In Different World with Naruto System

Chapter 16: Doujutsu—Tsukuyomi

Chapter 16: Doujutsu—Tsukuyomi

Ren Tianyou was folding his hands behind his back, and was looking at the spell of Tian Yunguan. If he didn’t want to observe the illusion techniques of this world, he would already have finished this fight in an instant.

With the progression of the chant, Tian Yunguan began to fade away, and a section of the duel arena became foggy.

“Illusion art—Forest Domain.”

The illusion finally started to take effect after Tian Yunguan finished his chant. Tian Yunguan looked at Ren Tianyou with a trace of a sneer and thought to himself, “Kid, look how I finish you off.”

At that time a gentle breeze blew over, along with it Tian Yunguan started to dissipate, until he thoroughly disappeared


“Well, that’s interesting, but still too easy.” Seeing Tian Yunguan disappear, he muttered to himself. Then he promptly activated his right eye.

Outside the arena, Luo Tianxing saw the illusion spell and cried in surprise, “The ‘Forest Domain’?!”

“What? ‘Forest Domain?!’ Isn’t this a secret art of the Zhao clan of the imperial capital? How did this kid learn it?” said Long You in surprise.

“Some time ago, I heard this fellow’s father and the Zhao clan had some dealing with each other, but I never thought that the cheap Zhao clan unexpectedly handed over this secret art to the Tian clan. This is truly unexpected….” Li Feng mentioned what he had heard.

“Big brother, in the end, what is this secret skill ‘Forest Domain’? Is it impressive?” seeing the startled face of her brother, Lan Xinmeng asked full of curiosity.

“This ‘Forest Domain’ is one of the top ranked secret skills. It’s not a simple illusion, the user of this skill can use this skill to create countless trees to capture enemies but the most astonishing thing is that the user of this skill can enter this illusory world and attack the target physically. Although with his current level of power Tian Yunguan wouldn’t be able to create many trees but I fear, with Tian You’s strength…………….” Lan Yan said anxiously.

“Then isn’t brother Tianyou in danger? Not good, I have to stop this duel!” Long Luo Luo was very anxious, in her heart she was blaming herself, “Because of me, big brother Tianyou is in this dangerous situation…” Thinking this she rushed towards the arena.

“Miss, here at Eiffel, no one is allowed to meddle with a duel, unless a life or death situation occured or the duel is finished, otherwise the barrier around the duel arena will not be opened.” Long You hastily blocked his sister and explained.

“Then what should I do? ah~, because of me, big brother Tian You fell into such a dangerous position.” Blaming herself, Long Luoluo walked back and forth.

“This………” Long You didn’t know what to say to his anxious younger sister. All of them were anxious, even their identities were of no use here.

“Her highness princess and his highness prince, don’t worry! Your friend will be fine.” the voice of an old man was suddenly interrupted. Long Luoluo and others looked back and saw several old men behind them. They were the old men who had been following Lan Yan and company.

“Second grandfather, why are you here?” Seeing the thin and small old man, Long Luoluo asked with a surprised look.

“Yeah, fourth elder, why are you here?” Luo Tianxing was surprised too and asked a tall and big old man.

“Ha ha, do you think your family could send you to this place without any precautions? As a result his majesty and the clan leader of your families send us to protect you.” fourth elder said with his booming voice.

“Oh that’s right, fourth elder, why did you tell us not to worry about Tian You.” At the same time, Luo Mengwu asked curiously.

“Ha ha, do you really think that your friend is only at the intermediate fighter level? He is not as simple as he looks.” The fourth elder said with a mysterious smile. Then they started to look at the arena.


In the ring, along with the disappearance of Tian Yunguan 4-5 meter large trees began to grow. From these trees countless branches extended towards Ren Tianyou and tightly bound him.

Suddenly the upper half of Tian Yunguan emerged from a tree near to Ren Tianyou . His right hand was holding the staff and his left hand was holding a dagger. Grinning hideously he said to Ren Tianyou, “Kid, die for me!” Tian Yunguan waved his dagger in Ren Tianyou’s direction.

Ren Tianyou was looking completely calm at Tian Yunguan with his Mangekyo Sharingan. He had a mysterious smile plastered on his face, and a ripple of power was released from his right eye.

Tian Yunguan sneered as he observed how is dagger was drawing nearer to Ren Tianyou.In his mind he was roaring :” Die for daring to steal my woman, dumbass!”

But something unexpected happened as Tian Yunguan approached the 10cm mark. The dagger stopped, and couldn’t advance anymore. Sensing something from above, he looked up and was stunned as his vision was blocked by the branch which was holding Ren Tianyou.He had disappeared from there.

“This is……..” the mouth of Tian Yunguan was gaped open wide with surprise, he didn’t know what was happening.

