Imperial God Emperor

Chapter 14 The Second Evaluation

Chapter 14 – The Second Evaluation

The next instant, it was really the little loli that stood up. Her face was filled with astonishment and confusion, looking around in all directions seeing if there was someone with the same name as her.

After spending a long time confirming that it was indeed her, she cheered and rushed towards the platform. Because she was too excited, she clumsily tripped on her long robe, landing on the ground with a thud, a swollen little red lump appearing on her forehead.

Amidst the burst of laughter in the classroom, the little loli tearfully held her robe and quickly walked to the stage.

A smile appeared on Ye Qingyu’s face.

This little loli was really too cute and clumsy. No one would have thought that this little girl’s talent would be so exceptional, that one of the four head teachers would select her.

But other people did not think in that way.

“What’s happening? How could it be her?”

“Song Xiaojun? Have you heard of her name before?”

“That’s not right, the little girl is sitting in the fourth row. She is evidently not in the top one hundred of the rankings, how can she be selected?”

“Eh, I remember now. Song Xiaojun is part of the Qingluo Merchant Company but she is only an illegitimate daughter. In the selection rankings, she is only ranked number four hundred and sixteen.”

“Four hundred and sixteen? Illegitimate daughter? This kind of person, how can she make it in the list?”

“Has a mistake been made?”

Everyone discussed heatedly, some people questioning loudly.

The conversation started becoming louder and more angry, with the spear pointing at Song Xiaojun. No one thought she deserved a position on the list.

The little loli was originally excited but seeing this situation, she was slightly scared by it. The excitement slowly became timidness, her large eyes misting up. She silently lowered her head, and did not argue back at all, her hands still tightly clenching her robe…

Ye Qingyu frowned, and was about to say something…

At this time—


Bai Yuqing finally opened her mouth.

She did not raise her voice, but her words were like thunder, clearly reaching the ears of every student.

The students who had a weak constitution was stunned by this voice, seeing golden stars. Instantly, the heated sounds of discussion disappeared. Every freshman looked up in shocked silence at the girl in the white dress, their tongues frozen and with a heart filled with fear.

At this time, the freshmen finally realized that the person standing in front of them was a fourth year. A fourth year genius whose strength could easily place in the top five.

“This is the head teacher’s decision. If you are not satisfied with her decision, then go discuss it with head teacher Wang.”

Bai Yuqing’s tone was extremely cold, her gaze extremely fierce. She looked at the crowd of people below her and bitingly said these words.

Below, Ye Qingyu nodded his head slightly to himself.

One must admit, that the Bai Yuqing standing in front of him, no matter whether in terms of temperament or strength, was first class.

Within Bai Yuqing icy demeanour, there was a type of lofty grace and sacredness. This was one of the reasons why she had become the number one goddess of White Deer Academy. When compared to other female students who were like blooming flowers laughing brightly, she could more easily arouse a man’s desire.

Not knowing why, at this time, Ye Qingyu suddenly thought about Jiang Xiaohan, the girl that thought she was so clever. She was also a girl that had ambition and talent, but when compared to Bai Yuqing, there was still a large distance.

Ye Qingyu smiled, lightly shaking his head.

But somehow, not knowing why, in his heart he had a feeling that this list did not have him in it.

After this shocking scene, Bai Yuqing quickly announced another couple of names.

Those selected teenagers continued to excitedly stand on the stage.

But the previous discussions and arguments appeared again.

Because within those selected, there was another three that was like Song Xiaojun. Their examination results were ordinary, their background average causing people to not understand this decision especially those geniuses who were ranked in the top twenty but not selected. They were especially infuriated.

In the blink of an eye, the list had been announced.

Ye Qingyu’s name was not on it.

The sounds of protest could not be suppressed any longer, causing the second explosion of objection.

A tall young man from the first row stood up, his face filled with dissatisfaction and anger and said loudly, “This result is not fair, I need to know the criteria for selecting them.”

“He’s Xia Houwu, the son of the southern city leader. This time he ranked number four in the selection process, not being able to enter the list of ten is really quite strange. His strength and talent is not bad, nor is there any problem with his background, no wonder people are questioning this decision

“Hehe, this Xia Houwu is so prideful. Not being able to enter the list for him, is an unacceptable matter.”

“Good, this way we can use Xia Houwu as our mouthpiece, and question this decision. I think the criteria to select the ten people is slightly peculiar!”

Voices of dissent reached Ye Qingyu’s ears.

Ye Qingyu only just found out the identity behind the skinny and tall teenager.

Within Deer City, the two giants were the White Deer Academy and the city leader. Under them, was the Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western generals*, each responsible for commanding the soldiers in the four main areas. They have all been appointed by the royal family of Snow Country, and was part of high nobility.

The four generals only accepted the command of the city leader and their status could be said to be above everyone except him.

Seeing Xia Houwu standing up and protesting, some people immediately stood up and started shouting—

“That’s right, young master Xia is right. We are not satisfied, we want to know the selection criteria!”

