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Chapter 17: Explanation

Chapter 17: Explanation

Ren Tianyou slowly closed his Mangekyo Sharingan, then walked towards the spectators. The spectators who were watching were completely baffled and didn’t understand what had happened a moment ago. They all realized that the duel was purely an illusion showdown; full of mystery. Just now they only saw Ren Tianyou’s eyes flash for a second and a moment later, Tian Yunguan released a blood curdling scream and directly fainted. The match was decided in a split-second, other than Ren Tianyou and Tian Yunguan no one know what had happened. As a result, everyone felt a subconscious fear towards Ren Tianyou. Every human tends to fear the unknown. Who would have thought that Ren Tianyou, who was just an intermediate fighter on the surface, defeated a great illusionist scholar in an instant?

“Young master, what happened to you? Are you awake?”

After the barrier around the arena was lifted, the guards of Tian Yunguan rushed towards their young master. They breathed out a sigh of relief, because Tian Yunguan was still breathing, but no matter how much they called him, he didn’t wake up.

“Halt! What did you do to our young master? If you don’t clear this up, no matter what, today you won’t leave here alive.” One of the guards yelled with a stern voice towards Ren Tianyou. In reaction to the shout, the other guards had drawn the weapons.

Hearing the voice from behind, Ren Tianyou slowly turned around, glanced at the guard who had just spoken and said, “Oh, I’d like to see how you prevent me from leaving.”

“You……….!!!” When the guard who had just spoken saw the blood colored eyes of Ren Tianyou, he suddenly felt an incomparable chill run down his spine. He tried to say something but couldn’t.

“Snort. I’d like to see who dares to stop my friends.” At that time, Long You and company jumped on the arena and stood in front of Ren Tianyou. Everyone had a cold expression on their face and were about to draw their weapons.

“This……..” Seeing Long You and others, the guards could only look at each other, and didn’t dare to make a move. They all knew the identities of Long You and others, even if they had 10 times more guts they wouldn’t dare to offend these youngsters.

“Snort. So you all understand. Tianyou, let’s go.” Lan Yan coldly looked towards those guards, and prepared to leave with Ren Tianyou.

Hearing Lan Yan, Ren Tianyou closed his Sharingan, and walked with Lan Yan and company towards the Heavenly Fragrance restaurant.

Since the guards didn’t have the ability to stop Ren Tianyou, they could only watch him leave. Among the guards one pondered for a while and said “We should immediately return to the imperial capital with the young master, and report to the clan leader.”

“Affirmative!” All the guards agreed. They immediately picked up their young master and hastily left the arena. Ren Tianyou didn’t realize, that someone was observing him with great enthusiasm and soon after left with an enigmatic smile.


“Tianyou, I didn’t expect you to be this strong! Although the character of Tian Yunguan is not great, but his strength was the real deal.You instantly defeated him without breaking a sweat!” On the road, the face of Lan Yan was filled with wonder.

“Yes, big brother Tianyou, when I saw that bastard use the ‘forest domain’, at that point I was somewhat anxious but I never thought that you could break this illusion and give that bastard a taste of his own medicine!” Long Luoluo also remakred with admiring expression.

“Oh, that’s right, Tianyou, exactly happened in the end? We merely saw you covering your eye and that fellow directly fainted.” Luo Mengwu asked rather curiously.

“Yes, yes.” Hearing the question of Luo Mengwu, Lan Yan and company also declared their interest.

“You asked so many questions at once, how can I answer them all at once?”

Ren Tianyou said with a wry smile.

“Then simply tell us what happened.”

“Fine. First of all my actual strength is not at the intermediate fighter level, I specially released the aura of an intermediate fighter to trick others. That’s all!”

“And to answer the second point: Why did he fall into his own illusion? It’s very simple, although that move looked amazing, but before my eyes that skill was full of holes. So I just reflected it back”

“And finally, in fact I used my power of blood lineage and he was pulled inside my illusion world, where he was broken. So in truth it was only a split second, nothing more. This illusion power of mine put a heavy burden on me so I can’t use it regularly.” Ren Tianyou explained in simple wording and didn’t explain anything about the Sharingan instead gave all the credit to the power of blood lineage.

“So that’s it, however Tianyou, what is the cultivation level of your actual strength, and furthermore are you a battle qi warrior or illusionist?” After listening to the explanation of Ren Tianyou, Li Feng asked. If Ren Tianyou is an illusionist, then why is he is carrying around a sword all day and had an intermediate fighter level in the cultivation of battle qi? And if he is a battle qi warrior , then his illusion power was far more powerful which can instakill a great illusionist scholar.

“Well, this is. Actually I am a magician. As for actual strength, probably at the Great Magic Master level.” Ren Tianyou considered a bit and called himself a magician.Later he would mostly rely on ninjutsu, which was quite similar to magic. As for taijutsu and genjutsu, he intended to hide them and use them as his trump cards.

“What? You’re a magician?” Lan Yan and the others howled in unison. This startled Ren Tianyou as he didn’t fathom why they were making such an enormous fuss about it . The passerby’s who picked up on the the clamor looked at them funny . This caused his face to gradually redden.

“What’s going on? Is….is there a problem?” Ren Tian You withdrew his head and asked after seeing the others oppressive expression, “What’s with the terrifying expression? it looks like they want to eat me.” He thought.

“Are you playing dumb?Of course, is there a problem. Unexpectedly you said you are a magician. F**k, you are a magician who is carrying a sword on your back and has an intermediate fighter level battle qi. Additionally you still have an illusion skill which can instakill a great illusionist scholar. And you are asking if there is a problem? Are you trying to provoke us?” Hearing the question of Ren Tianyou, Luo Tianxing barked and grabbed his collar . Next to him Lan Yan and others were nodding.

“Ah pei pei……..release me. F**k, Luo Tianxing, you stubborn bull, does your family sell watering cans, ah?. Your little sister, you sprayed your saliva all over I, your father’s, face.” Ren Tianyou wanted to beat him up.

“Don’t be too excited. You listen to my explanation first. I am not deceiving you. I really am a magician. I originally cultivated battle qi but after cultivating up to intermediate fighter level I can no longer advance. So I didn’t have a choice but to become a magician. As for illusions, didn’t I already told you all that was my power of blood lineage? The illusion power of my blood lineage is unusually powerful and hard to resist,just using this illusion skill puts a heavy burden on my body so I can’t use it frequently.” Looking at the eyes which were about to eat him, Ren Tianyou quickly explained. After listening to his explanation they gradually settled down and no longer looked so frightening.

“fu…………damn it!, it was terrifying.” Seeing all of them calmed down, Ren Tianyou released a long sigh of relief.

“So it’s like that. But why do you only display an intermediate fighter level of strength?”

“Heh heh, this.If you think about it, if my enemy saw that my strength level is only at the intermediate level, then they will most certainly underestimate me and become careless. And when I suddenly release my true power, won’t that be extremely interesting.” With a gloomy look, Ren Tianyou answered in a low voice.




Hearing derogatory terms from Lan Yan and company, Ren Tianyou had black lines emerging on his face and thought, “F**k, I, your father call it clever, ok?”

“Bah!” Lan Yan looked at Ren Tianyou with disdain, turned his head around and walked towards the Heavenly fragrance restaurant never turning his head back.

“F**k, wait for me! I just went through a duel. Younger sister Luo Luo, your big brother Tianyou is tired, quickly come and help me, don’t run so fast……” Ren Tian You gloomily yelled in the back. Hearing his call,the beautiful little lady Luo Luo ran even faster……………

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