Imperial God Emperor

Chapter 29 Waves Spreading

Chapter 29 – Waves Spreading

Deer City.

Liu family’s mansion.

The head of the mansion, Liu Yuanchang, could be counted as one of the main powers of Deer City. He had received a title of nobility from the royal family of Snow Country, and could be counted as a true noble. The Liu family was also one of the biggest families in the city, and Liu Yuancheng was trusted by the city leader, holding a position of high status and power.


“The sky is falling down. Not good, not good. Young master Liu Lei’s life plaque is broken…” The servant who was in charge of looking after the ancestral plaques, suddenly squealed like a pig who was about to get slaughtered, breaking the silence of the Liu mansion.

Very quickly, all the important members of the Liu family were alerted.

“How can this be? Didn’t Lei-er go to participate in the practical battle training? What happened…” Liu Yuancheng was about fifty years of age, and looking cultured and elegant. He had three wisps of hair in his beard that grew to his chest. When he was young, he could be counted as a handsome man.

To be able to become a subordinate of the city leader office, the strength of the Liu Yuancheng was definitely great. The way he did things was also flawless and conniving, without displaying joy or anger. But at this time he was shocked and angry, as furious as thunder.

Liu Lei was a son that he had in his later years, and was also his only son. He had always been spoiled causing him to have a warped crazy personality, where he did things without fearing the consequences. Liu Lei had always had the protection of Liu Yuancheng, so even if he caused any trouble, Liu Yuancheng would block it for his son.

During this time in the wilderness training, Liu Lei was accompanied by geniuses like Qin Wushuang. He also had a treasure that could block one full strike from a Spirit spring expert, and the protection of the supervising teacher of White Deer Academy. From Liu Yuancheng’s perspective, his son was definitely safe without any possibility of encountering danger, so why…

“Who killed my Lei-er? Quickly activate the ancestral altar, I need to see what happened. No matter who it is that killed him, I will turn his bones into ashes…”

To activate the ancestral altar was an extremely serious matter, and it also utilized a lot of resources.

But Liu Yuanchang was already enveloped by sorrow and rage, furious as rumbling thunder. His entire body was encircled with a killing intent and he did not take into consideration anything other than vengeance.

Very quickly the ancestral altar began to activate.

Rune after rune began to glow on the altar, with a strange energy emitting from them. A ray of light began to emit from the top of the altar towards an empty space, forming a light screen.

“This is area 9B of White Deer Academy, it is the area with the highest difficulty. Lei-er and the others actually went there… Eh? Nothing is showing, what happened?”

Liu Yuanchang was incomparably flabbergasted and livid.

Within the light screen, an indistinct image of where Liu Lei had went showed up. But at the last moment, the screen was fuzzy and unclear, not being able to indicate what Liu Lei had last experienced. There was a chaotic fog that appeared in the screen, as if there was some kind of energy preventing them from seeing what happened.

“What is happening? Could it be someone that is acting from behind the scenes?”

The ancestral altar was gifted by the royal family of the Snow Country. It was said to come from the hands of rune masters at the Bitter Sea stage, and only people with titles of nobility could possess them. It had never been wrong before, but today it failed to clearly witness the process of Liu Lei’s death?

Liu Yuancheng was both vexed and angry.

“No matter who it is, once I discover him, I’ll make him beg for life and death. I will definitely turn his bones to the ashes, and kill everyone that he knows… Aaaaa, Wuwu, my Lei-er…”

Within the Liu mansion, a sound like the sorrowful and hateful curses of a ghost resounded throughout.

A ray of light shone on the sky, heading straight for White Deer Academy.

The livid Liu Yuancheng, did not care that flying was not permitted in the city anymore. He headed straight for White Deer Academy, the furious sounds of Liu Yuancheng’s anguish resounding throughout the entire Deer City.

“White Deer Academy, my son is dead! I demand an explanation!” …… ……

One day after.

Ye Qingyu had already appeared in a training area a hundred miles from where the incident happened.

He had been there for half the day already.

He threw the bodies of Liu Lei and the two second years into the turbulent boundless river. He then erased all signs and evidence that he had once appeared in that area. Ye Qingyu believed that the torrential rainstorm that had occurred not long after he left, would also aid him in hiding his tracks.

This way, even the top martial experts would not be able to find anything that would link back to him.

Ye Qingyu did not know what happened in the Liu family mansion a thousand miles away. He also did not know that he was able to hide from the observation of the ancestral altar thanks to a mysterious reason.

There was still one day till the end of the practical battle training.

Ye Qingyu did not demonstrate too strong a strength again. He continued to operate in a small area, sometimes killing wild beasts, but he did not hunt demonic beasts again. The majority of the time he spent hiding and continuing to cultivate in the [Tuo stance].

The sixth stage of the ordinary martial stage, the most important aspect was to train and strengthen your organs.

According to the [Tuo stance] techniques, one needed to activate the purified blood and bone marrow from the fourth and fifth stage, and use that to continuously nourish the organs within the body. Only by transforming the organs till they are translucent and clear, ridding it of any Houtian impurities, could it be counted that he had reached the consummate stage of organ stage.

This was a process that required him to be slow and deliberate.

Ye Qingyu did not rush. Every day he would calmly and steadily continue to cultivate.

