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Chapter 18: Kuchiyose—Sanju Rashomon!

Chapter 18: Kuchiyose—Sanju Rashomon! [Summoning Jutsu—Triple Rashomon!]

Ren Tianyou and company noisily returned to the Heavenly Fragrance restaurant. It was not dawn yet, so they had a light breakfast and went to to rest, as they had to leave early in the morning.

Ren Tianyou also went to his own room. The room of this restaurant was not comparable to the room of a 5-star hotel on the earth. In this room there was not a television, air conditioner or any other kind of technology which was available on the Earth.

He sat crossed legged on the bed and started to cultivate chakra. This was one of his essential daily routines. With the exception of a day or 2, he never had ceased to cultivate his chakra in the 2 years of time he had spent inside Magical Beasts forest.

The amount of chakra had already reached the peak of elite ninja, but he had already mastered a lot of the ninjutsu compared to other elite ninjas. Even the ninja known as copy ninja, Kakashi, didn’t know more ninjutsu than him. That was because he had the all-encompassing ninjutsu system.

At present, he could form hand seals very fast and could at least form 4 hand seals per second. Although it was not as fast as Itachi, but the difference isn’t great.

After about 3 hours, he suddenly opened his eyes with activated sharingan. His right hand directly reached into his ninja backpack grabbing a Kunai, and he threw it in the direction of the window.

“Peng!” The kunai quickly passed through the window and then it felt like it hit something and it fell. Then he saw a shadow flash by the window.

“What, someone is there?” A cold light flashing in his eyes, he immediately attacked towards the window and after that immediately jumped out from the window.

“Peng!” The window was burst apart, and he firmly landed on the street, surveying his surroundings, he saw a shadow flying towards the east gate.

“Ha! Do you think that you have the ability to flee?” Since he had discovered the target, he was not going to let it easily escape. So he immediately started his pursued.

Although the shadow was flying in the sky, Ren Tianyou was not slow. But it was not easy to keep up with the opponent.

He took out a scroll and an ink brush from his backpack, and quickly drew an eagle on the surface of the scroll, followed by forming a series of hand seals, “Ninja Art—Super Beast Scroll.” Ren Tian You quickly jumped onto the back of the eagle and accelerated in the pursuit of the shadow.

He was anxious throughout the chase. After some time, the shadow stopped on top of a tree of the forest , which was 30 miles away from the city.It looked like he was waiting for him to arrive.

Seeing that the shadow was waiting for him on top of a tree, he also jumped to the top of a tree next to it. After that he canceled the super beast scroll, the eagle immediately changed into ink which rained down..

“So who are you? Why were you lurking outside my room?it seems like we don’t know each other.” Ren Tian You watched the person who was surrounded by the black fog and asked. Thanks to the presence of that fog, he couldn’t determine whether the opponent was male or female, much less see the face.His sharingan also didn’t have the ability to see through it.

However this shadow didn’t answer, instead directly used the dark fog to attack Ren Tianyou.

“Ha.” Seeing the shadow was directly attacking, he decided not to waste any more of his saliva and decided to directly knock down and capture the enemy.

Ren Tianyou instantly dodged this black colored fog and when this black fog touched the the tree where he was standing just a moment ago, it suddenly corroded, and after a few seconds the whole tree was decayed.

“F**k, so ruthless, you wanted to ruin I, your father’s face!” Seeing the fate of the tree, Ren Tian You barked. After that he quickly formed the hand seals as he didn’t want to be on the defensive.

“Futon—Atsugai! [Wind Style—Pressure Damage!]” After he finished forming a hand seal, a powerful highly compressed wind was released from Ren Tian You into his surrounding and all the trees around him were torn asunder..

“Hong! Hong! Hong!” The sound of explosions was heard in the tranquil night. After about 30 seconds the hurricane gradually stopped, and after some time all the smoke and dirt settled and he could again see the situation. Ren Tianyou saw that everything around him was thoroughly crushed, the originally fresh green turf was completely gone and every trees around him were blown to smithereens and had disappeared.

Without pause he was scanning the battlefield with his Mangekyo Sharingan. He hadn’t thought that the enemy was taken care of with just this. The opponent is capable of flight and was at least a Saint Class expert.

At this time he suddenly sensed someone was above him as he heard a sound. His complexion suddenly changed and he hastily moved sideways.

“Hong!” The sound of an explosion was heard. From the corner of his eyes he saw a black sword had burrowed into the earth where he stood just a moment ago.

