Imperial God Emperor

Chapter 28 Ill Wait for You in the Yellow River

Chapter 28 – I’ll Wait for You in the Yellow River

When they recovered and were able to recognize the person in front of them, Liu Lei was dumbfounded for a moment then starting laughing maniacally. “Ye Qingyu? You’ve heard what we said… Haha, a thing that doesn’t know what death is, you’ve actually come out. Good, today I will make you beg for life and death!”

“He is Ye Qingyu?” The chubby second year’s gaze swept past him, his face sinister. “Why speak so much with such a commoner trash, capture him then we’ll speak.”

Before he had finished.

The slightly chubby teenager charged.

His footwork was profound and his figure extremely agile. His hands grabbed at something from the air, and suddenly a sword giving off a cold light appeared in his hands. His sword move was like lightning, stabbing straight for Ye Qingyu’s throat.




These three words were demonstrated fully within this sword strike.

The chubby teenager deserved to be a second year student. He could already sense the energy within Heaven and Earth and his strength was extremely powerful. As the saying goes, ‘Once a veteran makes a move, then you’ll know whether he has it.’ His strength was definitely much stronger than a normal first year!

If it was a few days earlier, to face such an opponent, Ye Qingyu would definitely be hard pressed.

But right now…


A huge noise was produced.

Ye Qingyu’s wrists moved, swiping the spear across and counter striking, meeting the sword in mid-air. All of a sudden, bright orange sparks appeared in the moonlit night.

The chubby teenager could only feel a heat between his thumb and forefinger. Then, the spirit weapon in his hand was bent forcefully till it resembled a snake. With an explosion of sound, the sword shattered, pieces of it stabbing into his body!


He spat out a mouthful of blood, his complexion as terrified as a dog, quickly retreating.

But in the next instant, Ye Qingyu pressed forward. The spear in his left hand again swept forward, causing a violent turbulence in the air, as if it had the power of a surging river behind the strike!

The chubby teenager did not have time to avoid and was struck in the stomach. Instantly, the cracking and snapping sounds of ribs could be heard. His entire person was like a kite that had been cut, soaring through the air and landing on a boulder far off in the distance.

“You…” The chubby teenager stared dumbly at Ye Qingyu, his face filled with disbelief

He could not even formulate a whole sentence. His whole body spasmed, the bones in his body were nearly all broken. All five of his internal organs suffered internal bleeding, and his breathing was irregular. It seemed he would not live for much longer!

The series of moves was too fast.

In the time it takes for a spark to ignite, like a hawk catching a rabbit, Ye Qingyu completely crushed the chubby teenager with the force of roaring thunder. It gave no time for Liu Lei or the youth with the fire red hair to react.


“How is it possible?”

The two were completely dumbfounded.

They had never thought that this would happen to the three of them. Originally, they were hunting a lamb when they searched for Ye Qingyu, a simple task. But who would have thought that their weak prey did not turn into a lamb but instead into a vicious wolf, turning their roles around!

Seeing his strike succeed, Ye Qingyu did not hesitate. He threw the spear in his left hand like a javelin.

A cold light flashed.

The spear was like black lightning under the moonlight.

Instantly, goose bumps appeared on the fire-red-haired teenager. It was the premonition of death. This made him react in the quickest time, instinctively swinging his weapon!


Another huge impact.

When the sword hit the spear, it did not do as the fire-red-haired teenager imagined. Instead of sending it flying, it only altered the course of the projectile slightly.

The spear stabbed through the left breast of the red-haired teenager.

With the accompaniment of sparks, cracks appeared on the sword. This could demonstrate how great the impact actually was. The spear carried with it a huge residual force, sending the fire-red-haired teenager several tens of meters back and nailing him on a towering stone pillar far off in the distance!

Blood flowed everywhere!

The fire-red-haired teenager’s eyes were filled with despair, howling like a jackal.

And nearly at the same time, the spear in Ye Qingyu’s right hand was like a torrential rainstorm, coming towards Liu Lei.

Within the dark night, killing intent was everywhere.

From when he started to act, Ye Qingyu had already decided that he would leave no one alive. He did not want to give the three time to breathe and recover at all. First he would destroy the strongest two of the group, the second years. Then he would take care of Liu Lei, who was not his opponent at all!


Liu Lei screamed like a madman. The sword in his hands swirled in patterns, wanting to block the meteorite-like strike of the spear.

But very quickly, the steel sword became steel debris that scattered throughout the sky.

In Liu Lei’s hand, only a bare sword handle was left.

Even if it was only half of the [Inexorable spear] it still weighed over six hundred pounds. Pair that up with the explosive herculean power of Ye Qingyu, the combat power that it can produce was at this moment, invincible.

This type of power, was completely impossible to withstand for Liu Lei.

It was also not something that a steel sword was able to withstand.


Crimson blood started spurting from wounds on his body.

In the blink of an eye, he had been hit by ten spear strikes!

“You… dare kill me?” Liu Lei screamed hoarsely, retreating backwards frantically.

“To kill you, is like killing an ant!” Ye Qingyu advanced, the spear in his hand swinging as if he was about to kill an insect.

These words were said by Liu Lei and the others and now Ye Qingyu repeated their words.

“The supervising teacher is near. Hahaha, you dare kill your fellow students, if the academy knows then you are dead for sure…” Liu Lei screamed mournfully, trying to use words to affect Ye Qingyu’s mentality. He was trying to delay his death.

