Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 18 Conquer her

Chapter 18 Conquer her

"I simply can feel that there is more past selves. It's not simple reincarnation where you remember only one past live…"

"I already can see… It's not normal reincarnation… not only you were different race, but you also became that race once more… Will you be alright? They thoroughly had checked if you are human back then…"

Her worried voice touched him. Feeling warmth in his heart, Xue Ren replied to her with smile that only belonged to her…

"Yes, they already checked thoroughly, right? So I should be fine for a while."

Then, he moved his gaze to the painting tools…

"You have been drawing?"

"Yes." she nodded and took out the picture immediately using it to cover her blushed face. Such reaction made Xue Ren laugh, but looking at the picture of himself, the young man also blushed. The picture obviously was exaggerated. He was more handsome and attractive…

"Your feelings have reached me…"


And so, the young couple enjoyed their free time…

The days have slowly passed. Xue Ren spent his days fully with Sho Yue. Whether training or relaxing, they have never been alone. Black Tigress also tried to teach Xue Ren about drawing, but the youngster truly sucked at it. Nevertheless, they enjoyed their week off. Xue Ren wasn't worried about school. Disciples had to do one mission every month and that was the only important thing. He also was staying low-key, thus the school itself didn't pay much attention to this young earthling. Only in emergency, the school would call all of its disciples through the badges in their uniforms. But what kind of emergency would the prestigous school like Di School be up against?

'Either other schools or cities I guess…'

Anyway, it was time to school. Xue Ren arrived at the school gates with black cat on his head as usual. Sho Yue's tail has been moving non stop, clearly showing her mood.

"Xue Ren!" the young voice called him. It was Huo Ning! However, his mood was completely opposite to Black Tigress.

"Why aren't you living in dorms?!" he shouted!


"Tell me where you live next time!" he shouted once more!

"Okay… what's wrong?" since they have been going to school regularly, Xue Ren didn't feel like he had to tell his address…

"I decided to not tell about us getting assaulted by those from Blazing Institution when I passed mission report."

"Hmm, why?"

"Because Bluedawn Realm is going to be open soon." Huo Ning said with excitement.

'Bluedawn Realm? What the hell is this?' Xue Ren didn't say it loud. Huo Ning said it as it was something normal and it also had the same name as the city so…

"That's why in order to have less enemies I decided to hide that."


"Every school send its representatives after all."

'Fuck!' Xue Ren swore inside his mind!

"Good job Huo Ning, you thought well."

"We lost a bit of points, but we have to think about the future!"

'You can get bonus points by killing others…' Xue Ren shook his head helplessly.

When their talk had ended, the youngstesr already arrived at the training grounds. Every 1 class was here from A to F. Most of them have been warming up, but there were also those who already have been fighting. The girl from his class with healing ability was an exception. Her name was Fan Luan and many envied her. She already had spot in this upcoming event. Looking at all those people fighting, Xue Ren patted the shoulder of his friend as he said…

"Well, I am going to pass this event."

"Eh? Why? Isn't it the best time to show your true strength?"

"I have my own reasons. Didn't you want to become harem king?"

"Stop it… Back then I was overcome with emotions… and it was your idea!"

Xue Ren chuckled but soon, his smile disappeared…

"Harem king? A commoner wants a harem? Laughable, truly laughable!"

The one who said that was a noble from their class. This man liked to laugh and show his status to commoners. There was a time when he tried to humiliate both Xue Ren and Huo Ning, but the youngsters completely had ignored him back then, humiliating him this way. Even now, they ignored him, but the man shouted louder to gather attention…

"Did you hear that! A commoner wants a harem! Ahahaha!" after fulfilling his goal, the noble smiled with contentment. He already could feel a lot of gazes…

"Zhang Wuyang! What the fuck do you want?!" Finally, Huo Ning couldn't hold up as he shouted at the noble without holding back.

"I just want to tell you, that commoners possess no rights to have harem! Harem is noble privilege! Pest like you should get some ugly village woman and be content with this!

The commoners from the crowd tightly clenched their fists. They also had dreams! To become stronger and get a beauty. Who didn't dream of something like this? The nobles who were watching a show either sneered or completely ignored such thoughts. Those who ignored mostly wanted to get on good side of Fan Luan. The healing ability was rare in their continent after all.

"Fight me, you fucking noble." Huo Ning roared! He showed his middle finger as he challenged!

"You, a trash want to fight me, the great Zhang Wuyang?!" the noble also roared!

"Fuck your greatness!"

And so, they moved to the battling field. Zhang Wuyang looked at Huo Ning. He was trash together with that Xue Ren. They both lost most of the spars and didn't stand out… He believed that they are average commoners that got to A class thanks to luck. Zhang Wuyang smiled viciously as he prepared himself to play with this weakling…

Huo Ning also smiled. Releasing his magic, the water snakes appeared and coiled themselves around his arms. They were bigger and stronger than before! It was time to show his true strength. He didn't know why Xue Ren was hiding his strength, but imagining his triumph over this arrogant noble, Huo Ning felt like it was worth it.

Xue Ren was watching his friend's battle. The snakes moved at the same time as Huo Ning swung his arms. The arrogant noble was slowly being pushed out as he couldn't keep up with the attacks. Xue Ren smiled contentedly. It was then…

"How are you, Xue Ren?"

"Teacher? Um, I am fine."

His teacher appeared before him. Looking at the Huo Ning's battle Di Ming said…

"You influence him way too much, to make him hide his strength as well… Ah, congratulations on your first mission." Di Ming mood was very good as he talked, but Xue Ren felt like he wanted something from him…

"Thank you, teacher. Now, is there something you want from me?"

"Aren't you going to join the spars? I believe you know about Bluedawn Realm."

"I am not." Xue Ren answered firmly.

"I see, then could you follow me? I want you to meet someone…" Di Ming said that with quite helpless voice.


Following his teacher, Xue Ren was thinking about his intentions. He and Endrun didn't feel any hostility so Xue Ren followed him curiously. Then, they entered an strange building. He could feel his body getting heavier as well as magic flowing inside his body getting slower.

Then, in the middle of this place, there was standing a woman. Xue Ren could see her back and her hair floating slightly, but his gaze lingered on her round ass… Soon, the woman turned around and so he moved his gaze up. She looked at him for a while then… pounced at him. With spin, she unleashed her kick. Her whole body got covered in lighting which made her very fast. Xue Ren took defensive pose… and when their bodies touched themselves…

'Conquer her!' such desire appeared inside his mind… It was his voice yet it wasn't…

It was quite similar situation like with Sho Yue… but slightly different…

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