Imperial God Emperor

Chapter 15 My Temper Is Not That Good

Chapter 15 – My Temper Is Not That Good

At that time, the numerous gazes and expression people looked at Ye Qingyu with changed and became more complicated.

Clearly many people agreed with Bai Yuqing’s reasoning.

Perhaps Ye Qingyu had remarkable talent, but he began cultivating too late and wasted four years of time. Being late one year on the martial path could possibly entirely extinguish a genius.

Adding to this was the fact that the starting point of Ye Qingyu was too low. He was a commoner, without resources for cultivation. If he wanted to catch up, there was basically no hope.

It was really a waste of such natural talent.

Within the crowd, the three roommates of Ye Qingyu after discovering who Ye Qingyu was, changed their expressions entirely. They were about to discuss how to become close to Ye Qingyu, but at this time they looked at each other, changing their minds.

Since it was a person who was fated not to have a future, then there was no need to waste time and resources in becoming friends with him.

Bai Yuqing seemed to have done this intentionally.

She evidently borrowed the incident of the list to throw out such an explanation. By doing this, she destroyed the aura of Ye Qingyu after his shocking performance in the examination.

Unquestionably, this incident would quickly pass into everyone’s ears.

At that time, the entire Deer City will have another stance on Ye Qingyu.

It would be an average evaluation and a negative outlook.

The crowd gradually dispersed.

The morning’s lesson, after these words, ended.

Faced with everyone’s peculiar gaze, Ye Qingyu seemed as if he had not noticed anything unusual. He was at the back of the crowd, slowly walking towards the exit.

On his face was no trace of depression or sullenness.

It was as if nothing had happened.

Suddenly someone from behind him lightly tugged at his clothes.

Looking back, it was the clumsy little loli, Song Xiaojun. Her face filled with concern, said in a light voice, “Brother Qingyu, don’t be sad. I think what Senior Sister said was not right, otherwise, I can go and find the head teacher, to give you my place on the list…”

Ye Qingyu laughed heartily.

At that time, the Xia Houwu next to him heard his laughter. His voice filled with mockery and disdain said, “Lowly idiot, you can still laugh…”

His voice was not loud, but it was enough for everyone nearby to clearly hear.

The little loli was suddenly anxious, glaring at Xia Houwu. She said angrily, “How can you say that…”

Ye Qingyu lightly held the little loli back, shaking his head.

Seeing this action, Xia Houwu and people nearby, laughed at him with contempt. This Ye Qingyu was so fearful and cowardly, that even when he was humiliated during the lesson and after, he did not dare to strike back…

This type of person would definitely not become successful.

Xia Houwu with a cold laugh, was about to turn and leave with his friends…

At this time, Ye Qingyu cleared his throat. Facing Xia Houwu’s back he said with a smile, “Hey…”

Xia Houwu stopped, turning his back to look.

Within his vision, a fist was becoming larger and larger, quickly arriving.

It was Ye Qingyu’s fist.

From the viewpoint of Ye Qingyu, striking back with words was often a pointless endeavour. Sometimes, there were only some words that a fist can say.

This rapid transformation made everyone unable to react.

Including Xia Houwu.

But he was only stunned for a moment.

The next second, an aura expanded from Xia Houwu. He lifted his hand, and with lightning speed counterattacked, grabbing Ye Qingyu’s fist.

Suddenly the scene stopped.

At this time, many people reacted to this development.

The Ye Qingyu who everyone thought would swallow such humiliation, chose to strike back in such a way?

It was a pity, that this decision was too rash.

Xia Houwu was at the peak of the fifth stage in the Ordinary Martial stage and Ye Qingyu had not even began training. Even if his talent was greater, it was pointless, they were not in the same weight class at all.

By directly striking Xia Houwu, it only gave Xia Houwu an excuse to humiliate Ye Qingyu.

“Haha, hahaha…” Xia Houwu began to laugh. “Why have you attacked me sneakily?”

“Attacked you sneakily?” Ye Qingyu also laughed. “You’re wrong, before hitting you, I gave you a warning.”

He really did say ‘Hey’ as a warning.

“So what if you warned me? You poor little trash, you really dared to strike me?” Xia Houwu’s expression slowly became fierce.

“When you previously used me to prove your point, you should have been aware this would happen. I’m the type of person that acts without caring about the consequences. If there is a grievance, then it should be repaid on the spot and not in the future.”

“Hahaha.” Xia Houwu laughed loudly, his expression becoming ferocious. “You really are an idiot, incomparably foolish. Revenge? Pitiful, how are you going to avenge yourself? Trash!”

Saying this, he started to apply force to Ye Qingyu’s fist.

Xia Houwu would take out the humiliation that he suffered from Bai Yuqing onto Ye Qingyu…

The peak of the fifth stage of the Ordinary Martial stage, cleansing your marrow.

After entering such a stage, you at least have over five thousand pounds of strength.

