Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 14 The class

Chapter 14 The class

As the Xue Ren stood in the row, so the Endrun stood up from his throne. With his arms wide open the vampire shouted!

"It's time! The harem plan!" The vampire smiled mischievously! He has read the memories of Xue Ren, thus, he knew that there is low chance the youngster will use his power of Sex God to the fullest! The great men were always accompanied by beautiful women. The young one was destined to be such a man. But, what if he ignores every woman attempt thinking that he already has Sho Yue? 'AGHHHHHHH' Endrun roared simply by thinking about that! He obviously wants his little another self to be strong, to use his power to the fullest! That's why! Every night, when Xue Ren slept, the vampire did his best to get a little of control of Xue Ren's divine energy. He smashed the doors with his red aura, attacking it every night. Then, finally, one day he finally had succeed! While Xue Ren was sleeping, his hand released a bit of divine energy and the consequences of that could be easily imagined…

Finally, the principal of the Di School came. He looked very old, but Xue Ren could feel the strange pressure emitting from him. His talk was like typical talk from his old school principal which was very boring… but then, the old man started talking about quite a scary things… to protect the dignity of school and its disciples, never back off and kill!

'Kill…' 'Can I kill people?' Xue Ren thought seriously as he looked at the principal who was already getting of the stage. That's when he noticed the other students behind him. They had the uniform of first year…

"S class." He heard someone whispering behind him. Turning around, Xue Ren saw his peer smiling at him.

"Aren't you embarrassed because of that cat?"

"Why would I?" Xue Ren just shook his head at this youngster, but he only smiled more as he said.

"I see, you value your friendship! Even though you are going on the path to the strongest, you still keep that little pet of yours! That's nice."


"I am Huo Ning! Since we are both commoners, let's get along!" Huo Ning appeared very friendly and easy going, but Xue Ren has been told many times by Endrun to not believe people easily. But, it wasn't bad to make friends, thus, he smiled saying

"Aren't you embarrassed talking with weirdo who has a cat on his head?"

"N-no, I would rather be friends with honest weirdo than sly trash…"

"I see, then let's go to the classroom."

"You haven't told me your name…"

"Ahhh, I am Xue Ren, nice to meet you" his smile was very honest and friendly. The young Huo Ning believed that he made a good friend.

Arriving at the classroom, the young boys noticed that class was divided in two parts. Nobles and commoners. Honestly speaking, the nobles came here only to talk… Their families had inheritances and every noble family obviously had connections to world of magic. But the commoners were different. They came here to learn various techniques, to learn about their specialty and nature…

That was the main reason why the higher classes had more nobles than commoners. Of course, the main objective of nobles was to get closer to the Di Family, but also to get a experience and status.

Xue Ren know all of that and simply sat down at the random chair. Huo Ning followed him and sat next to him. The nobles sneered at them, especially at the Xue Ren, but they ignored them. When the teacher came, Xue Ren got lightly surprised.

"Hello youngsters, I am Di Ming. From now on, I am your teacher."

Everyone stood up and bowed to him. He was Di, nobles were especially eager to show their good sides to him. Di Ming smiled at them and took out the strange ball. That ball was something that measured the nature of human. Every human could learn every type of magic, however, if one followed their nature, the effects would be obviously higher and stronger.

'What is my nature?' Xue Ren thought to himself. He had divine energy which allowed him to use his magic power freely and even use a different kind of energies…

"Don't worry about it." Endrun answered deep inside. "Do you remember that Dragon Goddess? She propably had some kind of fire nature. Well, back then I had limitations so I couldn't freely allow myself to investigate her. But the point is that Divinity is more like support power. Something that allows one to go higher…"

"What if I have all natures?" his voice full of worry… Xue Ren truly didn't want to stand out.

'If he can store and raise energies of his partners and use as his own… then he for real can have all attributes…'

"Then I will help you to hide them…"

Finally, it was his turn! He placed his hands on the ball as it shined brightly. Endrun who saw that lightly shook his head and weaved his hand…

"Wow, you have 100% efficiency in fire and earth nature." Huo Ning said with amazement. He had 80% on water nature, and barely 20% on earth… The commoners classmates looked at him seriously while nobles were filled with displeasure. Xue Ren himself was annoyed!

"You know I have to stay low-key, bro! Why didn't you lower it a little…"

"I barely covered other attributies! If they knew that you possess 100% efficiency in every nature, I wonder what would they do to you…"


The young Earthling didn't know what to do. Wasn't he way too abnormal? Was it normal for Divinities? Anyway, his thoughts got disturbed as he heard his teacher shouting happily.

"Wood nature! Its specialty is healing!"

The vampire who also heard that stood up from his throne abruptly. The one who had wood nature was a little lady. His eyes shone as he said…

"REN! You have to become friends with her!"

"Eh? She is commoner like me so maybe one day…"

"Remember to handshake!"


"You have to show your courtesy, right?"


Xue Ren was happy because she took all the attention. Even nobles looked at her in different way, thus he could leisurely lay on his table.

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