Imperial God Emperor

Chapter 10 Its Not That He Cant, But Its That He Wont

Chapter 10 – It’s Not That He Can’t, But It’s That He Won’t

Jiang Xiaohan could be counted as a goddess within White Deer Academy, possessing abundant admirers but when compared to Bai Yuqing, it was like the difference between the sky and the earth.

Bai Yuqing of White Deer Academy!

She was truly a goddess that can affect the entire Deer City.

“What is the meaning behind senior sister Bai’s words, can it be that you are familiar with a trash like Ye Qingyu?”

Bai Yuqing was like ethereal frozen moonlight. She gave him a glance but did not say anything.

But Han Xiaofei understood the meaning behind that glance—

It was a type of lofty disdain and contempt that naturally exhibited itself.

As one of the top four handsome men within the academy, within the eyes of the number one goddess of White Deer Academy, he was not any different from a flea.

This caused Han Xiaofei to be unspeakably furious.

But there was nothing he could do.

“Haha, Junior Brother Han may not know, but the trash that you mentioned in today’s examination rankings achieved a shocking result.

Just by relying on the results of five appraisals, he was able to enter the top thirty of the rankings. Furthermore, he was personally admitted by great teacher Hon, becoming the first in history who obtained the right to enter the academy just by doing five appraisals,” a noble carrying a fan walked out from beside Bai Yuqing said with a faint smile.

Once the noble had finished speaking, Han Xiaofei instantly realised what had happened and the rage in his heart instantly turned into consternation.

And Jiang Xiaohan’s expression at the same instant, underwent a huge change.

“What did you say? How is this possible? Only going through five appraisals but placing in the top thirty, does this mean…” Han Xiaofei thought of a difficult to believe explanation.

“That’s right,” the noble carrying a fan confirmed with a smile. “The results of Ye Qingyu’s five appraisals, was the top results possible…”

After saying this, he hesitated for a bit feeling that his words were not impactful enough. “According to rumours this was because of limits in the testing apparatus of White Deer Academy, perhaps, Ye Qingyu’s performance is even more terrifying and is in a realm we cannot hope to comprehend.

Han Xiaofei was dumbfounded.

“How is this possible?” Jiang Xiaohan involuntarily shouted. “That trash how can he reach this stage? If he was really so gifted, then in the previous four examinations how did he perform so badly? He… must have cheated!”

Numerous eyes concentrated on her.

The fan carrying students still retained his faint smile, but the gaze he used to look at Jiang Xiaohan was now filled with a slight mockery.

“Cheating? How is that possible, the instruments used to examine the students in the selection process are made by experts of the Bitter Sea stage. It has never failed before. From the time since White Deer Academy was founded, no one has successfully cheated before.

Besides, within the appraisals there were hundreds if not thousands of people spectating, with great teacher Hon personally supervising. Ye Qingyu is but a commoner, what kind of method could he use to cheat?”

“Since Senior Brother Zhou Yu has judged that he did not cheat, then naturally he did not cheat.” Han Xiaofei recovered his posture, looking embarrassed.

The fan carrying noble student was called Zhou Yu and was similarly from a noble family. From when he was small, he read all sorts of books claiming that he has an eidetic memory, reading over 10 thousand scrolls. He possessed profound wisdom and never made a mistake and was also skilled in the art of divination where it was rumoured that he could understand Heaven’s Will. An air of mystery surrounded him and he was known as [Little Wizard] within the students.

Within the fourth year students, Zhou Yu was one of the top five in the rankings, considerably higher than Han Xiaofei.

There naturally could be no objection to his words.

Han Xiaofei secretly gave Jiang Xiaohan a signal, indicating that she should no longer speak about Ye Qingyu. Being laughed at was one thing, but offending Bai Yuqing and Zhou Yu would be a great loss.

Furthermore, the events tonight was evidently caused through the fact that they did not pay attention to the news, saying wrong things and becoming a laughingstock.

But the mental state of Jiang Xiaohan had already been devastated by this piece of news.

Her brain was a complete blank. At this instant, even she herself was not clear on what her emotions were – was it regret, was it rage or was it something else entirely? In the end, this emotional turmoil caused this clever, beautiful girl to entirely miss Han Xiaofei’s signal.

If it was her on any other day, she would definitely shut her mouth. But at this instant, she had already lost all reasoning. She again questioned in a loud voice, “Impossible, completely impossible, if he did not cheat…

Then how do you explain his previous four performances”

Zhou Yu seemed as if he had already predicted this question.

He waved his fan, and with his signature smile, said, “Idiots are always fooled by the scenes in front of him. Wise people can see the truth behind the scenes. Ye Qingyu’s performance in the last four years, the only reason he could have performed so badly can only be due to one thing: Its not that he can’t, but it’s that he won’t.”

“He won’t?” Jiang Xiaohan hesitated.

“I guess that Ye Qingyu has some sort of special reason that he doesn’t want to enter White Deer Academy. He intentionally failed his examination so that was the reason why he performed so poorly. He pretended he was dumb, so people naturally wouldn’t suspect anything.