“We are not satisfied, young master Xia is not picked, we are definitely not satisfied!”

The amphitheatre instantly turned into a scene of chaos.

Bai Yuqing’s face turned serious.

The freshman felt something blink across their eyes, then the cold girl moved and in a flash, appeared in front of the front row. Her entire body emitted a terrifying aura, letting out an indescribable feeling of pressure.

Her gaze was as bright as lightning in a dark sky.

This was Bai Yuqing. She was like a war god that was provoked.

She stared at Xia Houwu, her tone serious and said, “You’re not satisfied?”

Xia Houwu felt that he could not breath, a cold feeling gradually entering his body and spreading throughout his four limbs. He ground his teeth and said, “That’s right, I’m not satisfied. I ranked fourth in the selection, why can’t I enter the list of ten?”

Bai Yuqing coldly sniffed, saying, “This is head teacher Wang’s decision, do you still dare to question it?”

“The heart of the martial artist should be firm and determined and not be submissive to anyone. Even if it is head teacher Wang’s decision, if it is not fair, then of course I will question it,” Xia Houwu said, biting his teeth.

Bai Yuqing only coldly smiled.

Even if it was only a cold smile, it was beautiful enough to astonish anyone. The smile was like a flower that bloomed in winter, making the eyes of everyone brighten.

“I originally didn’t want to point this out, but if you must ask… Do you feel that someone who has relied on spirit medicine and outside help to get rank four, deserves to be in the list of ten? Do you really think that head teacher Wang is like the supervisors of those appraisals grounds, and compromise when it concerns the battle of the ten academies?”

Xia Houwu’s furious face was fixed in place.

He was like a poisonous snake that was pinched seven inches from its neck**.

Indeed, a large part of him gaining rank four was through false means.

Xia Houwu’s expression underwent many changes, half of his face green and the other red. His breathing was rapid, finally settling on an expression of embarrassed anger.

Then he suddenly thought of something.

The next instant, Xia Houwu suddenly turned around, pointing at Ye Qingyu.

“Even if I, Xia Houwu, do not meet the requirements, then what about him? Ye Qingyu is, in the entire history of the White Deer Academy, the only person to undergo five appraisals and still be able enter. With one less appraisal, he managed to get the ranking of twenty-one. Hehe, if he had gone through six appraisals, then the place of number one would surely be his. From my knowledge, he has a poor background and has not relied on any outside help. This type of person, why can’t he enter the list?”

Once he had finished, countless eyes gathered onto Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu frowned slightly.

This Xia Houwu was clearly changing the point of conflict.

In this situation and saying such words, instantly made several enemies for Ye Qingyu. At least, the gazes of Qin Wushuang and Yan Xingtian was unfriendly.

“If this commoner went through six appraisals, then he would have definitely obtained number one. Even Qin Wushuang and Yan Xingtian would be beneath his foot, hehe…This type of person, does he still not possess the requirements to enter the list?”

Xia Houwu coldly laughed.

Bai Yuqing’s gaze also fell upon Ye Qingyu.

In her cold eyes, there was not the slightest trace of surprise.

“Him?” Bai Yuqing hesitated unnoticeably for a moment.

In reality, even she found it slightly strange.

Because at the start, Bai Yuqing could clearly remember Ye Qingyu’s name was in the list. Head teacher Wang Yan praised his talent endlessly, clearly wanting to focus lots of attention in cultivating him. But without knowing the reason why, at the last moment, head teacher Wang Yan took his name off the list and selected another person.

Despite severely evaluating Ye Qingyu last night at [Residence of Heaven’s Will], but this evaluation was done with a long term perspective. She did not have an optimistic view of Ye Qingyu’s future prospects, but even she must admit, Ye Qingyu had his strong points. At least, to enter the list, the problem was not big.

However head teacher Wang Yan, at the last instant, erased Ye Qingyu’s name.

Perhaps she had some special considerations.

“Ye Qingyu is already fourteen years old, his age slightly too high. He also does not have the slightest basis in training his body and does not have any history in martial training. Even if his talent is exceptional, but in the path of cultivating, wasted time cannot be obtained back. He can be counted as half wasted already, so the academy does not have faith in him.”

Bai Yuqing gave a reason.

Even she did not know, why she would speak so much about this situation.

Then she did not even spare a glance at Ye Qingyu, returning to the podium. Retrieving her belongings, she directly left the classroom.

“If there are people still not satisfied with this decision, then you can go and find head teacher Wang. Of course, this is not the final decision. At the end of every month, there will be an elimination match within your year. If there is someone among you that can eliminate any of the ten people on the list, then you can take their place and be among the ten members.”

This was the last words the Bai Yuqing left in the classroom.

*I think I previously translated them as leaders. I’ll go back and change it now as general makes more sense to me now.

**So according to Chinese knowledge, the weak spot of a snake is seven inches below its head. And if you pinch that exact spot, the snake cannot move. Disclaimer: Would not advise for you to try this when faced with snake xD

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