Midday, when Ye Qingyu had just awoken from his state of mediation from training in the [Tuo stance], and was about to practice his spear form, when suddenly—


A sharp explosion reverberated throughout the air.

On the blue sky, a humongous image of White Deer Academy appeared, that was extremely realistic. Everyone from hundreds of miles away would be able to see this image clearly.

“This is the academy’s assembly order!”

Ye Qingyu stood up, thinking.

According to his original estimation, it should have been tomorrow before the wilderness training would end. But since the academy had given the assembly order earlier than expected, something must have happened. The greatest possibility for this change was that the death of Liu Lei and the others had finally been discovered.

Ye Qingyu smiled. After stowing away his things, he set off, heading towards the gathering point.

His heart was without fear.

…… ……

“What? Liu Lei died?”

After hearing of this news, a stunned expression appeared on Qin Wushuang’s face.

He could hardly believe what he had just heard. He looked towards the students beside him, and seemed to suddenly have thought of something. His head lowered towards the ground, countless ideas and speculations floating inside his mind.

Yan Xingtian and the others, who were rushing to get here, were also greatly stunned by the news.

During the group training of White Deer Academy, there had always been a certain element of danger. Heavy injuries had occurred before since this was an exercise used to train their practical battle abilities. But in the last forty years, there had been no deaths that had appeared during this exercise.

And when everyone thought about the status of Liu Lei, everyone realized that the ensuing storm would definitely be big.

How did Liu Lei die?

No one knew.

The atmosphere around was as if it was frozen solid. There was an indescribable seriousness and chilliness.

Four respected elders from the academy had rushed here from Deer City to control the situation. On one side they asked information about Liu Lei and on the other side, they reassured members of the number one Heaven group.

The other side.

Liu Yuancheng was standing with a cold fury on his face.

He was like a crazed lion that had lost its cub. He stood there silently, observing every member that was worthy of suspicion. Perhaps Liu Lei did die at the hands of a demonic beast, but these students were also suspects.

Liu Yuancheng was like a volcano that was about to erupt.

Beside him, twenty experts from the city leader’s office and the government stood there. They were as fierce and imposing as flames, standing there waiting for their orders.

In reality, in the past day, they had already investigated the entire 9B area. They did not let go of any suspicious aspects, especially the fact that the light screen of the ancestral altar was blocked and made them unable to investigate Liu Lei’s last moments. Everything was investigated.

Every member of the number one Heaven group was not alerted to this fact. Instead, they secretively observed them for a period of time, but it was a pity that they had not yet discovered any clues.

Liu Yuancheng who was enraged to his limits, once again took it out on White Deer Academy.

What made the teachers of White Deer Academy embarrassed and awkward was the first person to discover the death of Liu Lei was the city leader office and not the supervising teacher. Unquestionably, this placed the entire White Deer Academy in an unfavourable and defensive position.

And what made the academy even more passive, was up until now, they had still not yet discovered the corpse of Liu Lei. They did not even know how he had died.

Time passed on.

The members of the number one Heaven group returned one by one. When they heard this news, they were all speechless.

Ye Qingyu was the last one to appear.

He came alone, and attracted the gazes of everyone.

“What? Liu Lei is dead?” When Yan Xingtian told the news to him, his eyes opened wide in shock and astonishment. He had an extremely stunned expression, as if he was a rabbit that was petrified.

This made the suspicions of Qin Wushuang and Yan Xingtian to evaporate.

Could it be that Ye Qingyu really did not know anything?

Liu Yuancheng’s gaze rested on Ye Qingyu’s figure. His eyes were like dissection knives, wanting to inspect every inch of Ye Qingyu’s body, from the inside to the outside.

In the process of the interrogation, he had already gathered from the mouths of Qin Wushuang, Yan Xingtian and the others that this teenager once had a grudge with Liu Lei. And Liu Lei also secretly planned to deal with this teenager.

If the perpetrator really was hidden within the students, then unquestionably, the commoner named Ye Qingyu had the greatest suspicion.

But after thinking for a bit, Liu Yuancheng could see the flaws in this assumption.

Ye Qingyu’s strength was only at the beginning stages of the sixth stage of the ordinary martial stage. Even if he had a greater strength than normal and was able to win against his son, it was impossible that he was able to win against the two students that his son had recruited. It was even more impossible that he possessed the power to block the observation of the ancestral altar.

After thinking this, his anger was even greater than before. Who could it possibly be?

The night arrived.

The interrogation and investigation continued.

Every student was asked three or four times where they had been, with Ye Qingyu being interrogated the most. Not only was he the one with the greatest suspicion, he was also the only person that had always acted alone without other students vouching for his whereabouts.

But in the end, no matter whether through the investigation of White Deer Academy or the Liu family, no clues were discovered.

The fake teacher Blue Sky came wrapped in bandages like a mummy, bumping and hitting against everything on his way. When Liu Yuancheng saw Blue Sky, the anger he had been suppressing finally erupted.

The freshmen students were concentrated within their tents, and everyone was not able to sleep.

When half the night had passed, they were able to hear the shouting of angry voices and heated discussions. After that, they could hear the terrifying clash of energy, evidently there were true yuan qi experts who were fighting. This continued on for a long time…

When the morning arrived, an old teacher announced with an expressionless face that the training had ended.

By the time it was noon, everyone had returned to Deer City.

On the surface, everything seemed peaceful.

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