Imperial God Emperor

Chapter 18 [Bear stance]

Chapter 18 – [Bear stance]

The second reason, the brass badge, came from a normal background. However, before his father died, he had constantly reminded him that the badge had secrets that he needed to discover on his own.

However, it was a pity that both reasons were just guesses.

Ye Qingyu had no way to tell whether they were true.

He carefully examined his skin. Just from a quick glance it seemed nothing had change, but if you examined it in detail, there seemed to be a pale gold layer appearing on his skin. He brought a kitchen knife, lightly slicing it across his skin but it could not pierce the skin, as if he had sliced it on leather.

This really was the peak of the skin stage of the Ordinary Martial stage.

This was exactly as described by Wang Yan in the theory lesson.

“No matter what, to be able to cultivate this fast is a good thing. Especially when I am currently in a rush…” Ye Qingyu was not the type of person to become fixated on one thing, since he can’t find a reason, he would not think about it.

He stood up to stretch his body.

Ye Qingyu could feel that the [Serpentine stance] did not only toughen his skin, but also after entering the first skin stage, he could feel his strength had increased.

He slowly swung his fist, feeling as if such a casual punch could break apart a boulder to pieces.

The martial realm was indeed profound.

As he was about to continue training in the dormitory, a knocking sound came from outside.

Tap, tap, tap!

“Excuse me… is this brother Qingyu’s room?”

Outside, there was the voice of the little loli, Song Xiaojun.

Ye Qingyu stopped, then remembered that he had promised the little loli to help her change the robes that was too large for her.

He opened the door, inviting her in.

Ye Qingyu could feel his vision brightening up.

After changing from the large academic robes into a fitting purple dress, the little loli seemed to be a completely different person. Her thick black hair was combed with her fringe hanging neatly over her forehead with her hair forming two little buns with intricate braids hanging from it.* Her large eyes were as pure and clear as a crystal, with delicate facial features giving people an impression of perfection.

This was not a type of stunning beauty, but rather an extremely cute little girl who was like a little porcelain doll.

“Brother Qingyu, I’ll rely on you.” The little loli laughingly lifted up her large robes, passing it over.

“Sit.” Ye Qingyu pointed at the stone seat, then took out a needle from the cupboard he used to store his things.

“How did brother Qingyu learn how to sew clothes?” the little loli curiously asked.

“When you live on your own, you have to do everything by yourself,” Ye Qingyu said this with a smile, carefully inspecting the little loli’s figure and calculating the length of cloth that he needed to change.

For some unknown reason, he had a special goodwill towards this little loli.

Is it because within the eyes of the girl was a pure innocence that made him feel warm inside?

“That’s right, this afternoon, head teacher Wang personally came and taught us martial arts…” The little loli thought of something, saying excitedly, “She’s really awesome, many areas in which I don’t understand through just from a few pointers from her, instantly becomes easy to comprehend. Today I learned a lot!”

The little loli was part of the list of ten, along with Qin Wushuang and Yan Xingtian. Their martial lessons, were taught personally by head teacher Wang Yan.

“Qin Wushuang is really amazing, head teacher Wang says his strength is the strongest of the freshmen. He already has a spirit kindling within his body…”

“But Yan Xingtian is only a little worse. Today, head teacher Wang Yan personally gave him a [Growing Spirit Manual] and said that he could hope to attempt to reach the Spirit spring stage in three months!”

“Of course, my Sister Cousin Qingluo is also awesome, she is already at the peak of the Ordinary Martial stage. Head teacher Wang said she also had the requirements to attempt to reach the Spirit spring stage in three months.”

The little loli spoke about everything, and was like a little chatterbox.

Ye Qingyu listened with a smile.

Through the little loli’s words, he began to have a clear understanding of Qin Wushuang and the others. Just from judging through the current situation, there was still a considerable gap of strength between him and them.

“That’s right, brother Qingyu, I have an extremely fun thing that you can look at.” The little loli seemed to have suddenly thought of something, looking mysterious. From her pouch, she took out a black booklet, handing it over.

Ye Qingyu laughingly received it, taking a look and was slightly shocked.

“Hm? [Xiantian Growing Spirit Manual]?”

It was a martial arts manual.

From the name, it should be a manual that taught you how to develop your yuan qi.

The peak of the Ordinary Martial stage was also known as the peak of the Ordinary Martial stage. This was a barrier, and after passing through this barrier, the next stage was Xiantian. Xiantian was to grow a spirit kindling in your body, and link it with the yuan qi within Heaven and Earth. And within days, this would turn into a Spirit spring, flowing with yuan qi.

Although Ye Qingyu had not yet read the book but just from the two words, ‘Growing Spirit’, he could already guess the contents of the manual.

This booklet was inky black with a shade of purple, evidently extremely precious and not something a normal student would be able to obtain.

Ye Qingyu, through a little consideration, could tell that this [Xiantian Growing Spirit Manual] was the cultivation technique given to the little loli by head teacher Wang Yan. It should not be something that was passed to outsiders.

He smiled and patted the head of the little loli saying, “I don’t need this at the moment, quickly put it away.”

