Imperial God Emperor

Chapter 9 Bai Yuqing

Chapter 9 – Bai Yuqing

After numerous years of tradition, an atmosphere of legend and mystery enshrouded the [Residence of Heaven’s Will].

In the minds of the students it represented an indisputable and unattainable status. Other student groups and clubs could hardly compare. In these past years, even the higher ups of White Deer Academy gave it a significant amount of attention.

For every White Deer Academy student, to be able of enter the [Residence of Heaven’s Will] once, would become a symbol of status.

The moonlight was bright.

Today the [Residence of Heaven’s Will] was especially active.

The previous year’s fourth year students were just graduating and the new fourth year students were about to become the new senior students of the academy. The leaders of the [Residence of Heaven’s Will] had also passed on the control of the residence by relinquishing it to the three most exceptional aristocratic students.

The banquet was held namely for this occasion.

The energy formation separated this water garden from the outside world. In the night, it glimmered with a dazzling brightness, making it seem glorious and beautiful.

As a student passed by here, faintly hear the sounds of dance and music, they could not help but display an expression of admiration and envy.

It was a pity that to enter here, the requirements were too high. Even for a typical person from a small noble family, they did not possess the rights to enter here.

In the same night, Jiang Xiaohan’s mood was not bad.

Because this was her first time entering the [Residence of Heaven’s Will].

From the first moment on when entering the White Deer Academy, one of Jiang Xiaohan’s goals was to be able to enter the [Residence of Heaven’s Will] and to become a member of this top group.

For this she had sacrificed a lot, being rejected numerous times and mocked.

She hated the fact that she did not come from a noble family, she hated her parents who were only the lowly poor.

She evidently had exceptional talent in the martial path, greatly exceeding a typical noble child. But she had to endure the shame of her background, she had to put in hundreds, thousands of times the normal effort to achieve recognition.

And the reason that she was able to appear in the [Residence of Heaven’s Will], was not due to her own efforts and talent, making the group recognise her. It was only due to the fact that Han Xiaofei had gifted her tickets to the banquet tonight.

See, this was the laughable reality.

People from a noble family could casually gift tickets that children from a poor background could never obtain, even if they put in a thousand times the effort.

Within Jiang Xiaohan’s heart she felt sorrowful, but she still wore her most beautiful outfit to make herself seem dazzling. On her face, she had her more beautiful and sincere smile, linking arms with Han Xiaofei and appearing in the banquet.

She was able to tell that the instant she appeared in the banquet numerous eyes of male students brightened.

Those lofty noble female students, none of them could compare with her.

“Xiaofei, you’re late, you must be punished to drink…” A tall noble student came over and greeted Han Xiaofei. Then his gaze fell upon Jiang Xiaohan, saying, “Your female partner is very beautiful, which family does she comes from… She seems slightly familiar…”

Then, few more people who were familiar with Han Xiaofei came over to socialize.

“Let me introduce you, this is junior sister Xiaohan who was able to enter the top twenty in the Deer City rankings.”

“Jiang Xiaohan? Eh, I’ve heard…” The tall noble students seem to have thought of something, frowning.

Jiang Xiaohan could be counted as a significant figure within the fourth year. But due to her family background, she originally did not have the right to appear in the [Residence of Heaven’s Will]. Who would have thought that Han Xiaofei would bring her here, disregarding the rules slightly.

But after thinking for a bit, one of the current leaders of the [Residence of Heaven’s Will] was Han Xiaofei’s cousin, Han Shuangfu. With this connection, he estimated that Han Xiaofei would not be punished or blamed.

In a short while, a considerate amount of people had gathered near Han Xiaofei.

Jiang Xiaohan put out all the stops and very quickly these haughty aristocrats were talking and laughing with her, she rapidly became a hit.

One could not deny, that this beautiful girl had exceptional charisma and allure.

“I heard that senior brother Xiaofei and junior sister Xiaohan went to the selection grounds today? Did you encounter any interesting things?” intoxicated by liquor, the tall noble student casually asked.

Han Xiaofei had a faint smile; “Nothing much, but junior sister Xiaohan managed to meet with someone from her past…”

“Eh? Who is this person, let’s hear it,” some people encouraged.

Jiang Xiaohan lowered the goblet in her hand and with a beautiful smile casually said, “It was only one of my childhood playmates. He had entered this year’s selection process, but maybe because of impacts from these past years, his brain has become a bit abnormal. He keeps thinking that he is a genius, going insane after reaching his limit. I saw he was so pitiful, I only went to try and persuade him with a few words…”

“These kinds of trash without any shred of self-awareness is plenty everywhere. Junior sister Xiaohan you are kind, you did not need to interfere at all,” a noble girl with large eyes said.

“Oh, I just could not bear it…” Jiang Xiaohan sighed, displaying an extremely regretful appearance.

