Imperial God Emperor

Chapter 19 Liu Lei

Chapter 19 – Liu Lei

“Thank you, teacher,” Ye Qingyu thanked him respectfully.

The burly teacher waved his hand, allowing Ye Qingyu to enter the practice grounds.

Then he walked to the middle of the grounds, shouting at the other students. “Okay now, little fellows stop for now. In this class, the majority of the students have already reached the first skin stage, now I will pass on the [Bear stance], the stance best for training your muscles. Watch closely…”

The burly teacher stood with his feet wide apart, his entire aura changing. He was suddenly completely serious, as if he was an ancient bear, instantly emitting an aggressive atmosphere.

“The bear, has the slowest personality but also the most majestic. They have the strongest muscles, even stronger than tigers. You have to remember seven key words ‘knock’, ‘pounce’, ‘tear’, ‘lean’, ‘hold’, ‘roar’, ‘jolt’. Look carefully…”

The burly teacher began to move.

Ye Qingyu observed extremely carefully.

The muscles of the burly teacher suddenly bulged and expanded, as if he was really a bear. Although his movements were slow, but every move was filled with strength, demonstrating the seven keywords perfectly.

The movements of the [Bear stance] seemed to be simpler than the [Serpentine stance]. But the essence of the [Bear stance] was not in the movements of the body but in the movements of the muscle. Every move needed to be coordinated with the actions of every major muscle group. To be able to truly grasp it, the difficult was definitely above that of the [Serpentine stance].

After going through all the stances, the burly teacher hid his aura and gave everyone a glare. “Have you all seen it clearly?”

Every student’s reaction was different.

The foundation of these students was better than the class Ye Qingyu was previously in, with the majority being in the first skin stage of the Ordinary Martial stage. The burly teacher also utilized this opportunity to teach the [Bear stance] to Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu, after seeing it once, immediately began practicing it on the side.

Very quickly, he was able to perform the entire [Bear stance] once.

“This is really more difficult than the [Serpentine stance]. To move the all the muscles of the body in a coordinated fashion needs a great amount of practice…” After finishing the first iteration of the [Bear stance], he did not instantly begin the second iteration like yesterday but rather thought for a while before continuing.

Seeing this, the burly teacher nodded to himself.

Teachers also treated those students who were better at learning with bias, this was human nature. If the students performed well, it would make the teacher feel successful.

This was what the burly teacher was feeling right now.

This was the reason why he paid special attention and care to Ye Qingyu.

When Ye Qingyu went through the fourth repetition of the [Bear stance], the burly teacher could not help but sigh in his heart with admiration.

Was this a monster’s talent?

If the previous three repetitions only looked like the real deal but did not have the essence of it, not yet truly grasping the spirit of the [Bear stance], then this time was different. In this iteration, there was no longer any errors or mistakes, every muscle group coordinating with the seven key words and creating perfection.

Time passed on.

In the entire morning, the burly teacher spent his time mostly in a state of astonishment.

Because when the time was noon, not only had Ye Qingyu fully perfected the [Bear stance], he had also reached the second muscle stage of the Ordinary Martial stage.

Even though after seeing the incident yesterday, the burly teacher had already prepared his heart, but he still could not help but be stunned.

It was not yet two days. If he continued at this speed, then would this little bastard only need tens of days to reach the peak of body refining and enter the Xiantian stage?

What kind of monster was he?

The training continued.

The training of the [Bear stance] was different from the training of the [Serpentine stance]. To truly grasp the seven keywords, some equipment needed to be used.

Within the center of the practice grounds, there were some walls and pillars made of steel. The students would ‘strike’, ‘pounce’ and ‘lean’ against the steel equipment to speed up the effectiveness of the training.

This type of training was extremely painful.

The stronger the impact, the more likely it was that bruises will be formed.

Luckily, White Deer Academy had already prepared medicine for the treatment of bruises and a medicinal bath. When they needed it, the experienced eyes of the burly teacher would pick out the students who showed signs of injury and request for them to stop.

Very quickly, there were tens of figures in the medicinal bath in the center of the practice grounds.


Ye Qingyu hit against a steel wall ferociously.

It produced a huge sound, as if a hammer was striking it.

He did not seem to show the slightest of expression, as if he did not feel pain.

He was topless, sweat oozing from his tanned skin. The sweat looked like jewels under the bright sunlight, causing Ye Qingyu to emit a primitive sort of magnificence.

In these types of impact, the muscles in his shoulder and back received endless refining.

Following the method of the [Bear stance] could greatly lower the risk of injuries. It would cause the muscles in your body to be like steel, the constant impacts removing any impurities in your body and becoming steel.

Pounce, lean, hold, strike…

Different movements, trained different muscles.