This kind of strength, can instantly flatten a piece of steel, not to mention flesh and blood.

Faced with the Ye Qingyu who had not even properly started training yet, it was an absolute steam roll.

Many people thought they could hear the sounds of bones cracking, see the sight of Ye Qingyu’s fist being shattered, blood spurting everywhere…


“The one who is an idiot… is you”

Ye Qingyu’s expression suddenly became sharp, taking a sudden large step. On his fist, a force like a powerful river streamed out.


There were faint sounds of explosions in the air.

Everyone’s ears began to burst.

Xia Houwu felt as if his right palm had been hit by a battering ram, instantly going numb. His entire person was sent flying by the impact, everyone letting out screams of shock. Only by crashing into the wall of the classroom was he able to stop.


There were only the sounds of people releasing their breaths.

Everyone’s eyes was as if they had seen a ghost.

Figures of everyone transfixed by this scene.

This scene turned around too quickly, causing nearly no one to be able to react.

“You… you… how is it… possible… that you were able to do this?” Xia Houwu leaned his back against the wall for support, humongous waves crashing in his heart, incomparably shocked. He even forgot to strike back.

Ye Qingyu stretched his arm a little, and said blandly, “I’m sorry, I used a little too much strength.”

The other people watching were like fossils.

Little too… much strength?

Heavens, this was far more than using a little too much strength!

One punch to send someone in the fifth stage flying. This… no matter how you looked at it, it was not something a person without basic training can do!

Everybody’s gaze when looking at Ye Qingyu was as if they were watching a monster.

There was a brief period of silence.

Ye Qingyu pulled along the dazed little loli, walking outside.

After walking to the door to the classroom, he suddenly thought of something. Turning back, he said to the crowd standing behind him with a gentle smile.

“That’s right, for those students who may have some thoughts about me, I need to remind them of something. I’m a person that doesn’t have much patience, and is pretty violent and straightforward. I’m also extremely petty and like to talk things out with my fist. In the future it’s best if you don’t aggravate me. If you really need to aggravate me, you need to really think it over before you do, if your strength is greater than mine is.”

Finishing his sentence, he turned and left.

Only after Ye Qingyu had disappeared in the distance, did the last of the people in the classroom manage to recover.

Xia Houwu tightly held his lips together, a spurt of blood nearly coming out.

Within Ye Qingyu’s fist, he could sense a terrifying and vast power. It was extremely abnormal, even defeating his power of the fifth stage, jarring his internal organs.

This was the reason he did not immediately strike back.

This… what is this kind of power?

Xia Houwu was filled with both hatred and shock.

And at the same time, the hearts of other students were terrified and shaken.

Especially Ye Qingyu’s roommates, looking at each other. They would never have predicted that their shabbily-dressed roommate would be so strong.

The three of them, although part of the nobility and filled with arrogance, did not even place in the top one thousand five hundred of the examination rankings. They naturally could not compete with Xia Houwu. Since Ye Qingyu can send Xia Houwu flying with just one punch, then dealing with these three was surely a simple matter.

Thinking back to the words of Ye Qingyu, that he was an extremely petty person, made them feel extremely apprehensive.


There was a canteen in White Deer Academy.

While the public canteen’s food could not be counted as delicious, but the good point was that it was free. Therefore Ye Qingyu’s lunch was eaten in the canteen.

Those from wealthy or noble families naturally wouldn’t appear in such a place. Only those from poor families would insist to eat in the canteen.

Only after eating four portions of food in a breath did he leave the canteen. Amidst the stunned stares of everyone, he left for the dormitory.

In the afternoon was the martial cultivation class.

Ye Qingyu decided to practice the breathing technique back in the dormitory before heading to class.

In reality, when fighting with Xia Houwu, Ye Qingyu’s arm was hurt by the recoil of the impact. The reason why he had such explosive power was all thanks to the nameless breathing technique. Perhaps it had other uses.

But no matter what, without undergoing true body refining when compared to a fighter at the fifth stage of the Ordinary Martial stage, there was still a considerable distance.

He definitely must begin training soon.

However, Ye Qingyu did not regret in the slightest over the conflict with Xia Houwu.

He knew very well what his current situation was. On the surface, everything was peaceful after entering White Deer Academy, but in reality he had already garnered the attention of countless eyes, with many things moving behind the scenes.

So that was why he must be like a hedgehog, decisively striking back against all those who provoked him. Only by doing this, could he truly protect himself. He had to make those who wanted to act against him think better of it.

Ye Qingyu was planning in his heart.

At that time, when he was passing through a small silent path, an abnormal image appeared—

Ye Qingyu suddenly realized the surrounding light was as if it had solidified. Even a falling leaf was hanging in midair.

Before he could react, he felt a blur in his vision.

An unexpected figure appeared in front of him.

The head teacher of the first years, Wang Yan.

“Are you confused as to why, within the list, there was not your name?” Wang Yan’s words contained a bland smile.

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