“But it’s extremely important. Why don’t you have a look, maybe in the future you will have a use for it,” the little loli insisted, not wanting to give up.

“When I need it in the future, then you can show it to me, is that okay?” Ye Qingyu seemed as if he was coaxing a little child. If Wang Yan knew that the little loli had passed on this manual to others she would definitely be punished.

Furthermore, Ye Qingyu was currently only in the first stage of the Ordinary Martial stage, and did not yet have to worry about reaching Xiantian just yet.

The little loli sullenly stored away the booklet, her mouth so flat it could hang an oil bottle.

After a short while though, the little figure seemed to have thought of something again, her eyes shining with sneakiness. She playfully stuck her head out and said, “Brother Qingyu, I heard that you have an eidetic memory, everything you’ve heard, you can remember?”

Ye Qingyu, after hearing this, already knew what was about to happen. He felt slightly helpless when facing this strange and quirky little loli.

As predicted, the next instant the little loli began reciting.

What she recited, was the contents of the [Xiantian Growing Spirit Manual].

Ye Qingyu only smiled and did not say anything.

After he had finished changing the robe, the little loli had already recited the [Xiantian Growing Spirit Manual] over ten times.

Under this time of force fed indoctrination, Ye Qingyu managed to memorize over eighty to ninety percent of the manual.

“Fine, fine, you little cunning brat, if you want to thank me next time you should use some other methods. If not, if head teacher Wang found out, then you would be heavily punished!” Ye Qingyu handed over the adjusted robe, flicking the little loli’s head.

“Annoying.” The little loli’s face flushed red, sticking her little tongue out.


After the little loli left, Ye Qingyu continued practicing the [Serpentine stance].

After this afternoon’s training, every move and meaning of the [Serpentine stance] was deeply ingrained within his brain, and now it was almost a natural instinct.

And hence when he practiced in the small dormitory, he did not feel stifled at all.

It was an extremely strange feeling.

After every time he finished performing the eight stances of the [Serpentine stance], Ye Qingyu was able to feel his own body undergoing a mysterious change. There was a strange and mysterious heat that was stimulated from within, changing his body.

After an hour, he finally started to feel tired.

He stopped and fixed his breathing. Ye Qingyu emptied his mind, and then sat on a meditative posture on the stone bed, continuing his training with the nameless breathing technique.

His breathing was slow and deep.

After vaguely realizing the value of this breathing technique, Ye Qingyu began to pay more attention to it.

After approximately one hour.

Ye Qingyu ended his breathing meditation.

The fatigue on his body had disappeared entirely. He felt his vitality improve many times over. The time was already midnight, but it was as if he had just woken up, filled with energy and not feeling tired in the slightest.

This was the effects of the nameless breathing technique.

Then he continued training in the [Serpentine stance].

This entire night, was spent repeating this cycle.

This continued on until the sun started to rise. Only then did Ye Qingyu end his training.

At this time, he could confirm that he has absolutely broken into the first skin stage of the Ordinary Martial stage. This type of speed, apart from making Ye Qingyu surprised, also made him extremely excited.

What the cold Bai Yuqing said was not wrong. He was later than others by four years, and this meant there would be a chasm between him and the others. But if he could continue to cultivate at this kind of speed, then no matter how big the chasm, it could be overcome!! ……


The fragrance of flowers filled the air.

Ye Qingyu had just finished eating breakfast, exiting from the canteen.

He discovered that after training in the [Serpentine stance], something in his body seems to have been stimulated. Not only was his training speed extremely rapid, his appetite also seemed to have greatly increased.

Just then he had eaten over twenty mantous**, ten bowls of congees*** – at least six portions of a normal person’s meal.

“If this continues, I’ll eat myself poor…”

He burped loudly.

In today’s morning lesson, it concerned the essences behind the [Serpentine stance]. For those students who had only begun to learn this technique, it was naturally immensely important.

To absorb the previous experiences of those who had gone through this path before in a lesson was an unavoidable shortcut for many of the students.

But for the Ye Qingyu who had already thoroughly digested the [Serpentine stance], todays lesson held no meaning at all.

After considering for a while, he headed straight for the practicing grounds.

The burly teacher was currently teaching another class.

“Why have you come… eh?”

The burly teacher saw Ye Qingyu, casually asking. But at the next instant, he was like a rabbit that had its hairs plucked out. In a flash, he was in front of Ye Qingyu, carefully inspecting him, his mouth forming an ‘o’ shape.

“The perfection of the skin stage, and you already have one step in the second muscle stage. You motherfucking… are you the reincarnation of the martial god?” The burly teacher was so shocked that he couldn’t help but swear.

Ye Qingyu smiled and just laughed.

“Hmph, fine, I know what you little bastard has come here for. In the [Eight Divine Stances] the [Serpentine stance] is more beneficial for refining that skin, but their effects on the muscles is average.” The burly teacher considered for a moment, quickly understanding Ye Qingyu’s intention.

He nodded his head saying, “After, I’ll pass on the [Bear stance] to you. Out of the [Eight Divine Stances] it is the one most suitable for training the muscle.”

*I know I messed up the translation of her description, so here’s a picture of her hairstyle xD ** Steamed buns *** Savoury rice porridge

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