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Chapter 14: Top 10 famous wines

Chapter 14: Top 10 famous wines

“Ha ha, Tian You, have you ever tasted this heavenly fragrant wine?” While waiting for the food, Luo Tian Xing patted Ren Tian You, and asked him while laughing.

Ren Tian You mouth started to twitch, and in his heart he cursed in rage, “F**k, this stubborn man is asking me intentionally, so you still haven’t forgotten about me calling you uncle, so petty. And I, your father is the one who suffered the loss, unexpectedly I, your father raised your generation without any reason. Ah, this bitterness is killing me.”

Ren Tian You removed the hand from his shoulder and said with a smile, “I still haven’t drank…”

Ren tian You had only learned about this Heavenly Fragrance wine from the memory of Ximen Tian Long. He knew the signboard of Heavenly Fragrance restaurant, and also knew that this wine was not just taste mellow and sweet, but also captivating enough to make people until drunk, and after drinking even once this flavor would be memorable for a long, long time. Also this wine had skin care property, this wine could help to maintain skins delicate and beautiful. Compared to earth’s cosmetics, this wine was 100 times better.

But this wine was very expensive, he had heard that a bottle costs 15,000 gold coins. Even if Ximen Tian Long had sold himself when he was alive, he couldn’t have enough gold to buy a drop of this wine. And after Ren Tian You took over the body, he was inside the Magical Beasts forest living savage life. So how could he taste this wine?

“Tian You, today you would have a chance to drink this Heavenly Fragrance wine, but it is only one of the top 10 famous wine in the continent.” Lan Yan face looked like he was already lingering in his memory.

“Top 10 famous wines, what is that?” Ren tian You asked curiously. He had not learn about this from the memory of Ximen Tian Long.

“I know, I know. Let me say.” Beautiful small Long Luo Luo hastily got up and with an excited face, she said, “Brother Tian You, The 10 famous wines are Aromatic raging flames, Dragon marsh wine, Fluttering phoenix, Blazing ice core, Heavenly fragrance wine, Fresh curtain of heaven, Fresh disguised swallow, Fresh charming dance, Fog dragon prestige, and Strong heaven lips. Heavenly Fragrance wine rank only fifth within these 10 wine.” [T.L: the names of wine is quite confusing.]

“This top 10 wines name list was issued by the Scared Heart hall. For manufacturing Aromatic raging flames, they use ‘Super rare materials from raging flames sky tower and many other precious materials which are very expensive and rare. This wine is not only aromatic and taste delicious, but it can also improve strength, especially those who are of fire attribute. Unfortunately the main materials required for making this wine is too scarce, especially materials from raging flames sky tower, exactly who could enter in that tower. As a result I also have not drank this wine. Dragon marsh wine and Fog dragon prestige are brewed from the unique materials of Dragon Island. Fluttering phoenix and Fresh disguised swallow are brewed from the peculiar materials of Phoenix valley. Heavenly fragrance wine and Fresh curtain of heaven are specialty of Ling clan. And the remaining 3, use rare and unusual materials from human society.” Long You followed after Long Luo Luo and slowly explained to Ren Tian You.

“So there were such rare wines, it seems I should try to collect some of these wine and taste it when I have free time.” Listening to Long You, the eyes of Ren Tian You started to shine. Because in 21st century who doesn’t drink when they are eligible to drink. From the time he had arrived in this world he was stuck at Magical Beasts forest, and every day he could only eat roast meat of magical beasts only, nothing else. Now all of a sudden hearing so many kind of delicious wine, his heart started to itch for a wine.

“Ha ha, Tian You , first you should taste this Heavenly fragrance wine…..Ouch, What is this pain, its killing I, your father.” While laughing, Luo Tian Xing tried to pat the shoulder of Ren Tian You. Ren Tian You just flashed a smile and let him pat. Just when the hand of Luo tian Xing was about to reach Ren Tian You, he swiftly stood up and the hand and shoulder collided, making Luo Tian Xing cry due to pain.

