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Chapter 13: Steel monster—Eiffel Capital

Chapter 13: Steel monster—Eiffel Capital

Eiffel capital was one of the towns at the border of Divine Wind continent, country of emperor Ai Le. No one had control over this town, rather this was an independent town which had emerged in this place for at least 10,000 years. This town was surrounded by huge steel walls, and it looked like a huge steel monster. So no one dared to have an idea to come and attack this town.

Ren Tian You, who was riding a gale horse, was immediately filled with strong shock when he saw this town’s steel walls which looked like a giant steel monster. Now Ren Tian You felt that he was very small, and unexpectedly he deeply felt fear from the town before him. This was not an illusion, rather a true power.

This was the town which was still standing erect even after it had experienced countless battle. This town’s power could directly shock the heart of peoples, and made peoples unable to produce any kind of resistance against it. The people with higher level of power were even more affected by this power. He was completely sure that even a person with God level strength did not have the ability to leap over this wall that looked like a steel monster. Even though this town did not have any defensive barrier, this wall had stopped uncountable invasions of experts.

This wall was completely dark red in color; this was the color of blood. The blood flow of many had changed the color of this town’s wall into deep red. Ten thousand years ago, this town used to be the front line of the Divine Wind continent to battle against the invasion of devil race. This town had gone through countless battles and countless strong experts had slept forever inside this town. Still it was exactly the resistance and sacrifices of these people that Divine Wind continent had successfully resisted against the invasion of the devil race. So although this town is not controlled by any power, hardly anyone dares to make trouble here, otherwise the troublemaker couldn’t live past 3 days.

5,000 years ago, there was a top-rated power that took a fancy to the geographical location and the ability to make money of this town, and wanted to control this town forcibly by themselves. And the result was that after 3 days this power was completely eradicated, not a single one was alive including all top rate powerhouse of that group, and not a single one had escaped. Any power that dared to attack this town is annihilated without exception.

“Ha ha, Tian You, how is it, isn’t this quite shocking? To be honest, when I first came to this town, I was also completely shocked like you for a long period of time.” Seeing Ren Tian You who was completely shocked looking at the Eiffel capital, Li Feng immediately rode his gale horse near Ren Tian You, pat his shoulder and said with a smile.

“Yes, this town is really shocking. I have never seen any other town like this.” Feeling the pat on his shoulder, he slowly regained his consciousness and smiled towards Li Feng.

Ren Tian You felt that the power of this town was beyond words. He felt that as long as anyone had hostility against this town, even if they are super power, they couldn’t enter this town. Because inside this town, countless heroes of Divine Wind continent were buried and the spirits of those heroes did not dispersed, but still gathered inside the town, even in their dead they are still protecting this town from invasion. These spirits that had changed into guards is not something a normal human can resist. Even if god or devil came here, as long as they are hostile, they couldn’t even take a step inside this town.

Ren Tian You had used his Mangekyo Sharingan to observe these scattered spirits all around the town, all these spirits looked like they were guarding it. These peoples are true heroes to admire, even in their death; they are still defending their land.

“Do not resist. The more you resist, the more powerful the pressure would be. On the contrary if you don’t resist, you would not feel any discomfort.” Lan Yan said towards Ren Tian You.

Ren Tian You tried what he heard, sure enough, as long as he didn’t put up any resistance, the pressure on him immediately disappeared.

“Well, let’s get down from the horse and enter the city. It is forbidden to ride or fly inside the town.” At that moment, Long You and the others had already come out from the carriages.

“Ok.” Ren Tian You also quickly jumped down from the horse and walked on foot towards the town with Lan Yan and the others.

Through the gates, Ren Tian You entered his first town in this world. He saw several soldiers wearing simple armor patrolling the town. From Lan Yan he had learned that these are the soldiers sent by each supreme country to watch the people of this town.

Inside the city, all sorts of pedestrians were walking. There were mercenaries, merchants……..this town had gathered hundreds of people inside it; so it was really a bustling place.

It was already late when they entered this town, so first they wanted to find a place to stay. Along the way, the 3 females of their group attracted the attention of many, but no one dared to come forward to talk. No kidding, inside this town asking for trouble means that you are courting death, with his discerning eyes Ren Tian You knew that the identities of even those good-for-nothing looking patrolling soldiers were not ordinary.

Ren Tian You and the others were walking on the path inside the town; finally he got some good insights on the prosperity of the town in this different world. The road of this town was unexpectedly more than 2 times wider compared to the highways on the earth. And there were shops on each side of road, which had a variety of products, and these shops were even larger and livelier than shopping malls on the earth.

Ren Tian You and the others walked for about 10 minutes and stopped before a big restaurant. Ren Tian You glanced at the name of restaurant “Heavenly Fragrant Restaurant”.

“Tian You, do you know about this restaurant?” Lan Yan looked pensive and asked with a smile.

“Well, I have heard a few things about it.” Ren Tian You nodded his head. He had some information on this restaurant in the memory of previous owner. No one knows who the owner of this restaurant was; it was just that this restaurant was located at countless cities and towns in Divine Wind continent. As long as any city was busy and famous, there exists this restaurant. No one was bold enough to cause trouble inside this restaurant. Before, Ximen Tian long had heard that the owner of this restaurant was likely the Ling clan. Because at every restaurant, you could see some trace of the little lady of Ling clan.

“Ha ha, this restaurant is not ordinary ah.” Luo Tian Xing also smiled mysteriously.

“Well, well, these grown man are annoying. I am already exhausted and hungry. I want to replenish my energy.” Long Luo Luo said with an unhappy face.

“Well, it slipped away from my mind. Let’s go to eat meal.” Long You laughed and patted his sister’s head and said.

Seeing Ren Tian You and others coming, a servant quickly went to them to take their carriage and horses for feeding. Inside the hall of first floor there were many people having dinner and laughing. Ren Tian You followed the others to the third floor.

On the third floor, there were a lot less peoples, only a few tables for eating and place to rest were available at this floor. Only those people with fragrant building silver VIP or higher level could come up to this floor.

Ren Tian You took a seat near the window and sat down, Lan Yan and the rest sat as well. As the servant was passing by them, Lan Yan stopped him and said “Well, bring 2 bottles of your Heavenly Fragrant wine. I didn’t get to savor this wine when I was in this training, almost killing me.”

“Now that you mentioned it, I also cannot wait to drink this Heavenly Fragrant wine. Bring 3 bottles……..oh no, bring 5 bottles.” When Luo Tian Xing heard Lan Yan mentioning about Heavenly Fragrant wine, his face lit up, and he directly ordered 5 bottles.

“Yes, young master and miss. Please wait a moment, this little one will go to prepare it.” Hearing the command of Luo Tian Xing, the servant bowed and respectfully answered and went to prepare.

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