And this time where he shocked everyone, was because this time he finally wants to enter the White Deer Academy, so he showed his true ability.”

Everyone who heard this could not help but be dumbfounded.

If that was really true, then this Ye Qingyu was really too terrifying.

A person, how confident does one have to be, to make such a crazy choice?

He consecutively gave up four times the chance to enter the White Deer academy. This kind of chance was extremely rare – even for the youths from small noble families or merchant families.

In an instant, the originally festive and bustling evening banquet, became silent.

When Jiang Xiaohan had recovered her mental state a little, monstrous waves was crashing in her heart.

Then if what he said was real, then the boy who stole chicken eggs for her when she was who she regarded as a hero, the boy who she had already judged as an insignificant laughingstock, had already become a true hero.

But her choice was…

At this instant, Jiang Xiaohan’s heart was filled with regret.

But this regret, was very quickly and forcefully dispersed by her.

Her heart was covered with anger and hatred.

Ye Qingyu must have done this intentionally!

He must have done this intentionally, choosing to enter White Deer Academy at this time, making her a joke in her first time appearing in the [Residence of Heaven’s Will]. This kind of person, was too shameless and despicable.

After a long while, this rare silence was finally broken by a sound.

“So what? Even if he is more confident, to waste 4 golden years, adding in his poor background without the support of spirit medicines, Ye Qingyu no longer has anything to look forward. You have to realize that cultivating has long been the choice of wealthy people. It’s truly a pity with his talent, it’s truly a waste of a treasure!”

This voice ringed across the hall.

The person who spoke was Bai Yuqing.

The number one goddess of the academy would rarely open her mouth and evaluate other students.

But this time, she broke from the norm and evaluated Ye Qingyu.

At this time, everyone could not make clear from what perspective was this goddess standing at. Previously when she spoke she was defending Ye Qingyu, but this time she was demeaning him with her evaluation.

Hearing these words, without knowing why, Jiang Xiaohan’s heart began beating happily.

But the next words of Bai Yuqing caused her to freeze like a statue.

“The [Residence of Heaven’s Will]] is not a place where people like you can come. Please leave.” Bai Yuqing looked at Jiang Xiaohan.

Her glance was from a lofty position, like she was a queen who decided everything. Currently she was looking at a servant, directly dismissing her.

“But… I came here because I received an invitation card.”

Jiang Xiaohan felt the naked mockery and insult. She grinded her teeth forcing herself not to react because she did not possess the requirements to react. But in her heart, the anger and hatred within, was like the eruption of a volcano.

Bai Yuqing flicked her hand.

A strange energy emitted from her, the air fluctuating. Before Jiang Xiaohan could react the invitation in her hands flew out, landing within the hands of Bai Yuqing. With a flash of white light, it turned into dust scattering into the night.

“Right now you no longer have an invitation,” Bai Yuqing said calmly.




The strength of the number one goddess of White Deer Academy was demonstrated fully.

“Senior Sister Bai, Junior Sister Xiaohan was invited by me…” Han Xiaofei could not endure it anymore, speaking up for her.

Bai Yuqing turned her head, her gaze landing on the smile on Han Xiaofei’s face. She seemed to have thought of something, saying “Oh you can leave too. Within three months, you are no longer permitted to enter [Residence of Heaven’s Will]”

Han Xiaofei’s expression changed in an instant.

It was an extremely strict punishment, from now on he could no longer hold his head high in front of the other noble students.

He was about to argue when a bland male voice from behind him spoke “Did you not hear leader Bai’s words? Quickly leave.”

“Brother cousin?” Han Xiaofei turned around to have a look.

A white-robed student with an angular face appeared from behind him.

This person had thick eyebrows and large eyes, his bronze-coloured skin seeming to hint at his explosive power. Compared to people of the same age, he was taller by a head and he possessed bulging muscles as if he was flexing it.

The instant he appeared with his tall body like the peak of a mountain, it seemed like even the moonlight in the sky was hidden by him. Many people’s vision went dark, their breathing stopping.

Han Shuangfu!

One of the strongest students within the entire fourth year of White Deer Academy and was also one of the leaders of [Residence of Heaven’s Will].

The object of admiration of many students.

“Brother cousin, I…” Han Xiaofei seemed as if he wanted to say something.

“Quickly leave,” Han Shuangfu said blandly.

Han Xiaofei was taken aback. He did not imagine that his brother cousin would not help him but would rather tell him to leave. But he always treated his cousin with the utmost fearful respect, so he did not dare say anything more. Accompanying Jiang Xiaohan, they left [Residence of Heaven’s Will] in a shameful fashion.

These two people could be said to have made a big blunder today.

Within a night, their actions would spread out across the entire White Deer Academy, becoming a joke.

“My cousin is too insensible, my apologies for bothering Junior Sister Bai,” Han Shuangfu said with a smile, clasping his hands.

Bai Yuqing, with an expressionless face said, “If he is not sensible, then you should spend time to teach him.”

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