Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: So Timid

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The snow leopard walked a few steps forward when it heard its name. It poked its head over from behind Qi Yuan’s right hand.

Yun Xi held onto Qi Yuan like a shield as she slowly and cautiously poked her head out from the left side.

She hadn’t noticed that the snow leopard had already approached closely from the right side.

The snow leopard’s loud, panting breathing echoed in her right ear.

Yun Xi instantly exhaled sharply, her neck stiffening as she turned around.

As soon as she turned around, she was met with an extremely close cat face that was attempting to act cute. She couldn’t catch her breath and immediately passed out in fright!

“She’s so timid!”

The veterinarian looked at the young girl passed out on the bed. Though she had appeared fairly brave when she battled against the wolf pack, a mere snow leopard was enough to frighten her into fainting.

“She looked quite brave when she battled against the wolf pack! If it were another woman, they would’ve surely cried out loud and surrendered!”

News of the young girl battling against the wolf pack had already circulated throughout the entire area. Everyone wanted to see for themselves if this young girl had three heads and six arms!


The drugs took effect, and in less than two hours, Mu Feichi had awakened.

He had just opened his eyes and sat up when the snow leopard noticed this and leaped up to jump into his arms.

Mu Feichi patted the snow leopard’s head and looked up to see his two subordinates and the veterinarian inching closer to him.

His sharp gaze fell upon the veterinarian. Dark brows raising slightly, he asked with a hint of lethality, “Did you treat me?”

The veterinarian instantly shuddered, his legs turning into jelly as he quickly waved his hand in protest.

“Boss, what kind of joke is that? I’m a veterinarian. How would I ever dare to treat you?!”

Although he had studied simple nursing skills, he was only responsible for the wolf pack and snow leopard.

Rashly treating people was overstepping jurisdiction, so Master Mu would certainly have peeled his skin off!

He was terrified he would get blamed, so with shaking hands, the veterinarian pointed at the young girl lying on the other side of the bed. “She was the one to treat you!”

Mu Feichi turned around to look at the tiny figure curled up asleep next to him.

Her soft and sleek, dark hair spilled over the pillow. Her tiny, fan-like, curly eyelashes cast a faint shadow on her face.

Under the lights, her fair and flawless face still revealed hints of immaturity. However, that accentuated the exquisiteness and beauty of her pink and tender lips.

Her slender neck still bore the red marks from his earlier biting.

He faintly recalled laying a hand on her when the drug took effect.

But afterward, she seemed to have made him pass out, and then he had no recollection of what had happened next.

He was obviously given medication if he was able to wake up in such a short period of time.

Feng Rui also stood up. “That’s right! This girl really is something special. She was able to battle against the wolf pack and could also give injections and treat illness. I called the doctor when she was administering the drug, so I only dared to allow her to administer it to you once the doctor said it was correct.”

The veterinarian continued to say, “When I watched her give the injection, she appeared well-practiced and didn’t look like a novice at all.”

My Feichi furrowed his brows, his deep gaze falling upon the young girl at the bedside. A strange look flashed across his eyes.

He was really becoming more and more curious about this young girl.

“Didn’t she wake up already? Why did she fall asleep again?”

“Well,” the veterinarian looked down at the snow leopard next to him, “I think Great White quite likes her, but he frightened her into fainting as soon as he approached her.”

The snow leopard leaped onto the bed and laid down as it innocently patted with his front paws. It tried to prove that it really was innocent.

Mu Feichi looked up at Qi Yuan. “Did you properly investigate how she came into the forest?”

Qi Yuan nodded. “I already checked the surveillance cameras and questioned her as well. She had fallen down from the cliff ahead and is a villager from Muyang nearby. We’ll have to send her back home tomorrow morning.”

Feng Yui glanced at the young girl on the bed. “She is somehow all right, even though she fell from such a high place. She sure is lucky!”

Mu Feichi noticed Feng Rui’s gaze, so he grabbed the thin blanket and completely covered the young girl on the bed from head to toe. Then, he also got up from the bed.

“Go back and bring a team with you. Begin monitoring the area within 3 kilometers of the cliff where she fell from.”


The three men exchanged a knowing look. Could Master Mu not want anyone else to take another look at her?

At that moment, all three of them reacted. Master Mu didn’t seem to dislike the girl being so close to him!

That was rather rare!

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