In Different World with Naruto System

Chapter 07: 2 years after the battle

Chapter 07: 2 years after the battle

Ren Tian You looked at the sand from which blood was seeping out. Seeing this sight, something suddenly surged from his stomach. He hang on and didn’t spit it out. He choose to bear the protest of his stomach and didn’t vomit anything.

Actually, he had caused this bloody scene and gore intentionally, he had done this in order to temper himself. Because he knew that, this world was not a society ruled by law like in his previous world, ‘Earth’. Here, actual strength is the highest law. If one’s strength is low and one gets killed, other than one’s loved ones, no one will care. In this world, the lives of human beings are as cheap as dogs.

So he had deliberately created such a bloody scene, to remind him that this was not a peaceful world as Earth and to make himself adapt to this world as soon as possible. Otherwise sooner or later, he would be eliminated.

If this was not the case, he would not deliberately create meat sauce out of this Wind Wolf King by using ‘Sand Shower’, ‘Sand Coffin’ and ‘Sand Burial’. He had already mastered some jutsu; he at least had ten other jutsu which could be used in order to deal with this wolf without creating such a bloody scene.

He adjusted his complex feelings in his heart, and released ‘Sand Burial’. Immediately, the pile of broken pieces of meat sauce formerly the Wind Wolf King flowed out along with the sand.

Catching sight of this, his originally suppressed protesting stomach surged again. It was not that easy to suppress that protesting stomach again, he had to waste a great deal of his strength to do so. After that, he took out the crystal core of the magical beast from that meat sauce.

The magical beast core is the source of energy for all magical beasts and without a core, no magical beasts could survive. Cores could be used by many magicians for cultivation, blacksmiths could use it for making precious magic weapons, alchemists could use it for it refining mysterious metals items, and even pharmacis could use it for refining few precious medicines.

The cores of illusion beasts and battle qi beasts could also be used like the cores of magical beasts. However, they are appropriate for illusionists and battle qi fighters only.

And on the Divine Wind Continent, the cores of these magical beasts, illusion beasts and battle qi beasts were extremely precious. Even to the extent that high level cores couldn’t be bought in the market at any price because a high leveled beasts could be compared with human existences at the same level.

And now at this time, he was completely broke as after his previous self was killed, all of his valuables were taken away only leaving him the clothes on his back. That’s why, so that he didn’t go hungry in the future, he took the core of every magical beast he killed.


Now his strength had increased to the next level, he could also use the Naruto world’s BUG ninjutsu, Shadow Clone Jutsu. As a result, now when cultivating, he can divide into three Shadow Clones and learn together.

Although he had learned the Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu, he didn’t dare create more than 3 clones to aid him in practice. Because Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu is an ‘A’ rank ninjutsu, it is very difficult for a junior ninja to learn as this jutsu has a very large downside. When the Shadow Clone Jutsu is released, the amount of chakra is equally divided with the clones and not only are all the experience of a clone transferred to the owner, even its fatigue and other negative emotions are transferred back causing a lot of people who used this jutsu to become exhausted. This is why this jutsu was one of the forbidden jutsu in Naruto.

He still clearly remembered, the sudden feeling of extreme exhaustion in his mind when he had undid his Shadow Clone jutsu for the first time. He was not like Naruto, that cockroach who could use Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu just like he is eating a meal.

So he had only created three shadow clones. His real body cultivated chakra, and among the three clones, one practiced ninjutsu, another practiced taijutsu, and the final remaining one practiced forming hand seals. Although his speed of forming hand seals was quite fast, he was not satisfied with that speed and wanted to improve it even further.

While cultivating in that place, in a blink of an eye, two years had passed.


Deep inside the Magical Beast Forest, within a valley, a single youth who was wearing a white clothes was bravely confronting a huge lion emitting blazing flames.

The white and plain clothes worn by that youth, was a types of clothes never before seen in this Divine Wind Continent. The waist belt was tied at the waist of this youth. At the right hand side of this waist, there hung a sheathed sharp sword.

And looking at this youth’s facial feature, one could see his clear angular face, the slightly raised corner of his mouth, on which appeared an indistinct smile, and his hair slightly waving along with the wind. But the most peculiar feature was his eyes. Actually this youth’s eyes were a blood-red in color which seemed very frightening. And inside each blood colored eye, were three tomoe.

