Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 13 Beating the third young master

Chapter 13 Beating the third young master

The attack of the young master was clearly going for her, but the little black cat just lied leisurely on Xue Ren's head. She was calm unlike her man. As for Xue Ren, anger! The kind of anger that he has never felt before. He just wanted to smash that handsome face of this motherfucker! Clenching his fist madly, he had started gathering the magic power energy from his whole arm. Such act would be suicide if he was from this world, but he is from Zero World! The people from this world had contact with energy the moment they were born. That's why in order to move their body they must use the energies… not only Xue Ren can move his energies with ease, because of his Divinity, but also can gather 100% energies in one point. He wanted to gather more from other parts of body, but he simply had no time. Xue Ren control wasn't perfect after all. And so, he unleashed his attack!

The heart of young master of Li Family was now in chaos. He just wanted to show the might of his family's school! To play with those commoners who had no experience in fighting… He has been taught by masters of his family from the childhood. He is third young master! That's why when he saw that fist full of dark blue magic power… he unconsciously released the defensive technique. The earth had started appearing before the young master, forming a shield. But Xue Ren simply didn't care at all. His fist went forward without stopping and pierced through the earth shield. Then, arriving before young master who was already falling on his butt, Xue Ren had smashed his face, slamming him into the ground.

The examiners who has been watching since the beginning had their mouths opened widely…

The commoner had beaten the young master of Li Family…

They truly didn't know what to do… that's why they called their superiors. Looking, at the young man standing with satisfied face, they knew that this youngster will definitely go to the A class.

After a while, the man appeared out of nowhere. He had Di Family on his clothes, and when the examiners saw him, they bowed to him immediately. Xue Ren who saw him also got a bit nervous. The Di man looked at one of the examiners, it was as if he was asking what happened through eyes.

'He is talking with him using his mind' Endrun told him through his mind as well. One can send his thoughts to another using energy particles. Then, the Di man started laughing.

"Good job youngster. I am Di Ming." Di Ming smiled. He was happy, because this years the newcomers are quite abnormal.

"Xue Ren, nice to meet you."

"Xue Ren, you are going to be in A class."

"A class?"

"Yes, those who are in A class have a high status in our school. No matter whether commoner or noble. That's why you don't have to worry about Li Zhan."

"I see…" Xue Ren looked down at his peer. He definitely won't forget the name of his. The bastard who dared to attack his woman.

Di Ming who saw Xue Ren's eyes was happy. The competition is what makes one stronger. Then, he told for Xue Ren to keep this fight for himself. Although it was the young master's fault, the family with such status obviously cares for their reputation. After Di Ming had told him the date of his first lessons, Xue Ren left the recruitment room.

Then, he turned over to the examiners. "It also applies to you. Don't tell anyone about what happened here." he disappeared as he said that…

Currently, the young Earthling was talking with Zhi Shendra. When he told him about his battle with Li Zhan, the librarian laughed crazily and told him the identity of his opponent. Xue Ren had his assumptions, he knew that this young man was noble, but he actually was from such big family as Li! Feeling the progress, Xue Ren was in good mood. Both Di Ming and Zhi Shendra told him to not worry about this young master.

"But be careful when you go on missions… he might secretly take his revenge."


"Yeah, you have to do missions in order to get points. You can also get points by fighting others… Those points are needed to get advanced techniques and items. Of course, because you are in A class, you already have nice benefits."

"I understand."


Currently, Xue Ren was lying on the sofa. He told Sho Yue that he wants to rest, but the truth was that inside his soul, he was training. Standing in the middle of the rooms of thrones with closed eyes, he was dodging attacks coming from the vampire. To raise his awareness to significant level, he has been doing this for a month already.

After the training, Xue Ren looked at the Endrun. He was his past self, and he already saw his childhood. He had already done so much for him… he has been relying on him ever since the beginning… That's why…

"Do you have any wish, brother?" he asked him honestly.

"Wish, huh?" The vampire said with melancholic face. "Yeah, I do. I will tell you when I am going to disappear."


'Disappear' Xue Ren had left the room with sad heart…

[Day of the school opening]

Xue Ren stood in a row with other students. He had wore his school uniform. Because he was in A class, the uniform was more detailed and appeared more prestigious. Of course, he was with little black cat. And because of that, he already got attention… 'How did this clown get into A class?' Normal cat which wasn't even contracted beast… they thought that he is little poor villager that wanted to rely on luck yet he got himself into A class…

Dragon Goddess told him to stay low-key yet he already got attention, thus he promised to himself to control his feelings as much as possible…

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