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Chapter 08: Doton—Uitenpen!

Chapter 08: Doton—Uitenpen! (Earth Style—Impermanence!)

“Suiton—Suiryudan no Jutsu! (Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!)”After forming the hand seals, a huge water dragon rose from the surface of the water, and then at his command rushed towards the Raging Flame Cloud Lion.

“Roar! Reckless human, look at my Mad Fire Cloud Tide.” Seeing that Ren Tian You was not acting as he had anticipated, but rather continuing to attack, it suddenly released a roar and, without caring about anything, started to counter-attack.

Suddenly, the fire colored clouds started to condense in the sky above the valley where Ren Tian You and the Raging Flame Cloud Lion were fighting. A strong fluctuation of magic leaked from the midst of those fire colored clouds. Ren Tian You, who had just released the Water Dragon Jutsu, looked at the fire colored cloud in the sky with his imposing eyes.

“Go to hell, wretched human. Mad Fire Cloud Tide, fall!” With the command of the lion, endless flames fell towards Ren Tian You from the fire colored clouds in the sky. The Water Dragon which he had released just a moment ago directly evaporated into water vapor.

“F**k!” Seeing the powerful might of this powerful magic, he hastily retreated. He quickly reached the cliff of this mountain valley, after which he started to run quickly on the walls of a cliff towards its top.

“Roar, wretched human, now you wanted to run? It’s already too late. I can easily expand the Mad Fire Cloud Tide.” It believed that he was running away, so it roared, glanced at the Mad Fire Cloud Tide and released a huge amount of magical power. Suddenly, the fire colored fire started to enlarge and it quickly enveloped the whole mountain valley. After this, all the water from the small lake created by Ren Tian You started to evaporated into vapor, and gradually the original ground started to reappear.

After hearing the Raging Flame Cloud Lion, Ren Tian You suddenly let out a disdainful smile. He had never considered fleeing, rather, just now, above the surface of the water, it was harder to defend.

“Doton—Doryu Joheki! (Earth Style—Rampart of Flowing Soil!)” He quickly formed the required hand seals, and after completion, he shouted. Suddenly the ground started to sway, after which a huge earth wall grew from the ground. He jumped behind that earthen wall and again started to quickly form another set of hand seals.

“Doton—Doroku Gaeshi! (Earth Style— Earth Shore Return!)” He heavily smacked his hand on the ground. Suddenly, in front of him emerged a huge earth wall. He quickly stood behind this earth wall.

“Hong Hong.” A huge explosion was heard. The walls that were created by him only shook and some of the stones fell but still stood erect.

Roughly thirty second later, he no longer heard any more explosions, and he felt that the heat around him was also decreasing slowly.

From beneath the earth walls he saw that those boundless fire colored clouds had already disappeared and the walls he had made were also on the verge of collapse.

“Roar, human, I didn’t expect that you are a water and earth duel-system magician.” Seeing the huge wall, Raging Flame Cloud Lion who was floating in the air had never thought that the human in front of it was unexpectedly water and earth duel system magician.

“He he, I still have many tricks that you could never conceive of.” Hearing the words of the lion, the corner of Ren Tian You’s mouth rose a little. The strength of this flame lion was actually powerful, but he was also not that weak. He quickly took out a scroll, a writing brush and an ink bottle from his backpack, spread out the scroll and quickly drew a picture of an eagle.

“Nimpo—Choju Giga! (Ninja Art—Super Beast Scroll!)” His hands quickly formed the required hand seals, after which the black eagle in the drawing suddenly appeared alive and flew out from the scroll.

Immediately he jumped on the back of this eagle, and commanded it to directly fly towards the flame lion in the sky. In Naruto, with the exception of some special bloodline clans, no one is able to fly even if they reach the highest limits of ninja power. So he too couldn’t fly, this was his biggest weakness. That’s why he had learnt Sai’s Super Beast Scroll, but this jutsu was powerless on rainy days.

“Courting death.” Seeing that puny human advancing towards it, it suddenly let out a laugh as this human magician dared to advance towards it who was a saint class magical beast for close quarter combat. It also suddenly accelerated towards him.

“Snort, Chidori.” He draw out his Kusanagi Sword with his right hand and his left hand quickly formed a hand seal. Suddenly, the sound of thousands of bird chirping reverberated and the sword in his right hand was covered with lightning.

“Chop!” He slashed the sword. He and the flame lion quickly met head on. He quickly used his Sharingan to carefully observe every move of this lion as well as the skill which it was using. He quickly dodged the attack of the flame lion, then he slashed his sword at its right leg.

“Hou! Trying to kill me. Wretched human, I, your father, will definitely kill you.” His slash of the sword quickly cut off the leg of the Raging Flame Cloud Lion. Suddenly that lion released a painful roar.

“Snort! Kage Buyō [Dancing Leaf Shadow!]” He jump from the back of the eagle and quickly sheathed the Kusanagi Sword. Then he quickly used Dancing Leaf Shadow and appeared behind the flame lion.

“You……….” Seeing that Ren Tian You suddenly appeared behind its back, it was surprised. Just as it was about to shout, it was kicked down.

“You what? Shishi Rendan! [Lions Barrage].” His kick heavily struck the body of the lion. It fell down from the sky to the ground at a high speed, bringing up waves of dust.

