Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 11 Medium World

Chapter 11 Medium World


The situation became quite chaotic. Xue Ren was trying his best to hide his feelings and Sho Yue was already ready to jump at him… However, the glasses man wasn't the only one who stood leisurely. Drinking his wine, Endrun smiled and finally opened his mouth.

"He has no hostile intentions."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, he is probably the main librarian. That library should be his…" Endrun clearly remembered the words of old lady from shop. This man was thirsty for knowledge. Thus, the youngster should be fine for now.

The glasses man couldn't stand this silence anymore as he said with impatient face.

"Follow me." and so, Xue Ren had to follow him…

Their movement got a lot of attention, but it was mainly due to the glasses man. The people who saw him, immediately moved their eyes to look at something else. It was as if they didn't want to offend him. When they had left, the whispers emerged all over the place.

"That crazy man took someone to his office?"

"Who was he?"

"Such egoistic person definitely has its own motives…"


The man sat down in the comfortable chair and gestured Xue Ren to do the same. Looking at the chair cautiously, he finally sat down. The glasses man smiled and finally introduced himself.

"I am Zhi Shendra, the boss of the Rising Library." his smile was so annoying that Xue Ren couldn't help but clench his teeth.

"Xue Ren…"

"I know you want to learn more about this world, but with your current stength, it would be pointless… so I am going to give you a brief introduction…"

The young Earthling didn't really know why this man had such convinction about his origins, but still listened attentively.

"Rokukai, the medium world of six continents. We are in the continent called 'Umanu'. Bluedawn City is one of the main strongholds. Here, we have one institution and two families. 'Blazing Institution', 'Li Family' and 'Di Family'.

"Medium world?"

"Oh, that's good. Medium world means that-" Endrun opened his mouth at the same time as Zhi Shendra…

""There is no Divinity here…""

"I see…" Xue Ren said with strange tone. Wasn't he basically Divinity? Also Sho Yue…

But, he wasn't stupid enough to say it loud. In order to improve, he had to learn more techniques, raise his energies and fight… To be able to move between worlds freely… Xue Ren knew that he had to join one of those strongholds of Bluedawn City. But, first…

"What do you want from me?" Xue Ran had to ask that question.

"Before that, tell me, are you one of those who have inborn divinity or at least, legendary inheritance?" even though Xue Ren might be from Zero World, Librarian knew that not every Zero World Human was 'special'.

As for Xue Ren, he didn't really know what to do. Should he tell him the truth? With this man influence, he might be really helpful to him in this city. His knowledge, his status and his collection… The young man glanced at the books in the office. They had magical hue, every book was emitting different color… Then, he asked for advice from Endrun, but the vampire only said that he still doesn't feel any hostility from Zhi Shendra. It was his life, so he had to decide for himself…

"I am-" Xue Ren decided to tell him. It was gamble that he had to take on. But realizing that before him was sitting another human, he couldn't say 'Sex God'… with slight blush, he said "Divinity".

The boss of this place smiled with contentment! He finally had found his chance!

"All I want is knowledge! I want to know about your Zero World even if it had fallen. To go to the higher worlds! To break the shackles that are binding me to this world! That's why I will help you, so you can take me to higher worlds! Who knows, maybe you will reach twelve wings one day…"

Xue Ren wanted to ask why the librarian doesn't want to work with one of three families of Bluedawn City… but now, that he had told him about his Divinity, such question was pointless. But there was something that caught his attention.

"Twelve wings?"

"It's the highest level Divinity can actually reach."

The highest level!

"My knowledge is limited to medium worlds, but everyone knows about God of War. Twelve Winged God that with one swing is able to destroy worlds… He is the most popular Divinity, the goal of many youngsters."

Then, Zhi Shendra waved his hand. The book with magical radiance floated to him. It appeared mysterious with those strange signs on the cover. After the librarian passed the book over to Xue Ren, he stood up and once again told to the youngster to follow him. They left the library with another exit, and after moving for a while, they had arrived before a mansion.

"This mansion now belongs to you. As for that book, it's movement technique I had found in 'Six Path Realm'. It's called Starlight Movement and it has nine levels. I have achieved third level which was enough to rampage in the medium worlds." Zhi Shendra smiled with contentment…

"You are giving me this mansion? Isn't that expensive? I don't think I need such a big home…"

"Honestly, I have too much money and I can't raise my magic anymore so all I want is knowledge."

"What? Why can't you raise your magic?" Xue Ren asked rather a stupid question… The man looked at him as if he was an idiot and said…

"Do you believe that everyone is equal? Anyway, come tommorow to my office. I want to hear about your world. Also, the recruitment to the Di School is going to be held in a month. All of those three big idiots, the Di is most reasonable and I have better contact with them so I would like you to join them. Reaching first level of Starlight Movement should be enough to pass tests…


And so, Xue Ren entered his new home…

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