Ren Tian You firmly stood on the ground, and lifted his head to look towards the sky. He saw that the shadow was wearing black female clothing and her face was covered by a piece of black veil. This youthful girl was floating in the air and was holding a black sword in her right hand.

“So, who the hell are you?” Ren Tian You asked with a frown while looking at the young girl floating in the sky. Although this beautiful young lady had a perfectly charming figure, he didn’t have the time to admire it as she was radiating a heavy pressure.

“Hee hee,If you want to know who I am, you’ll have to beat me first.” The young lady said with a broad smile.

“Well, have it your way then,a pity that I am forced to destroy such a flower.” He said after hearing that young lady. After that he quickly formed a hand seal, “Futon—Shinkugyoku! [Wind Style—Vacuum Bullets!]”

Ren Tian You opened his mouth, and spit out a dozen of wind bullets at the young lady.

“Eh.” At this moment, the girl in the air only heard the sound but couldn’t see anything, and was completely surprised. After that she hastily tried to dodge but Ren Tian You had grouped them together so it would become harder to dodge.

“Xiu!” The vacuum bullet directly landed on her left hand and blood scattered from the injury. “Groan.” Seeing her black protective screen was powerless and she had no way to dodge, she quickly waved her black sword with her right hand. From the edge of that sword a black light was emitted and that changed into another black protective screen blocking the vacuum bullets.

“Oh, oh, you actually blocked. Let’s see how long you are able to block.” he laughed. After that he pulled out his snake sword and dashed towards the girl.

He quickly formed hand seals, and as he was dashing towards the girl, his sword was bathed in lightning and the sound of thousands of bird chirping was heard. He used Chidori.

“When?!” The sword of Ren Tianyou and that girl’s sword collided with each other and released a spark. The chidori on the sword of Ren Tianyou had caught the girl completely off guard, and that lightning paralyzed the girl.

“Peng.” Ren Tianyou used this to his advantage and used Leaf Strong Whirlwind to directly kick this girl. after that he quickly followed. At that time that girl suddenly released a black radiance soaring into the sky, and appeared next to Ren Tianyou along with that dark colored radiance. Ren Tianyou had no choice but to stop and prepare his Chidori cladded sword to guard against this girl.

“Heng. You dared to hurt me, I’ll kill you.” That young girl said coldly while rubbing off the blood from the corner of her mouth.

“Bah, quite a big talker. I say your mask is quite hideous ah. Since it is like that, you should never have come outside, as frightening children too much is not good, you know?” He said with disdain.

“Die!” Although he didn’t see the appearance of the female, Ren Tianyou had confirmed that she was cold as ice. To prove this point, he could see that she was moving in his direction with the intention of chopping his body into 1000 pieces.

That young girl suddenly held her sword vertically in front of her, and the black radiance started to radiate from that black sword. The girl was chanting some kind of spell, but Ren Tian You couldn’t understand any of it, nevertheless he could felt the surroundings around him was changing making him unable to calm down.

Seeing the black clouds gathering in the sky, Ren Tianyou knew that this was her final move. Along with the black light beam, strong wind currents started to appear.

He observed his surroundings for a while, the weather was changing, and a smirk gradually appeared on his face as he slowly sheathed his sword. With imposing eyes he looked at the every movement of hers.

Very quickly the chant of the spell was finished, he could only see that the black light was towering towards the black cloud in the sky. Suddenly that black light started to shine with the sword as the center.

When the light disappeared, Ren Tianyou could clearly see all of her movements. He saw that the black sword on her hand had already turned into a black light beam and a formidable power was gathered there.

“Go to hell. Dark Annihilation Slash .” Along with a lovely shout, she slashed towards Ren Tianyou. Her sword’s length started to unexpectedly increase by several dozens of meter towards the sky and along with the slashing motion of hers, the sword started to descend towards him.

“Crap! Did I make a mistake?” Suddenly Ren Tian You was scared, seeing the technique of her. ‘F**k, if this attack hits me then I can say goodbye to my life.’ Thinking this, he immediately bit the thumb of his right hand and quickly started to form a series of hand seals. After the hand seals were complete he hit the ground with both his hands.

“Kuchiyose—Sanju Rashomon! [Summoning Jutsu—Triple Rashomon!]”

“Rumble rumble…………”

Along with the rumbling, suddenly the ground split open, and 3 blood red colored huge gates successively sprung above ground in front of him. Just then the light beam collided with these huge gates.


A huge collision of Ren Tian You’s Triple Rashomon and the black light beam was heard.

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