Ren Tian You stably landed on the ground. Watching the lion who had fallen on the ground, he expressionlessly formed a hand seal.

“Doton Kekkai—Doro Domu! (Earth Style Barrier—Earth Dome Prison!)” After completing the hand seal, his right hand suddenly hit the ground. The flame lion had finally stood firmly whenit saw that four huge walls were surrounding it and it gradually forming a huge sphere. It was completely trapped inside that earth sphere.

Earth Style—Earth Dome Prison was the jutsu used by one of the Sound Village ninja to trap Naruto and others. This jutsu traps the victims inside a self-repairing dome of earth which is almost instantaneously able to reform, even after it was hit by techniques of the victims. What was even frightening was, the user was able to absorb the chakra of anyone trapped inside.

Flame Lion found out that it was completely trapped within that earth sphere. Immediately it issued a roar and attacked the wall with its left foot as its right leg was already cut off by the Chidori cladded sword of Ren Tian You. But, quickly it was surprised to find that the damage of its attack was quickly reforming and his magical power was being sucked by that earthen wall.

“Roar, wretched human, you think that this trick will be able to defeat me? Not a chance.” It roared loudly, then it crouched and started to gather a huge amount of magical energy. The flame of its body started to become even more powerful and it was quite obvious that it was preparing to release a big move.

“He he, you probably made a mistake. I didn’t use this to defeat you, the next move is the real finishing move.” Hearing the roar of the lion he immediately laughed and spoke. Although Earth Dome Prison Jutsu was quite powerful, he had never considered depending on it to finish off this flame lion.

He quickly jumped above the wall of the valley, took out a scroll from his backpack and quickly opened it.

At this time, a column of flame suddenly erupted towards the sky from inside Earth Dome Prison, the Earth Dome Prison was immediately destroyed and the flame lion slowly became visible.

“Now it’s over.” Even though he saw that the flame lion had escaped, without the slightest worry, he bit the thumb of his right hand, quickly formed a hand seal and placed his right hand above the scroll which was filled with mysterious lines.

“Doton—Uitenpen! (Earth Style—Impermanence!)”

After he shouted, suddenly the whole mountain valley started to tremble again.

The Flame Lion had just escaped from Earth Dome Prison and had no time to look around its surroundings when suddenly it felt the violent tremor of the ground. Thinking about the strength of the human, immediately a sense of dread appeared in its mind.

At that time, a piece of huge stone column which came out from nowhere stuck the body of the flame lion. And with Ren Tian You as the center, suddenly countless stone columns sprang out around his surroundings, changing the terrain into a great stone forest.

After releasing this ninjutsu, he was little out of breath as this jutsu took a lot more chakra. He stood up and quickly jumped down to the stone forest which he had created.

Deep inside, he finally caught sight of the Raging Flame Cloud Lion. At this moment, it didn’t have the mighty appearance which it had had before; rather it looked extremely battered and exhausted. All over its body were wounds and cuts, and its right leg was even cut off. Also on its abdomen were 2 huge cuts where it was evident that blood was flowing out. Apparently, it was on the verge of death.

“Roar, wretched human, in the end who the hell are you?” Seeing Ren Tian You, it struggled to stand up, but it was all in vain. It had already understood that its life force and strength were already quickly leaving it. Immediately it raised its head, and with hatred-filled eyes it looked at him, it didn’t understand when such a powerful youth appeared in the human world.

“I’m merely a teenager who had lost his way. Now I only care for 2 things, which are revenge and finding a way back home.”

Hearing the question of the flame lion, he lifted his head and looked towards the west and slowly spoke. He had spoken this sentence from the bottom of his heart; he was not acting to provoke the flame lion, and naturally he was trying to find a way back to Earth. And the revenge was for the sake of the original owner of his body, Ximen Tian Long, against the Ximen Clan. Anyway, he had already occupied the body, and he felt that he owed a huge favor towards this original owner. Plus, from the memory of the body he already had an unfavorable impression of the Ximen Clan. As a result, he didn’t mind wiping out this Ximen Clan after he raised his strength enough to erase the whole Ximen Clan.

“As for you, you are merely a stepping stone for me to increase my strength, nothing more. Now, I’ll end your agony.” Looking at the flame lion, he slowly unsheathed his Kusanagi Sword. With a single cold slash from the Kusanagi Sword, a huge cut appeared on the neck of Flame Lion, from which blood started to flow.

“You……..” Before it could even finish its words, it felt that its surroundings gradually became blurred until it sunk into permanent darkness.

Ding: Congratulations host for killing a Saint Class magical beast, Raging Flame Cloud Lion. You obtain 2000 system points.

He opened the system and saw that his system points had increased to more than 10,000 system points. Now he could awaken Mangekyo Sharingan.

He didn’t immediately rushed to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan as he had already waited for such a long time and waiting a bit more was nothing. First he used his Kusanagi Sword to dig out the huge fiery core of this lion. This was the core of the Saint Class magical beast, Raging Flame Cloud Lion, and it was worth a lot. He threw this magical beast core into his backpack. After this, he took out a storage scroll and stored the body of the Raging Flame Cloud Lion inside it. The whole body of a Saint Class magical beast was a treasure which could be sold for money too.

After completing these tasks, he returned back to his residence which was still the same hole at the bottom of a tree, and sat down crossed-leg and concentrated, ready to awaken his Mangekyo Sharingan.

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