“Really? I’ve heard from someone that the supervising teacher has encountered some trouble, and can’t pay attention to the group members…” Ye Qingyu coldly smiled, not being moved in the slightest.

If not for this news, Ye Qingyu would never have decided to fight with them. This was due to the fact that White Deer Academy was extremely harsh towards killings between students.

“Aaaaaaaa… intricate spirit cover, open…” Liu Lei screamed frantically.

At this time—

Suddenly, the jade pendant that Liu Lei had on his waist, glowed with splendour. It formed an arc-like barrier and with a clunk, blocked the killing blow of Ye Qingyu!

Ye Qingyu’s facial expression did not change. His second killing blow struck out again like a bolt of lightning.

He had long calculated that wealthy students would have items that would protect their lives in critical moments. But it could not stop Ye Qingyu’s burning killing intent. When Liu Lei had said that he would dig up his parents’ graves, Ye Qingyu had decided, he would not give any chance for Liu Lei to live on in this world. No matter the sacrifice or price that he would have to pay!


The [Inexorable spear] was like a hammer weighing over ten thousand pounds. It repeatedly struck the barrier, the terrifying impact sending Liu Lei stuttering back several steps and flying backwards.

“You commoner slave… You have guts…” Liu Lei continued to try and threaten Ye Qingyu.

“To kill a trash, why do I need guts?” Ye Qingyu’s strength increased explosively. His spear stabbed out, violently advancing. The crude and rough metal tip caused sparks to appear in the air from the friction with the barrier.


As if an invisible glass had shattered, the rune formation around Liu Lei was finally broken.

Liu Lei’s face turned pale, and was about to say something…

Ye Qingyu’s spear stabbed out, blood flowing as if crimson flowers were blooming. With a few snaps, he broke the limbs of Liu Lei.

“Aaa, Aaaaaaa…” Liu Lei howled

Ye Qingyu stepped forward, the tip of the spear touching Liu Lei’s throat.

“Aaaaa, aaaaaaaa …” Liu Lei spurted out a mouthful of blood, then began laughing maniacally. “You… You won’t dare to kill me, the Liu family will not let you go… I have a peerage, if you kill me, then you’ll become a prosecuted criminal of the entire Snow Country!”

“If I don’t kill you, I won’t be able to rest in peace.” Ye Qingyu’s tone was calm and peaceful. He said, “Previously, it was you who intentionally provoked me in the practice grounds. You wanted to use that sparring opportunity to cripple me. I only broke one of your arm and that was me going easy on you. Who would have thought you would go and find people to kill me…”

“Haha, I am nobility! Since you have dared injure me, you deserve to die!” Liu Lei said bitingly.

“Really? Since if you live, then you will use various means to attempt to kill me, then if I just kill you, no one will bother me.” Ye Qingyu began to laugh. “To take care of a crazy dog, you must exterminate it without a shred of leniency!”

After saying this, Ye Qingyu could suddenly sense something. He coldly snorted, swinging the spear and hitting a boulder near him.


The mountain-like boulder was hurled away by the explosive impact. Like it was Mt Tai, it pressed down on the fire-red-haired youth that was trying to escape, trapping him under the boulder. It crushed him into pulp, with only one leg outside the boulder, twitching.

This second year student, after being stabbed through the chest was still not dead. The life force of someone who had half a step in the Xiantian stage was definitely astounding. Through a moment’s carelessness, Ye Qingyu had nearly allowed him to escape!

“I’ve already killed two, it doesn’t matter if I kill one more.” Ye Qingyu had already decided. He would not leave any trouble unresolved.

“You…” Even though Liu Lei was crazy, he was still at the most a youth at his teens. He finally began to feel fear. “You can’t kill me, at the most I will never seek to trouble you ever again!”

“Haha, you say people are stupid, but what about you? You are the true idiot here, I’ve already killed two of your dogs, would I spare you?” Ye Qingyu’s gaze held contempt as he looked down. He said, “You must know what is killing someone to silence them forever right? Even if I believed that you will not bother me again in the future, I would still kill you!”

Liu Lei was speechless.

For the first time, fear appeared on his face.

That’s right, Ye Qingyu had already killed two second year students. To prevent news of this leaking, he will definitely not let me go… It was a situation where he was sure to die.

“I’m sorry, you forced me.” Ye Qingyu did not want to say anything more. To prevent a ‘long night with many dreams*’, his spear acted. Before Liu Lei could say anything more, the spear stabbed him through the left chest directly into his heart.

“You… will die painfully… I have a marking on my body, by killing me… The Liu family will find out in the first instant. Haha, I’ll wait for you by the yellow river road**!” At his last moment, Liu Lei cursed Ye Qingyu, filled with despair and fear, his eyes staring unblinkingly at him.

Ye Qingyu frowned.

He had already heard that some noble families would place a Spirit marking on their children. If their children were killed, then the marking would transfer onto the body of the killer. The marking could not be washed off, so the perpetrator could be found sooner or later.

If it really was like that, then it would be troublesome.

Ye Qingyu looked at the grey and dull sky. It looks like a storm was going to arrive. He needed to erase all traces of evidence and leave.

*Chinese idiom: means that the longer that you leave something unresolved, the more troubles you will encounter.

** where Chinese people believe souls will end up

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