Loud sounds of impact were endlessly produced.

The other students were starting to feel numb.

When they saw Ye Qingyu’s crazy method of training that was akin to torture, they were all shocked. They were sure that this method was paramount to suicide, and that he would definitely not be able to keep it up for long. But when Ye Qingyu continued to endure with an expressionlessness face, in their minds they were sure that this teenager was not a human being.

What was even more shocking was that in the entire process of the torturous training, Ye Qingyu did not even jump into the medicinal bath once to get rid of his bruises.

There were several times that the burly teacher wanted to forcefully stop Ye Qingyu’s training. But every time, after inspecting his body, he could discover no hint of bruises within his body.

Ye Qingyu’s body was as tough as a demonic beast.

Apart from Ye Qingyu, after an hour of training in the [Bear stance], there were no students who did not use the properties of the medicinal bath to get rid of their bruises.

Time passed on.

It was nearly midday.

“Okay, today’s training will end here.” The burly teacher gaze moved away from Ye Qingyu, clapping his hands and shouting, “There is still around half an hour till the next lesson, everyone can stop and spar with each other a little…”

This was one of the specialties of lessons within White Deer Academy.

When the lesson was about to end, they would allow the students to spar with each other. This had the effect of deepening their understanding and was a beneficial supplement to the lesson.

It was also an activity that caused the students to feel the most excited.

Ye Qingyu also stopped what he was doing.

Because he was surrounded by the most people.

The students were not idiots. They could long tell that Ye Qingyu’s understanding of the [Bear stance] was quickly approaching master level. They would naturally seek to receive pointers from him, wanting to know what insights he has about this body training technique.

Ye Qingyu did not hide anything, demonstrating all his insights…

At this time, suddenly—

“Haha the little trash has started to teach others. It looks like you are pretty self-confident…” a loud voice filled with provocation travelled over.

Everyone looked over to see the source of the voice. Five or six students that did not belong in this class had already unknowingly come to the practice grounds.

Liu Ye was one of the people in this group.

These six students with faces filled with arrogance, entered the practice grounds.

The teenager leading them had a long thin figure. He had a hooked nose with long eyebrows, and in his eyes, was the dangerous glare of a wild beast.

“You are Ye Qingyu?” the teenager with the hooked nose asked, staring at him.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head. “And you are?”

“I’ve heard you are very arrogant and don’t care about noble students.” The hook-nosed student licked his lips, then said with a smile, “I only want to know, who are you, that you dare to be so arrogant?”

Ye Qingyu was about to say something but the little kids around him was already reacting. Feeling the tension in the air, their tone became unfriendly.

“What class are you guys?”

“We are currently in a lesson, you dare interrupt us?”

“Whether he is arrogant or not, what does this have to do with you? We are in the middle of a lesson, please leave!”

The students in the class were all protective of Ye Qingyu.

This was partly due to the fact that they were impressed by Ye Qingyu’s efforts during the training and partly due to the fact that Ye Qingyu showed them his insights regarding training without reservation.

“Haha…” The hook-nosed teenager laughed lightly, his glance passing through the crowd. He said, “A group of trash, the weakest and most pitiful worms of White Deer Academy dares to bark in front of me. No medicine can save you from your own idiocy…”

Before he had finished…

The hook-nosed teenager fiercely punched.


One of the steel pillars used to train the [Bear stance] was as if it was struck by lightning, violently shaking. A clear imprint of his fist was clearly marked three fingers deep on the steel pillar.


“A terrifying strength!”

“Could this be the strength of a Spirit spring expert?”

The originally angry students were stunned, everyone with their mouths opened wide, their expressions dazed.

This kind of strength had already exceeded their understanding.

Just by casually striking, he had left such a deep imprint on the steel pillar. The fist of the hook-nosed teenager was unmarked and unblemished; this was definitely not the level of strength of the Ordinary stage.

“How about it? You over-confident little trashes, are you starting to feel scared? That’s right, the little trash called Ye Qingyu, I hear you are very cocky and confident; right now do you want to have a spar with me?”

The hook-nosed student laughed, provocatively gesturing at Ye Qingyu with his finger.

“That’s enough Liu Lei, stop now,” the silent voice of the burly teacher suddenly spoke. “Don’t cause trouble, this is the classroom and is not the place where you can go rabid.”

So the name of the hook-nosed teenager was called Liu Lei.

The burly teacher seemed to recognize him.

Liu Lei was ranked seven in the examination results and was one of the talents that the White Deer Academy placed great attention on. He was from a wealthy background and was also mad about martial arts. He was young but he did not know how to pull his punches.

He had a brutal personality. Before entering the academy, he had already killed or caused major injury in over forty people in various competitions. When he goes crazy, he cared about nothing.

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