“Junior sister Xiaohan’s playmate from her childhood? Then does this mean, he is already fourteen or fifteen years old? Haha, in so many years, still not being able to enter the academy, he is definitely garbage…” The noble students loudly laughed.

After finishing laughing, the noble students casually asked, “Does this idiot have a name? Come, say it for everyone to hear, haha!”

“That’s right, this is an extremely interesting event,” Han Xiaofei with a faint smile, said, “That’s right, what’s the name of the loach again? Junior sister Xiaohan.”

Jiang Xiaohan, hearing that, said with a full smile, “Thinking about it, this fellow is pretty famous within Deer City but it is not the good kind of fame… He’s called Ye Qingyu!”

Before the voice had fully dispersed.

The smiling expression of the tall student and the other nobles had frozen.

“Ye Qingyu?” The tall student’s tone has changed slightly, saying, “That fellow is your childhood playmate?”

Jiang Xiaohan did not manage to notice the change in attitude of the group. She said with a smile, “That’s right, it was the person who was once named the number one genius. The joke of the previous Dean, he actually believed! Speaking about it, he is rather pitiful…”

After leaving the blood qi appraisal grounds today, to prepare for tonight’s banquet she was accompanied by Han Xiaofei to select her outfit for tonight. Therefore, the things that happened after, she certainly had no knowledge of.

To be able to enter the [Residence of Heaven’s Will] evening banquet for a girl drunk in status like her, was absolutely the most important thing to happen to her after entering White Deer Academy. She had diverted her entire attention and immersed herself in enjoyment and joy of being able to attend this event, completely not considering Ye Qingyu’s affairs.

And the Han Xiaofei who was accompanying her all along, naturally would also not know what happened afterwards.

But the noble students and the other fourth year students were extremely clear of what had happened and Ye Qingyu’s terrifying performance.

Using only five appraisals, not only entering White Deer Academy, but also managing to rank number twenty-one in the examination rankings.

This kind of person, how did he become the pitiful person Jiang Xiaohan was describing.

Within the entire Deer City, it was unknown how many people’s faces were ferociously slapped until swollen tonight. It was even more unknown, how many people hoped to become a ‘pitiful’ person like Ye Qingyu!

“Ah, senior brother Han, concerning this Ye Qingyu… do you also feel that he is a pitiful worm?” A noble student with a good relationship called Gao Shenghan, coughed twice to hint at something lest he say something wrong.

Han Xiaofei did not manage to catch the signal, casually saying with a smile, “What’s wrong with that appraisal? A loach dreaming of becoming a genius, fantasizing about becoming a carp leaping over the dragon gate*. He has dreamed too much that he is quickly going insane!”

Jiang Xiaohan continued on with a smile, saying, “That’s right, this Ye Qingyu is already crazy. After becoming the laughing stock of Deer City in his fifth attempt to enter the academy, the head supervisor in order to not let him be embarrassed, intentionally allowed him to wait to go through the test when no one was there. Who knew he would not appreciate the thought behind this, but would instead cause trouble in the testing area? Because I remembered our shared history, I went to give him a few words of advice but he mocked me instead…”

Before she had finished, suddenly a voice was heard—

“Hypocrisy! Laughable! Pitiful! Ignorance!”

These words were said bitingly and clear, bringing with it an undisguised contempt and disdain. It was obviously targeted at Jiang Xiaohan and Han Xiaofei.

Han Xiaofei’s expression darkened.

What kind of person would dare to be so arrogant in front of him?

He turned his head to look with a face filled with rage, and in the far away light saw a student wearing robes as white as snow walking towards him.

The next instant, the anger on his face disappeared entirely.

The figure walking towards him was an extremely beautiful girl.

With a graceful posture and a slim waist, she had a thick cloud of black hair which set off her white jade-like skin even more. What was originally an ordinary student robe, when she wore it, it became like something sacred. She managed to bring out what normal people could not in the robe, and the robe accentuated her long legs.

She came from under the moonlight, as if she was an aloof ice fairy.

“So it was Senior Sister Bai Yuqing!”

“We greet Senior Sister Bai!”

“No wonder, the person who did not give face to Han Xiaofei was her.

She is currently the fairy of White Deer Academy, the number one Bai Yuqing and also one of the three leaders of [Residence of Heaven’s Will].”

“The influence of the Bai family is definitely not weaker in the slightest when compared to the Han family.”

At this instant, everyone chattered with excitement. Every student stood and greeted the white-robed Bai Yuqing, evidently showing the high status she had within White Deer Academy’s fourth year students.

Even Han Xiaofei dared not tarry, standing and greeting Bai Yuqing with his hands clasped.

Jiang Xiaohan lowered her head slightly, a hint of anger flashing through her eyes. She knew that this girl was insulting her, but she could not show the slightest trace of dissatisfaction.

This girl called Bai Yuqing, the position and status that she possessed had always been a figure that Jiang Xiaohan admired and envied at the same time.

*Chinese idiom, basically the carp once it had leaped over the gate would become a dragon.

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