutical factory when she married. She must first obtain the support of several people in the Yuns relationship chain in order to establish herself in the Yun family.

Her second uncle had suffered from frail health ever since he had been young, and her grandfather had always favored him, the youngest son. Yun Xi wasn’t worried about not being able to obtain the support of her second aunt.

When she recalled the things she had learned in her last lifetime, Yun Xi finally realized she wasn’t completely useless in this lifetime.

With this thought, the road ahead suddenly grew spacious and bright.

She knew what she wanted and also clearly understood what she could utilize to achieve her goal.

The entire Yun family was now a school of fish within her net; she’d wait to see who swam inside first and then scoop them out.


Early the next morning, the train stopped at the final destination of Jingdu.

Yun Xi sighed deeply as she looked at the bustling city outside the window and got off the train.

This was great. She was finally back!

Mu Feichi and his men hurried away to deal with their matters and sent Qi Yuan to escort her home, but Yun Xi refused politely.

“Master Mu, thank you for taking care of me the entire time! I will repay you in the future given the opportunity!”

She nodded slightly to him, smiling with her bright and alluring eyes.

She didn’t even say goodbye, merely waving as she darted into the throngs of people like a wisp of smoke. She soon disappeared from Mu Feichi’s line of sight.

The group looked at the rejected Master Mu in confusion. Yun Xi was immediately listed as the first person to be even more daring than anyone else before. This was unprecedented.

Everyone’s admiration for the young girl instantly grew.

Twice, this girl had failed to say goodbye to him. Didn’t that mean she had no intention of seeing him again?

But unfortunately, they would meet again, even if she hadn’t said goodbye!

As if he wouldn’t be able to easily figure out whatever corner of Jingdu she was in…

Mu Feichi smiled faintly, a meaningful look quickly flashing across his deep-set eyes.

Little creature, we will meet again!

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