“Oh no, my clothes were torn yesterday, so just last night I had sewn the cloth, Perhaps at that time this needle was stuck there.” Ren Tian You took out a thin needle from his shoulder, and facing Luo Tian Xing he smiled.

Ren Tian You was already prepared to trick this guy, so when Luo Tian You was about to pat him on his shoulder, he quickly stood up. Sure enough, Luo Tian You fell for this trick.

“Just now, what were you thinking?” Luo Tian Xing said with an angry look.

“Ah, this I also don’t know. I was just sewing my clothes yesterday night. Perhaps that time, this needle was stuck on my shoulder part of my clothes and when you tried to pat my shoulder, I was surprised so I stood up.” Said Ren Tian You pretending to be surprise.

“You, you……..I, I…….” Listening to the lame excuse of Ren Tian You, Luo Tian Xing almost vomited the blood. F**k, so that needle coincidently stuck there. Luo Tian Xing was shivering and he was still pointing Ren Tian You with his right hand, and didn’t know what to say.

“Ha ha, I’m laughing to death.”

“Ah ha ha, brother Tian You, you are too funny.”

“Yes that’s right, my elder brother, you are defeated.”

Next Long Luo Luo, who also heard the lame reason, suddenly burst out laughing while holding her stomach. Listening to the sound of laughter, Ren Tian You also couldn’t bear it any longer, so he covered his mouth with his hand and laughed.

Listening to the laughter of Long Luo Luo and others, the black face of Luo Tian Xing turned red, but others didn’t notice it because his skin was dark colored. Luo Tian Xing cried with a great sadness in his heart, “F**k, I suffered again.”

At that moment, that servant came from downstairs leading a group of beautiful ladies who were holding the dished they ordered and most important Heavenly fragrance wine. Ren Tian You and others stopped laughing, there was still a bit of tears in the corner of his eyes.

“Young master and miss, please enjoy. And if you need anything else, please call me.” After the dishes were served, the servant bowed and said respectfully.

“Well, you can go first. If we need something, we’ll call you.” Lan Yan waved, and dismissed the servant.

“Tian You, came have a taste of this Heavenly fragrance wine.” Lan Yan picked up the bottle and poured the wine in the glass to Ren tian You. After that again poured to everyone else too, and lifted his cup towards Ren Tian you.

“Ha ha, thanks a lot.” Ren tian You also lifted the cup and thanked. And then slowly put the cup towards his mouth, suddenly an aroma of fresh flowers filled his nose. Smelling this aroma, he slowly placed the cup on his mouth and poured some wine in his mouth, suddenly he felt a surge of aromatic liquid flowing slowly towards his throat, and at once he felt that a large number of fresh flowers was blooming in his mind. Ren Tian You slowly opened his eyes, and said with a smile, “Ha ha, it’s really a fine wine.’

“How was it, I didn’t lie to you. Just drinking is not enough, I’m starving. Let’s eat food too.” Long You said facing Ren tian You, and invited everyone to eat other food.

“Ha ha, if not for your reminder, I would have forgotten about it. For more than 2 years I have only eaten roasted meat, now if I see roasted meat I might throw up.” Ren Tian You pat his head and said with a smile..

“Eh, no joking. Tian You, you only ate roasted meat for 2 years.” Li Feng asked stammeringly. And even the beautiful Lan Xing Meng had a surprise on her face.

“He he, this is, because of little matter, I had to stay in Magical Beast forest for 2 years. And there, every day I had to eat the roasted meat of the magical beast which I had hunted. So, now seeing a roasted meat, I feel like throwing up.”

“You are awesome. You alone stayed inside the magical Beast forest for more than 2 years. I couldn’t stand spending even a month in Magical Beast forest.” Li Feng looked at Ren Tian You with a praising face.

“Ha ha, it’s no wonder when we first saw you, you were lost in the way.” Lan Xin Meng covered her mouth and said with a smiling expression.

“Eh, don’t mention about this matter anymore.” Ren Tian You blushed a bit and said.

“Ha ha, no need to speak, eat the foods.” Long You laughed heartily and started to eat wonderful smelling delicacy on the table.

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