Looking at the lion type magical beast being confronted by a youth, one could see this magical beast had two huge, sharp horns above its head and its body was covered with flames emitting dangerous heat. If any of the Divine Wind Continent’s people caught the sight of this lion, they absolutely would cry out in alarm and utter: Saint Class magical beast—Raging Flame Cloud Lion.

Correct, this youth was precisely Ren Tian You, who had practiced inside the Magical Beast Forest for more than two years. As a result of his two years of cultivation, his actual strength had already raised to elite senior ninja class. In addition to the mentioned ninjutsu system’s ninjutsu and taijutsu, many forbidden and secret arts all 7** had been learnt. [TL: 忍术系统上面所记载的忍术、『体』术、禁术和秘术都学得七只**了。]

The clothes he wore were exactly the same type worn by Sasuke in Naruto. Although the system store had the Akatsuki organisation’s cloak and Tobi’s mask, wearing those clothes looked like it would give a negative impact, and he also felt that Sasuke’s clothes made him look even more handsome. As a result he had exchanged for them. As for the sword hanging in his waist, it was Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Grass-Mowing Sword) [in anime it is called ‘Snake Sword’]. This was the sword that was passed to Sasuke by Orochimaru in Naruto. And now he had exchanged this sword from his Naruto System with system points.

Now that his Sharingan had finally been enhanced to the three tomoe level, his Sharingan’s ability of observation and copying abilities had also significantly increased. But to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan, he needed 10,000 system points. If he had not exchanged for the Kusanagi Sword then he could have already awakened Mangekyo Sharingan, but he had chosen not to do so. Because at that time he was not capable enough. Furthermore, although awakening Mangekyo Sharingan would have increased his strength, that would have been more harmful than good both at that time and for increasing his strength in the future. That’s why he decided not to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan until he was capable enough.

But now his strength had already reached the elite senior ninja level, and with regards to the amount of chakra, the previous him couldn’t compare to the current him. Now he focused on cultivating Change in Chakra Attributes. [in anime, Nature Transformation]

He had 3 chakra attribute which were fire, lightning and wind. Thanks to Sharingan, he didn’t need to painstakingly study Nature Transformation of the fire attribute. Thus, only the wind and lightning attributes were left.

He had remembered that in Naruto, Naruto had created Futon—Rasenshuriken! (Wind Style—Rasen Shuriken) after adding his chakra attribute to his Rasengan, after he had learnt Nature Transformation. This ninjutsu power was so formidable that it was S-ranked. Sasuke had learnt Lightning Nature Transformation which he used to learn Chidori and created Chidori Nagashi(Chidori Stream).

Although he had now already learnt Rasengan and Chidori, but with regards to wind and lightning change in chakra attribute, he was still confused. No need to mention about learning Rasen Shuriken and ninjutsu on its level.

After studying for several days, he realized that it was quite complicated and had to give up for the time being practicing Nature Transformation, and instead started to think about things beyond the Magical Beast Forest. He had already nested in this Magical Beast Forest for more than 2 years, making himself a barbarian who knew nothing about the affairs of the world.

He had wanted to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan before leaving this Magical Beast Forest. This way his strength would quickly soar through the sky and his safety would also be guaranteed. He was the descended of the Ximen Clan which was one of the four major families, but he clearly knew that the waters of Divine Wind Continent were very deep.

He looked at his system points, currently he between 8000 and 9000 points. He estimated that killing a Saint Class magical beast would be enough to reach 10000 points. He had targeted this Saint Class—Raging Flame Cloud Lion for two reason. The first was to test his strength and the second was to accumulate enough points to awaken Mangekyo Sharingan.


“Roar, how dare you disturb the practice of His Excellency, the Great Ka Mo Si, I’m definitely going to eat you.”

The Raging Flame Cloud Lion growled towards his figure. Although it spoke like this, it had not moved but rather became cautious and put its guard up because it could feel a sense of danger from the human with strange eyes in front of it.

Hearing that this lion speaking, he wasn’t surprise at all. Because he had already known from the memories of the previous owner of his body that once magical beasts, illusion beasts and battle qi beasts cultivate to the Saint Class, they could talk, and if they cultivate to God Class, they could break through the chain of their bodies and transform into humans.