“Merely this level of illusion. I just wanted to see if you had any powerful illusions , that’s it. I’m completely disappointed with the result.” stated Ren Tianyou watched the Tian Yunguan who was bound by the illusory tree. Just now he had only used his right eye to reflect the illusion. This level of illusion was childsplay.

“Since you have disappointed me, you can die now.”

Ren Tianyou watched Tian Yunguan, and unsheathed his Snake sword. Using this sword he stabbed in Tian Yunguan’s direction.

Seeing the sword getting nearer, Tian Yunguan was screaming in his heart, “Move ah, I, your father move ah!” At this time, the necklace around his neck flashed with a blue light and the tree that was binding him disappeared, regaining his freedom. After that he hastily retreated to dodge the attack.

“Well, I didn’t except you had a treasure.” Ren Tianyou looked at Tian Yunguan with indifference.

“Hu hu………..” Tian Yun Guan was breathing heavily after avoiding the attack, he was nearly at death’S door. Tian Yunguan looked at the necklace and displayed a look of regret.

The necklace was a gift from father, a high level treasure. It had the power to dispel an illusion, a rare treasure. He never thought it would be wasted here.

“You know, I hate troublesome fellows the most, and you are the one who started this mess.I generally tend to eradicate the trouble at its source. Since you have used an illusion, let me show you what a real illusion looks like!” Saying this he sheathed his sword and activated his Mangekyo Sharingan. Ren Tianyou didn’t have any good impression on Tian Yunguan, and he didn’t care if he died. But after he had awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan, he didn’t have a chance to use its power, so it was a good time to test its power.

“Doujutsu—Tsukuyomi” Ren Tianyou released the power of his left eye, and suddenly a mysterious aura radiated out from his body.

Tian Yunguan was prepared for the attack of Ren Tianyou, suddenly he discovered that the eyes of Ren Tianyou were completely different, they were blood red and there were 3 spiraling curves within the eyes. Shortly afterwards, he felt dizzy, and saw 7 or 8 pairs of Sharingan circling around the sky. By the time he awoke from his stupor, he unexpectedly found himself in strange place.He was tied to the cross and no matter how he tried he couldn’t free himself. At this time, Tian Yunguan suddenly saw Ren Tianyou before his eyes, and in his right hand he was holding a sword.

“Where is this? what do you want to do with me?” Seeing the sword, Tian Yunguan was completely terrified and hastily questioned with a loud voice.

“Welcome to Tsukuyomi world. In this world I can control all matter, time and space. For next 72 hours, I will use this sword to stab you. Hope you are able to withstand it.” After Ren Tianyou finished explaining, he stabbed his sword into Tian Yunguan.


Tian Yunguan released a blood-curdling scream, clenched his hands, as he saw blood flowing out from the injury. But as Ren Tianyou pulled out the sword, he saw that the injury was already restored.

“Don’t panic, don’t panic. This is only an illusion, everything is an illusion.” Inside his mind, Tian Yunguan was reminding himself nonstop and was thinking how to escape.

“Yes, it is only an illusion, but the pain is real.” Ren Tianyou seemed to see through Tian Yunguan’s thoughts.

“You, how could you……….” Seeing that Ren Tianyou had clearly seen through him, he was startled.

“As I have already stated, inside this world, I can control all matter, time and space. And without doubt that also include your thoughts. There is still 71 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds left.” Saying this Ren Tianyou again stabbed Tian Yun Guan.


Tian Yunguan again released a blood-curdling scream. And he was even more horrified when he discovered that Ren Tian You was gradually multiplying. One after another appeared , each on was holding a glittering sword.

“You. You……….” Tian Yunguan looked all around and discovered countless Ren Tianyou’s. With a cold sweat running down his back, he tried to say something.

Ren Tianyou ignored him, and he kept on stabbing Tian Yunguan. Tian Yunguan kept on releasing a blood-curdling scream, and wanted to escape but there was no way to escape . He could only suffer endless pain, this endless torture gradually caused him to give up all hope.


3 days in the ‘Tsukuyomi world’ is only a moment in the real world, nothing more. The people who were watching outside the arena, only saw Ren Tianyou suddenly cover his left eye, after that Tian Yunguan released a blood-curdling scream and collapsed.

“This is a real illusion. Three days in that world is only an instant in reality…………..” Tian Yunguan thought and looked at Ren Tianyou. Shortly afterwards he felt vertigo and directly fell onto the ground.

“Is this the power of Tsukuyomi? Incredible! The system has eliminated the normal side effects so my left eye only feels a little fatigue.” Ren Tianyou covered his left eye and recalled the feeling of using Tsukuyomi. In that Tsukuyomi world, he clearly felt that he had everything in his grasp, like a god.

Looking at the fainted Tian Yunguan, he slowly closed his Mangekyo Sharingan. And slowly started to walk towards the audience, the barrier around the arena already lifted.

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