Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 10 Inside the city

Chapter 10 Inside the city

The entrance to the city was being protected by four armored guards. With their dangerous eyes, there was no way they would overlook anyone. The entrance stood strong as the guards kept their awareness incessantly. The armors had sign 'Di' on breastplate, but both Xue Ren and Sho Yue didn't know what it meant and no longer paid any attention to it. Standing in the que to the entrance, Xue Ren was thinking about what to do first inside the city. Of course, the most important thing was to find the inn, but he was hungry for knowledge. He wanted to know about the world he was living in. Finally it was his turn to pay entrance fee. The guard looked at him without any emotions. Xue Ren was now wearing the most simple clothes he had found in the Yue's wardrobe, it was quite hard… And that's why the guard thought of him as commoner as he said the cost of entrance fee. Xue Ren had been fighting monsters for a whole week, so he had his savings. Of course, he had paid for two person, but guard shook his head and returned half of the money which made little black cat to growl at him. Xue Ren smiled softly and stroked her chin to calm her down.

As he passed over the walls, Xue Ren finally had entered the city. The stone roads alongside various shops and buildings made a nice scenery. The streets were filled with people as they moved incessantly. Some of them were shouting about their goods, arguing with clients, or moving freely. They have been living with ease only because their city is protected by strong people. Seeing that, Xue Ren obviosly got jealous. If the Earth had energy… then he moved his gaze down to look at Yue. She was looking at the couple that was holding hands with their kid. Immediately realizing her emotions, he kissed the little cat and moved forward.

After a while, he had arrived before the small shop. Xue Ren chose that shop, because the old lady working here looked quite friendly to him. Entering the shop, he had bought some fruits and finally asked his question.

"Mrs, where can I find the library?"


"Umm, yes. I want to know more about our world." Xue Ren smiled. His smile was honest and pure which made the old lady to answer him with details.

"There is a big library that is quite independent. The main librarian is crazy for knowledge and thanks to that, his library became one of the most known libraries in our continent. His personality is as crazy as his desire for knowledge so there is no one who can order him. Even three main powers of Bluedawn City respect his knowledge and try to maintain the friendly relationship. But…"

She looked at the young man with quite apologetic expression. He looked completely like newcomer and probably had a little of money… Of course, her experssion didn't get overlooked by Sho Yue as she growled at her! But, it was more cute than scary…

"It's quite expensive…"

"It's fine, please tell me where it is."

And so, Xue Ren once more, ventured out. Arriving before a huge building, the name of library appeared before his eyes.

'Rising Library!'

He could feel the emotions and desire flowing out of it. Then, Xue Ren also noticed the guard standing in front of library. The guard also had 'Di' sign on his breastplate.

'Di' 'It's probably one of the main power behind this city' he thought to himself as he moved to the guard. This time, the entrance fee was truly expensive, but to satisfy his hunger of knowledge he had to endure! Xue Ren truly didn't want to spend the money that Sho Yue had from her parents…

Entering the library, he got assaulted by the smell of books. If this was his past self, or to be more precise, The Earth Xue Ren, he would run from such a place. Back then, he was lazy and had no ambitions in his life. He had blamed his lack of talent… but it started to change with intervention from his neighbor and classmate…

But now, the world of books was what Xue Ren wanted the most! Moving quietly as to not disturb anyone, the young man searched for books about worlds, only to get stopped by sudden voice…

"No pets here, brat."

Feeling someone's gaze on himself, Xue Ren turned around. Then, he found out a man holding his glasses with one hand, looking at him with narrowed eyes.

"Those idiots from Di Family are truly annoying-" he said it out loud, but it was his turn to get stopped.

"She isn't pet." Xue Ren was a bit annoyed, but he tried his best to hide it. He knew that it would be troublesome if true identity of Sho Yue became exposed.

The man looked at the cat with focused eyes. However, he couldn't feel any energy at all. Although the ring from Dragon Goddess only could hide divine energy, it covered both Sho Yue aura and divine energy, because her energies were inseparable.

"Whatever, I feel good today, so I will let you read one book. Which one?" The glasses said with proud tone. As if every book here belonged to him…

"The one about this world."

"Huh? Really? What a villager…" he waved his hand and book by itself left the shelf, then slowly floated to the Xue Ren.

"Read this here." the man said and immediately shifted his attention to little black cat.

And so, Xue Ren had to read the book standing next to the shelfs. The man's attention was still fully on Sho Yue, but she didn't care about him at all. She also had turned her eyes to the book. 'He probably wants to protect the books' she thought.

But, after the couple had read for about ten pages, the man said something that shook Xue Ren's heart…

"The information might be quite outdated though. It's been already 200 years since Ascension Era began. Who knows what kind of abnormals had been born?" he felt like he had to say that to the villager who probably doesn't even know about Ascension Era…

However, Xue Ren reaction was different. His eyes started shaking and so his heart.

"200 years? How can it be 200 years?"

Such reaction made glasses man look at him with interest. Then, sudden thought had been born inside his mind…

"I see, so you are Zero World Human! Ahahahaha" The man laughed out crazily…

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