If on the Earth, a lion suddenly spoke to him, he would have definitely scream, “Monster ah!” and would have ran away.

“He he, Raging Flame Cloud Lion, is it? I have painstakingly cultivated for many years, you just happen to be a stepping stone of mine.”

He provoked the lion by speaking like a pretentious prick towards it.

After listening to the provocative words, at once the Raging Flame Lion bristled with anger and growled at him.

“Roar, wretched human, unexpectedly you dare to insult His Excellency, the Great Ka Mo Si. You are courting death. Burning Flame Cloud, go.”

Aunt can endure but Uncle is not able to endure [TL: 婶婶可忍叔叔不能忍 don’t know what it means]; unexpectedly it was regarded as a stepping stone. The Raging Flame Cloud Lion directly and violently made its move. Unable to deal with the dangerous sensation within its mind, it released a powerful magic attack towards Ren Tian You.

“Suiton—Suijinheki! (Water style—Water Wall!)” Seeing its Burning Flame Cloud, he quickly formed the hand seals and released his jutsu. His speed of forming hand seals had improved greatly. After he had trained for more than two years, now he could form six hand seals in a second.

As the forming of hand seals was complete, in front of him quickly appeared a huge water screen, blocking Raging Flame Cloud Lion’s attack.

“Roar, human, so you are a water system magician. No wonder you rushed over to provoke me. Although water restrain me, still you should be aware that powerful fire can also restrain water. Watch my Earth Flame.”

Seeing the water screen appear in front of Ren Tian You, the Raging Flame Cloud Lion thought that he was water system magician. And thinking that he was provoking it by relying on this ability, it roared and used its unique skill.

Suddenly Ren Tian You saw the surroundings around Raging Flame Cloud Lion gradually change into a flame region. Scorching hot magma sprang out from the earth’s surface and the region became a flame world.

“Pretty powerful is it? Since you are so fond of fire, for I, your father, only wanting to reduce your temperature won’t do.” His Sharingan flashed with cold light, then it started to rotate, both hands quickly forming a series of hand seals. He didn’t even take three seconds to completely form the required hand seals.

“Suiton—Bakusui Shōha! (Water Style: Exploding Water Shock Wave!)” He bent his waist, his belly started to swell and then he opened his mouth, spitting out a huge wave. Suddenly the whole valley changed into a miniature lake, and the Earth Flame of the lion disappeared as the lion itself became trapped in the midst of the water.

He stood firmly on the water’s surface and cautiously watched it with his Sharingan so that he could react at any time in case of a surprise attack by the Raging Flame Cloud Lion. Because he was careful, he sensed that there was something wrong under his foot and, without losing any time, moved immediately.

After he left that place, ‘Bang’, with a loud sound a huge flame pillar rose from it, and gradually expanded. From within that flame pillar, a huge flame shadow came out, advancing towards him at a high speed.

He was just in the process of dodging the attack, and seeing the unexpected flame shadow, his eyes flashed with a cold gleam and his right pulled out his Kusanagi Sword to defend himself.

“Bang!” He and that flame shadow heavily collided with each other and he was knocked back.

His body was hit causing him to fly into the sky, for a several meter long arc then fall back into the water. After that he stood firmly again, a pair of imposing Sharingan eyes looked at that Raging Flame Cloud Lion who was floating in the air. Saint Class magical beast were so hard to deal with. However wasn’t this way more interesting? If it was easy, then there would not be any pleasure.

“Ha ha, how is that human? Now did you see the strength of His Excellency, the Great Ka Mo Si. Although your attainment in the water system is extraordinarily high, still I Your Excellency Ka Mo Si also am not to be trifled with.

Floating in the air, the Raging Flame Cloud Lion burst into a loud laugh and spoke. Although it was talking like this, in fact it actually wanted this human to leave. From the confrontation of a moment ago, it had already realized that this human’s strength was extraordinarily high, and especially his attribute was water. So he merely hoped that he able to bluff this human into retreating from here.

“Snort!” Although he didn’t know the lion’s thoughts, seeing that lion’s arrogant appearance and that it was unexpectedly looking down on him, his mood became bad. His eyes flashed with a cold light, then he started to quickly form hand seals.

“Prepare to taste bitterness.”

He looked towards the floating Raging Flame Cloud Lion with an indifferent gaze. His forming of the hand seals was complete.

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